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  1. I mean, that’s some cojones. I just imagine doing an interview in my own profession in which I not only admitted that I just plain didn’t do my job because of some petty nonsense but I also had to be reprimanded for it. I suppose at that point she knew she was a lifer and that very few people read the soap media. And I guess in the small insular world of soaps, Daytime Emmys (which don’t even air on TV anymore) still matter.
  2. He’s like Aidan on AMC or Rafe on DAYS. He never really took off or worked as a character, but somehow just dodges the chopping block year after year. I suppose Lane has a fanbase, but they just seem like their own walled garden...
  3. These shows don’t have any balls. I mean, it’s not like she’s Ellen Pompeo and has a producer credit. Yet she wields all of this power. She must test very well with focus groups. I’ve grown to appreciate her, but she’s eminently disposable. I suppose she realized her chemistry with BM was the only thing keeping her from the door.
  4. That is SO unprofessional. That she would admit it in an interview... I can’t.
  5. Leven Rambin (Lily/Ava, AMC) has joined the cast of Netflix’s Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/levan-rambin-sherice-neal-motley-crue-pic-the-dirt-1202723003/
  6. For me, personally, as someone repulsed and disgusted by Trump, I’m sick of hearing about him. I have fortunately kicked a longtime cable news addiction because the networks no longer cover news that isn’t connected to Trump and his latest distraction. I don’t want to see it in the pop culture I consume either, even if it’s part of “The Resistance.” Especially if it’s done as poorly as W&G did it in the premiere. I do think the show has suffered creatively this season. There was really nothing to sustain the early momentum. The odd scheduling didn’t help.
  7. Yeah, having the premiere so focused on Trump was ill-advised IMO. The episode with Will and Jack feeling old and out of place at the gay bar was much funnier, but I understand that they wanted an episode with the four of them together.
  8. I wonder how much of a platform The Talk will provide for Roseanne given that it’s on a different network. Granted, talk shows promote series on competing networks all the time, but it will be interesting to watch. I’m sure Sara Gilbert won’t miss doing The View. Darlene was something of a dour wisecracker if I remember. SG comes across as somewhat cerebral and dry on The Talk (not that it’s a bad thing - I think she really tells it like it is while seeing both sides of an issue).
  9. And apparently they all took steep pay cuts to do the show. Hey, it’s not like they were setting Hollywood on fire. But I thought the show might settle in the mid-1s in the demo, but it’s poised to go fractional. I know The Good Place had a lot of buzz this season, but for a show like that to settle at a number better than old-school comfort food like W&G sort of surprises me.
  10. I hate Konta’s game, hate her ‘tude, hate her everything.
  11. Frances Tiafoe is currently getting his butt kicked by Ernesto Escobedo. AND... this never gets old... but it’s appropriate for today:
  12. This show has dropped TWO full points in the demo since its season premiere and is now getting the same ratings as Superstore (a 1.0). Scandal is now outrating it in the time slot. Way not to capitalize on buzz and renewed interest through wonky scheduling, NBC.
  13. Yeah, Paul/Cricket would have worked 20 years ago and been more credible than that die he/didn’t he? rape. I think Kevin/Mariah would have also worked, and the actors could have sold the hell out of it. But AH is their star, and Victoria is the Newman heiress, and she gets the “juicy” material regardless of whether the character fits it.
  14. Mark Teschner certainly has an eye for good-looking guys.
  15. Yeah this is Emmy bait for AH. Just wouldn’t be surprised if MY was a fan of Big Little Lies and wanted to do a version of Nicole Kidman’s story.
  16. The problem is that the show, at the time of David Tom’s arrival, solely defined Billy as Victoria’s love of her life and not Jill’s son or the brother of Jack/Ashley/Traci. It was irrelevant to JFP that he had chemistry with anyone else as long as Amelia Heinle was tanking that pairing. Nor did it matter that he sparked with MCE because they weren’t interested in positioning Chelsea on the show that way. And that’s not to say that DT was completely on his game during his brief tenure.
  17. My problem is that they are pretending to do a slow, character-driven build with this story, and it just feels messy. At the end of the day, this is Victoria’s story, and that’s been clear, but it’s been dipping in and out of JT’s perspective in a way that feels inconsistent and a little offensive. They are showing how a predator breaks down someone’s confidence bit by bit, and I get that, which dovetails with Victoria’s struggles to assert herself in the shadow of her abusive Trump-like father. I suspect that they’re using this as a #metoo/feminist story in which Victoria is an unlikely victim and Abby and maybe even Ashley are compelled to set aside their adversarial attitudes and rally around her. But the seams are really showing.
  18. I see Abby’s Bess/Jean Randolph has arrived.
  19. I mentioned that before. Marci looks way better as a brunette. She can look a bit washed-out blond, but she’s pretty either way.
  20. Megyn Kelly’s troubles certainly made it a no-brainer.
  21. I can’t imagine RC being thrilled with the budget constraints, but a job’s a job.
  22. I found this Twitter exchange with Eileen Davidson re: Victoria’s storyline interesting:
  23. Classic Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis:
  24. So I suppose he’ll begin airing late April.
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