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  1. Doug’s comments are so transparently self-serving. He’s retweeting all the people who want to see more Paul.
  2. I can’t imagine Mal being long for this world as Y&R EP/HW, but who knows these days? The bar could be lower now.
  3. Novak out, but he sure fought to the death in the tiebreak. Cecchinato is having a Puig-like run. Everything is working for him.
  4. “Johan face. Johan.” ”Alex was walking with VENOM!”
  5. This guy’s Nick Kyrgios impression is ON POINT! Federer: John McEnroe: A mashup of McEnroe, Murray, Nadal, Courier, Federer, and Djokovic.
  6. I hadn’t realized Tamara Tunie has a major role in the buzzy AMC show “Dietland” with Julianna Margulies.
  7. She made her brief statement and kept it moving. There’s a part of me that wished for more of a juicy discussion (à la when the ladies of “The View” are embroiled in off-camera news), but I suppose that’s all she really could say given that talks of a spinoff are still ongoing with ABC. Slightly off-topic, but Sara seems constantly irritated with Sheryl.
  8. LMAO at Diego Schwartzman getting his flirt on with umpire Marijana Veljovic.
  9. Sara is talking about the Roseanne stuff on The Talk now.
  10. Tsurenko retired two games in, so the Muguruza/Sharapova quarterfinal is set. Maria has beaten Garbiñe all three times they’ve played, including once at RG, but they haven’t played since 2014, well before her Garbiñe’s big rise.
  11. She just said she loves playing against Maria. “Her game matches so well against mine.” 😂
  12. They are showing it now on TC. She says it is a pectoral muscle issue, and it has impacted her serve. She says she started to feel it during the Goerges match, and she tried different tapings during the doubles match. She says she’s getting an MRI to see if she’ll be ready for Wimbledon. She is disappointed because she’d been playing well.
  13. An announcement is imminent Sharapova is lucky to get that W/O. Let’s go, Muguruza!
  14. Have you heard anything about Hogan’s health status? I remember Michael Park and others asking for prayers because he wasn’t doing very well. (Not to derail this thread...)
  15. NYC Season 3 is still the Housewives gold standard for me. Granted, I haven’t watched some of the newer franchises (like Potomac or Dallas), but that was nearly a perfect season, including the reunion episodes. Iconic from start to finish.
  16. Just a shame that we have to wait until 2020 for Chatrier to get a roof, but better late than never. I was thinking about how rain would impact the players. The damp, heavy courts could deaden a bit of Nadal’s topspin, but this isn’t his first time at the rodeo.
  17. Literally the rest of the week looks awful weather-wise in Paris (and I mean through the end of the tournament). Tomorrow and Tuesday look particularly bad. I wonder if we’ll see any play before Wednesday.
  18. Lots of people pissed about the Cecchinato win on Twitter (due to the match fixing allegations that have followed him). Goffin looked completely out of sorts. Great draw for Novak, though.
  19. Serena vs Maria. Monday.
  20. I’m sure the costs of mounting and especially marketing new daily soaps for a shrinking, aging audience are prohibitive, which is why it hasn’t happened in this century, but I would have preferred seeing new visions instead of writers contorting themselves to reinvent shows created during the Cold War. As fans on this very board have said, it’s tiresome for some villain to kidnap Marlena every year and not have John think, “Hmmm, I haven’t heard from Doc today. Maybe she’s been abducted again?!?!” It’s all very boring.
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