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  1. Dame Joan is on CBS Sunday Morning interviewed by Mo Rocca right now.
  2. Hoped to do you proud. 😉
  3. Nate certainly looks great. He hasn’t had a lot to do in these episodes except dole out advice and support, which Brooks probably could have ably done, but again, I haven’t seen enough of his work to see a difference beyond the physical.
  4. Finished. They did a decent job. I appreciate the Neil/Malcolm (how beautiful were they?) and Neil/Victor flashbacks from the ‘90s and hope we see more of that on Monday for the special tribute. The flashbacks overall were solid, and while I understand the characters’ need to remember KSJ/Neil as this generous, compliant vessel, they unfortunately presented Neil as something of a flat, passive saint, and we all know, at his best, he could be so much more than that. I’ll withhold judgment until we see what they do on Monday (haven’t watched the day-ahead stuff).
  5. Just watching Friday’s episode, and I like how they’re playing Lily’s inability to put on the brave, happy face. Sometimes soaps go overboard with the “let’s celebrate the departed character’s life” cheerfulness. Loving the flashbacks so far.
  6. Oh no! I guess all the work needed for that comeback against Vekic took its toll. I just read she said she felt something in the first match.
  7. It’s very Disney soundtrack. I just find her very “arrested development,” and that’s not a reference to the Fox sitcom.
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