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  1. Wants GV to come to Days as Shawn Brady!

  2. It has come to my attention that there is some confusion over me, Tim Lowery (PhoenixRising05), announcing the end of Salem Lives and only a week later starting up a new blog over at DR. I feel the need to clear the air about this issue and I am going to say some things I would rather not everyone know but I feel it needs to be mentioned now due to all the questions so here it goes. First off, we left things hanging because the plan is to pick up Salem Lives again. I needed a break and the stories on Salem Lives involved many characters and were often complex and needed two writers to keep t
  3. EP/HW'S TIM LOWERY (PHOENIX) AND PATRICK L. EWING (ROMAN) PART WAYS As our fans know, the past few weeks have been difficult for the blog. I, Tim Lowery, have not been around as much as I normally am due to personal reasons. I hate that the blog has suffered but, most of all, I hate that my friendship and partnership with my partner has suffered. Sometimes life presents you with many challenges at once and it can take alot of time and energy to work through those challenges. That is what is happening right now. There has been a great amount of thinking on my part over the past few weeks
  4. SCHEDULE UPDATE!!! Due to personal issues and time constraints, Salem Lives has been on an up and down schedule of late. It could not come at a worst time given that it's sweeps so in an effort to maintain the excellent sweeps we have going, this week will feature a two episode a day schedule to catch us up. In other words, 10 EPISODES IN 5 DAYS!!!! To avoid confusion, here is how this will work out starting with today: Monday 2/25/08: The Monday 2/18/08 episode and Tuesday 2/19/08 episode will be posted. Tuesday 2/26/08: The Wednesday 2/20/08 episode and Thursday 2/21/08 episode will be
  5. Actually, she has kidnapped Evan but never really got away with Sam but I see what your saying. I knew this would be controversial and it will be even more in upcoming episodes. She is at the end of her rope and that will be really evident next week.
  6. Yes, Patricia knew of him, especially since Joey ran from the scene to get help when he found Joelle. When he returned, all the cops and EMT's scared him and he heard his mother was dead. He didn't want to go to an orphanage or to strangers so he ran off. Yes, he has been reported missing and there will be some scenes coming to address some things. The Amy scene I was worried about but the way I imagined it in my head is that Amy be new at the Pub and I had Nicole disguise her voice too. I was going to have her steal something from Orpheus to disguise her voice like Orpheus did during the
  7. Hey Phoenix! I finally got the account activated like 2 days ago. lol

  8. *SALEM LIVES IS BACK AFTER A BRIEF HIATUS. WE EXPECT TO BE FULLY CAUGHT UP BY SUNDAY. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE AND STICK WITH US...THE REST OF SWEEPS IS EXPLOSIVE!!* FEBRUARY 15, 2008-EPISODE #437: REACTION RADIUS Steve and Hope sit at a booth and Steve says it sure feels nice to just have a decent meal for a change. Hope agrees, saying that it also feels good having her old friend back. Steve smiles and then says he’s going to the bathroom. He tells her to try and not eat everything while he’s gone. She sticks her tongue out at him as he gets up......and he walks righ
  9. FEBRUARY 14, 2008-EPISODE #436: RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES WAREHOUSE IN SALEM'S WEST SIDE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT Nicole is with Joey at an old, abandoned warehouse on Salem's west side near the pier. Joey asks if this is a good hiding spot. Nicole admits she's known people to hide in some of the warehouses around here and it should be good for awhile. Joey asks her again why she was so mean to Philip and Jean earlier. Nicole says she needed their help and refused. She tells Joey it's a long story but she will tell him there is a good number of people out there that she feels never even bother
  10. FEBRUARY 13, 2008-EPISODE #435: TO THE TRUTH SALEM PARK Nicole and Joey are hiding some bushes. She looks at her watch, hoping "he" got the message from Henderson. Joey asks who they are waiting for. Nicole tells him to nevermind and to just be quiet and do nothing, since it's obvious he isn't going to leave her side. Joey smiles. Just then, Nicole sees whoever she has been waiting for and tells Joey to stay put. Nicole emerges from the bushes and the camera pans around to show Philip, who turns and is shocked to see Nicole. He realizes she is the one that left a message with Hende
  11. FEBRUARY 12, 2008-EPISODE #434: WATCHFUL EYES LOOKERS STRIP CLUB Ed wants to know if the two will go out on stage or not. Sami says she has a cold and can’t go on stage. Kate looks at her like she’s crazy and asks when the cold came on. Sami says just now and the two women start arguing when Ed tells them to stop. He walks off but not before telling them they have one minute to get on stage.........or else. The women decide to go on with the show.... And walk out on stage in front of the drunk, whistling crowd. The music starts and Sami looks at Kate, saying that she is following Kate’s le
  12. FEBRUARY 11, 2008-EPISODE #433: UNDER MY SKIN ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Orpheus tells Nicole long time no see and says he is pleased to see she made herself at home in his hideaway during his absence. Nicole is in shock and points out Orpheus is supposed to be dead. Orpheus laughs, reminding her who is father is. He says the son of the Phoenix is set for life. Orpheus: You know, Nicole. I'm quite shocked about this young little friend of yours. I mean, is this the first child you've been in major contact with that you didn't steal...or did you? Nicole:
  13. WEEK OF 2/11/08 EDITION INSIDER IN DEPTH: FRANKIE'S DEATH Salem Lives fans were left in shock as the month of January brought an end to the life of Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock). EP/HW Tom Lowery sits down to talk about the controversial decision and it's aftermath. Salem Lives Insider (SLI): How did the decision to kill off Frankie Brady come about? Tim Lowery (TL): First off, let me say that we love Billy Warlock and he will be missed by all of us. We wish we could've done more with him prior to his character's demise but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We had put him on
  14. FEBRUARY 8, 2008-EPISODE #432: SURPRISE!! MAGGIE'S CLUB The family works to help Maggie get the club ready. They are then surprised to see Abby and Maxwell walk in. Jack follows behind as Abby says she’s not going to the safe house tonight. Jack tells everyone he’s tried to convince her otherwise but she’s as stubborn as her mother, which Abby takes as a huge compliment. She wants to be there for the big opening and Lawrence or anyone else won’t stop her. Julie tells her it’s too dangerous and Max says it’s no use. They’ll get her out of town in the morning. DIMERA PENTHOUSE Tony and Ann
  15. FEBRUARY 7, 2008-EPISODE #431: CHOICES SALEM INN Anna returns to the suite and is shocked to see Tony there. She can see he is upset and asks if something is wrong. He first wants to know about her day. Anna says the meeting with the prospective investor had to be rescheduled and she then tells him about her visit with Carrie. She says it went well and she got to hold her grandson for the first time. It was marvelous. Tony is happy for her. Anna tells Tony she knows him and knows when something is wrong. She urges him to confide in her. Tony then fills her in on what happened when
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