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  1. Y&R: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden OUT, Mal Young IN

    I agree with you soapfan770. I haven't agreed with everything SS has done. There has been clunkers yes. I think there has been network interference too. Sally has gone a LONG way in stabilizing this show and correcting the many many many mistakes of Phelps,Altman,Show Killer Jean and Pratt have inflicted on this show. For pushing TVGN to the background and not letting him highjack every story,thank you! For bringing back Dina and having Jack and Ashley involved ,thank you! I miss Tracey but that may not have been Sally's fault. For rehabilitating Sharon, Thank you,thank you thank you! For keeping Adam away from our screen,Thank you! Like Victor,Adam had the tendency to monopolize the screen time. For getting rid of Kevin,thank you! Mal, I know you are going to probably go over the top and give high camp like most of today's soap fans with short attention spans want. Please don't forget what Sally and Kay have shown you. Lastly,keep Natalie Minardi Slater and Janice Ferri Esser. They are your link to Y&R history. Keep Susan Dansby. She was able to make that crap Jean wrote on As the World Turns watchable . She is a good script writer.
  2. GH has a new co-head writer

    I loved the old days when head writers weren't beloved but feared. They say when Irna Phillips visited the studio,Ms. Phillips greatest HW of all time, the stars would go and hide in their dressing rooms and crew people and executives would quake in their shoes until she left. What she said was law. An executive could suggest changes but she did things her own way. I bet there isn't a head writer alive now that can command that type of respect (and fear)!
  3. This thread reminds me of a poster who once posted here. He is long gone now..... SteveFrame.......may he rest in prace.
  4. Most Reviled Words in Soapdom

    Jelly Smart TV
  5. 2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

    This description of Ms. Bibel's duties are listen on the Linked IN page Staff Writer, The Young and the Restless Bell Dramatic Serial Company November 2016 – Present (8 months)Greater Los Angeles Area Write scripts for America's number 1 daytime drama averaging over 4.5 million viewers per week. First episode aired January 17, 2017. Responsible for writing a complete hour long episode a week. Participate in script and story meetings with producers and network executives. Pitch ideas for longterm storylines. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarabibel
  6. What was the high/low of Jean Passanantes career?

    The lows? The deconstruction of ATWT. I would like to blame it all on her but Chris Goutman deserves part credit for the show going off air. As the World Turns had great history. Some of the best veterans on it. The history was ignored and changed. The vets were pushed to the background. I agree with PJ ! One scene that stands out: the overused Katie Peretti did an exercise video. At the premiere Lisa and Nancy were there. Lisa's main line? "Let's hear it for the BUTTbusters!!" Nancy stands by with a look that says she is imagining Irna Phillips twirling in her grave. She did turn Y&R into a boring mess. Chuckie Pratt did the hatchet job. Sally Sussman,bless her heart is trying to put it back on course. She is not perfect and has made mistakes. Everybody wants her head on a platter. I hope she can stick around a little longer!
  7. Remembering Douglas Marland: Timeless Storylines, Timeless Talent

    Marland didn't want Holden to get his memory back. He wanted Lily and Holden to fall in love again. He wanted Dan McCloskey to have his alzheimers play out gradually. Subsequent writers killed him with a heart attack. I would have loved to see him write for Carly . If I am not mistaken ,she was on the drawing board but Packer and Backus brought her on. I wonder if he would have went to Y&R? Just think of what could have been if he had been there before Latham and Maria ? I wonder what Marland would have thought about Hogan Sheffer?
  8. How much time do we give Sally Sussman before we ask for her firing?

    I totally agree with you John. I am an old timer who grew up on P&G and CBS soaps. Irna Phillips, the Soderbergs and Henry Slesar. What did Agnes Nixon say "Make em laugh,make em cry and make em wait? (Paraphrased) They did not let stunts and outrageous plots drive their stories. Y&R has had Latham, Maria Bell, Phelps, Rauch and Griifith steer this show in the wrong direction. Hacks like Latham ,Hamner, Sheffer, Pratt, Altman, Griffith and especially the show killer Piss~Ant herself do damage to this show. It is going to take more than 2 or 3 months to fix this show. I would give her 18 to 24 months. Then,if the quality and less importantly ratings haven't improved - then think about a change!
  9. Y&R: February 2017 Discussion Thread

    I guess I am in a minority here. I am liking Sally's version of Y&R. No more disasters of the month/week because the viewers attention spans are so short they are needed to keep them hook. Stories are being fleshed out and the beats are being played. Victor Newman is being toned down. No longer is Snidely Whiplash Newman tying Sweet Polly Jack Abbot to the proverbial train track while twirling his moustasche. Gloria adds a little excitement to the show . She is fun! As a long time World Turns fan I remember Liz Hubbard (Lucinda) and Eileen Fulton (Lisa) who could chew scenery better than anyone. Colleen Zenk (Barbara) could outact Judith Chapman with "those eyes" too. Sally has made a few mistakes but her material has only been airing for just TWO months. I am willing to give her a little more time before I throw her under the bus.
  10. As I have said before: JFP is nothing but tricks and stunts. Huge snowstorm! Devastating tornado! Building collapse! Bomb set off at a major gathering! Kill a beloved character! Kill a child! That spikes ratings (maybe) but doesn't help in the longterm. Sally and Kay are old school. They are cleaning up the mess JFP, Pissy the show killer (ask an ATWT fan,) Altman and Pratt and Griffith created. Soaps of old were built on character development not jerky plots with stunts. Soapwriters of old played ever point and took their time investing in their stories. I am willing to give Sussman a chance. Hey I gave Bill Bell a chance when he told the Mickey/Bill/Laura story that went on for two years. Todays audience doesn't have the patience to watch a story build. Susman, Bell, Marland Phillips,Slesar and Nixon ---That is what smart tv is ! They prefer JFP, Pissy the show killer (ask an ATWT fan,) Altman ,Pratt Carlivati ,Valentini et al!
  11. JFP is nothing but tricks and stunts. Huge snowstorm! Devastating tornado! Building collapse! Bomb set off at a major gathering! Kill a beloved character! Kill a child! That spikes ratings (maybe) but doesn't help in the longterm. If Sussman can repair the damage that Griffin,Pissy the showkiller ,Altman and Pratt and Phelps has put upon Y&R you are going to see a great soap in Y&R! Great stories that come out of character and history that doesn't rely totally on stunts! Now THAT is smart tv!
  12. Thank you! I wonder how SSM got that Co-EP credit - it's not like she's a huge name who can command that in their contract. She had EP credit with Generations. I wasn't sure about that but I checked your profile on SSM and you have her listed as an EP. She has some experience . Thank you! I wonder how SSM got that Co-EP credit - it's not like she's a huge name who can command that in their contract.
  13. Pissy earned that name when she was at ATWT and believe me she earned it. Only if you were a long time viewer of ATWT and had seen what happened to it in the last years would you be able to understand why that nickname fit. Nothing she did at Y&R could ever redeem herself to true ATWT loyalists I am hopeful for Y&R. The news about SSM and Alden is making me think about becoming a regular viewer again instead of a casual one.
  14. Hopefully Beth Milstein will go back to Y&R as co HW to the new Head writer that replaces Pratt! And soon!
  15. I agree with Natalie Minardi Slater. She has been with the show forever. She has not been a head writer. Possibly have Kay Alden as a story consultant. I would like to see Janice Ferri Esser promoted. She is a good script writer and she has been with the show forever so she knows history. Susan Dansby hasn't been a script writer as long bur she is good. She was a one of the better script writers at ATWT. She sure did her best to make the crap that Jean P.wrote into something watchable on ATWT!