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  1. Is LIAMST the only soap that began with orchestrated music and then switched to organ music? I have heard both but I remember Eddie Layton doing the music at the end of the run on CBS.
  2. No Jean please and I am speaking of someone who struggled to be a fan of ATWT during those last years. I did not like her Y&R either. Natalie Minardi Slater has been with Y&R for years. Trent Jones is another writer with Y&R connections. They could be paired with Bibel. As far as a guiding influence: Kay Alden? Jack Smith? Lorraine Broderick? The Cullitons?
  3. I was never a viewer of AMC but I hope that it happens and it is a big success! That might lead to Oakdale (ATWT) or Springfield (GL). It might convince TPTB that there is still life in the daily serial and pump new life (and bigger budgets) into the four daily soaps still on the air!
  4. She played Edith (Edie) Hughes, Chris' troubled sister. It was before my time but I imagine there is someone who can fill us in.
  5. I grew up watching all CBS soaps. I did watch some of GH ad DAYS but could not get in to them like CBS. I prefer NYC based soaps. Many of their actors were Broadway actors too and they seemed better. I would like to see a return of the NYC soap - specifically ATWT, GL or EON. Also, there are no writers that can compare to Irna Phillips, Bill Bell, Henry Slesar and Agnes Nixon in the business any more!
  6. Vivian Gundaker is a good hire for Y and R. I read am article that while she was on ATWT she was the go to person about the history and ,character motivation . Something future writers and producers could have benefitted from!
  7. a SOAP connection, in the early 1970s she played on Love of Life. Her name in those days was Jeanette Dubois.She played Nurse Loretta Allen from 1970 to 1972
  8. I am sorry to hear about his death. He died too young. His first year was good because he had Carolyn Culliton and some holdovers on the staff. Culliton was replaced and the holdovers fired and the show went down fast. i never thought I would stop watching my most favorite show of all time but by cancellation I had just about given up, Thank you Jean,P., Chris P. and Hogan. He DID have great potential at DAYS. Sorry he wasn’t given a real chance there. i don’t think he had any effect on Y and R.
  9. I am reminded when Hogan Sheffer started the quick pace on ATWT. I don't believe Sheffer skipped as many beats as Mal Young is doing. Thankfully that didn't last too long at ATWT. Innovation is good and trying to refresh a genre that is dying is not always good. Remember the shaky camera work and the story telling on Wednesdays they did at GL. Marland's ATWT was the best Soapsuds and the Connor - Lucinda stories were great. I miss Sussman and Alden and I wish they could have been given a longer chance to prove themselves. I wonder how much support they got from Mal Young?
  10. It is not quite there but I fear it will be Y&R by this time,next year. But then again,we may have another EP/HW change by then!
  11. As the World Turns followed by Edge of Night (not listed) and Secret Storm (not listed) and Guiding Light.
  12. I noticed Beth Millstein listed today. She was listed between Sarah Bibel and Matt Clifford. If she is a part of the staff that is a plus for the show. Maybe she can show Mal Young how it's done. She was great on Days as an interim writer before Hogan Sheffer took over.
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