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  1. DAYS will trot out James Reynolds once a year to cry and win an Emmy and call him a lead.
  2. A lot of expense for not a lot of return given the volume. A lot of primetime series that were far more popular than soaps in their heydays haven’t been streaming for that very reason, but that has been slowly changing. I know Dark Shadows is on Amazon Prime now, but I think it’s an unusual cult show that had multiple lives in reruns. Not saying that one day we won’t wake up to news that 1970s Y&R is available on some new streaming service. I’m just not ready to make that bet. Who knows what the future will hold, of course?
  3. This guy is handsome, but this tattoo is HORRIBLE.
  4. Walmart is launching a streaming service. I’m still skeptical about the viability of classic soaps on streaming with all of the potential barriers, shifting audience tastes, and rights issues, but this section of the THR article gave me some food for thought.
  5. I didn’t realize that Dennis was found dead on the exact anniversary of Carole’s husband’s death 19 years ago.
  6. Ok he’s right that it was a bit rough (they could barely win points on their serve in that second set TB), but c’mon, Sascha. You just got outplayed at the big moments.
  7. Is this for real? If so, classless.
  8. Haha. He really impressed me today.
  9. Wow, Tsitsipas pulls it out. Sascha didn’t challenge an out call that would have given him game point? Meanwhile, Tsitsipas will break into the top 20, and Delpo will move to a career high No. 3.
  10. Did he get a warning for that? I remember when Sascha smashed a racquet in the match against Goffin in Rome during a game and was allowed to pause play to get another one. No warning at all, and it totally changed the momentum in his favor.
  11. That Tsitsipas/Zverev match certainly took a turn... BTW Sharapova out of Cincy. Buzarnescu out of Cincy and USO, understandably.
  12. Especially when there are so many characters/actually *talented* actors in B&B’s ensemble just sitting around doing nothing. Brad Bell just writes these little half-assed telenovelas within his shows, I suppose to provide *some* novelty outside that interminable Steffy/Liam/Hope saga.
  13. My immediate first thought? Wow, they went several shades lighter.
  14. Oh ok. Without him, I wouldn’t bother. But I have an anti-recast bias.
  15. With Nashville off the air, what’s Jonathan Jackson doing? More music stuff?
  16. That’s why the idea of regeneration on Doctor Who was so ingenious. Even though there’s continuity and the Doctor is technically the same character, they essentially reboot the show every few years with a brand-new actor/actress in the lead with a new cast and often a new feel/vision/tone. Not that the changes don’t rankle fans and traditionalists (oh boy, they do), but change is built into the show in a way that keeps things fresh and giving fans something to look forward to and get excited about. I’m also thinking about shows like Degrassi that reboot with new generations and manage to resonate with new fans. 90210, Melrose, Dallas, they could have worked a lot better.
  17. Yeah, and who knows? It might be good. It’s a unique opportunity to explore familiar characters in new situations. How do they adjust to old age, children, societal shifts, etc? And if people don’t want to see the revivals/reboots, there is so much TV/streaming content being produced right now that there’s no way to keep up with it. The reason why we mostly hear about the reboots/revivals is the very reason why networks do them: they already have great brand recognition when everyone’s fighting for market share.
  18. Nothing about that story is realistic, and there never has been. But it’s making me hate literally everyone involved, and no one has a believable POV that keeps me involved (a lot of that has to do with the “acting” from the principal players). It’s the “idiot plot,” in which every character behaves like a total fool to keep a story going. Including Emma, who shouldn’t be bringing up her school-girl crushes with high-level execs. (If anything she should be blabbing to her Uncle Justin. Or going to the police.)
  19. Venus is clearly in distress with her injured knee, but, man, does she compete.
  20. Caroline Garcia trounced Sharapova, Khachanov beat Isner in straights after Isner suffered a point penalty after smashing a racquet, Svitolina sent Konta packing, Sabalenka pushed past Wozniacki, and Haase humbled Shapovalov. With Djokerson beating Herbert/Mahut in dubs, it makes up for Novak losing early.
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