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  1. Yeah, it would have been nice to see Victoria talk and mention Neil’s friendship with Ryan. Still the deepest Victoria/Neil stuff feels so long ago, way back in the HT days. There was a lot more focus on Jack than there should have been over the past couple of days. The show values Peter Bergman as an actor, I get it, but Jack’s addiction and sobriety loomed much larger than was warranted in Neil’s tribute. I’m not a Victor fan, but when EB shows tenderness or grief, it is truly beautiful to watch. I know they are waiting on Neil flashbacks, but I still think one or two would have enhanced things greatly. GT was wasted on Morrow and Thompson. She and Shemar would have sizzled.
  2. As sad as this show was, people weren’t kidding when they said Shemar and Gina Tognoni had chemistry in that tiny little scene.
  3. Yeah, that’s worth a default. You can *never* put your hands on someone.
  4. Victoria the cold bitch a.k.a. “her father’s daughter” would be interesting if they ever truly committed to it. Which they won’t. They’re too invested in the flawed heroine narrative. Nick... meh. They have zero idea of what to do with him.
  5. Oh nooo. Tessa and that song at the end. This show is tone-deaf and cheap af.
  6. Weirdly, Lexie Stevenson/Mattie of all people made me misty first today. Lots of good work today. Bryton always steps up when asked. Eileen and Christel were great. EB and MTS felt very much like they weren’t acting. I wish that we’d seen Neil/Jack flashbacks during PB’s scenes. I suppose we’ll get them later on, but it felt like a missed opportunity. Again, soaps have abused death and near-death scenarios so often. When Abby mentioned her fear of losing her dad, I remembered that both Victor and Nikki were in comas in the past year, and it wasn’t even alluded to. Oof. As great as Bryton was in that scene, Hologram Neil was a mistake. Yikes. Not good.
  7. I posted him before, but he is thicc.
  8. All this sounds terribly predictable, but I don’t see any Nick/Victoria.
  9. This fücking dude...off the charts 🔥
  10. The full cast signed a letter asking Fox to bring Jussie back for next season.
  11. I can still enjoy the show, but something changed for me when the mainstream acclaim (Emmys, move to VH1) started.
  12. Someone who’s underperformed in the past few months but is too “meh” to mention alongside the likes of Goffin, Dimitrov, Sascha Zverev, et al (his ragefest after losing to Kei in Melbourne aside)? Pablo Carreño Busta.
  13. The ATP World Tour Finals are moving to Turin.
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