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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I don’t get the sense Sony cares about Crackle. I saw some articles about how they’ve been trying to sell it.
  2. Now Zverev is down a set and 0-3 to Fognini (who could always fall apart or... not).
  3. Wow, Lajovic just routined Thiem. What the hell happened there?
  4. I agree with this. I totally loved BE for what she was (gorgeous, charismatic, warm but steely when required), perhaps because I only *really* started watching Y&R after she assumed the role. (I was in elementary school for ED’s ‘80s heyday.) Plus, the show as a whole was simply much better during BE’s stint than during ED’s later runs.
  5. Wow, Daniil must really be in Stefanos’s head. Now 4-0 against him, and this was their first clay meeting. Apparently, it was a really tense, awkward match (shocker).
  6. And I forgot about freakin’ Cloris Leachman at 92.
  7. Matt Bomer, Tuc Watkins, et al. will reprise their roles in a Netflix adaptation of their Broadway production of The Boys in the Band.
  8. They’ve just robbed themselves of a key marketing tool to engage the dwindling number of fans who care about this stuff.
  9. Whoa. Grigor is teetering on the precipice, and given how Rafa wiped the floor with RBA today, his plummet is all but guaranteed.
  10. These dudes... I posted a few of these earlier, but they’re IG embeds that make the page load so slowly.
  11. Seems like so much more, but yeah. And Sheryl will trot out that same old tired “lascivious fat black woman” shtick that’s always so cringeworthy.
  12. Why did they bother trumping up such a non-event? Sheryl and Mario host every year at this point. I guess the Emmys team had to have “something” to show their bosses they were earning their keep.
  13. Oh she’s hardcore Nolefam... way, waaay more than me. I think the tennis media goes after Novak for many reasons, most of them B.S., but their mentioning his place of residence wouldn’t be first on my personal list of grievances. I just like seeing where everyone lives all laid out. I wish the chart was more extensive.
  14. Meanwhile, Betty White and Ed Asner are still kickin’ at 97 and 89 respectively. And Valerie Harper after serious cancer...
  15. I wonder if there’s just a sense of inevitability to a lot of these scenarios. If it wasn’t O.J., would it have been something else, as media was already trending into the oversaturated 24/7 celebrity scandal mode? O.J. was a perfect storm, though. You couldn’t craft a story to trigger so many deep American and human fascinations and anxieties (racial, sexual, you name it). How could anything have competed with that? Was O.J. the single most disruptive news event in soap history? I remember the Iran Contra hearings resulting in several preemptions. 9/11? Watergate?
  16. An interesting list, no doubt, but aren’t Istomin and Kukushkin (and for that matter, Isner, as Florida is part of the U.S.) based in their countries of origin, if this chart is to be believed? Lots of Frenchmen in Switzerland.
  17. Yeah, that’s boring. I hate to say it. Not interested in Rinna doing cabaret shtick.
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