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  1. I still remember the promos that ran for this show. "If looks could kill, you wouldn't last five minutes..."
  2. KENNY!!! why you no post all the time anymore? i miss u!


  3. Miss you tons Kenny...We must do 'lunch' sometime;)

  4. Kenny - where are you? I miss your Days comments!

  5. EWWWWWWWWW. Toastee (Jennifer) has put out a sex tape. I just watched the trailer! Eww eww ewwwww!
  6. Why am I on this kick for cheesy boy bands from the 90s'? LoL Who remembers "2-Ge+her?" "CALCULUS" "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  7. LoL, who remembers this sh!t? Isn't it, like, 1999-ish? LFO - Summer Girls "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  8. Exactly why I can't stand her. She's no different than Dustin Diamond on "Celebrity Fit Club," IMO. Stirring the pot, pissing everybody off, and all for the sake of getting attention and hopefully her own show, just like New York. It's the same sh!t Dustin's pulling on Fit Club. I suppose I could like her better if she would just come out and admit that's what she's doing. Be real! I can respect that, at least. I mean, viewers aren't blind... we can see what she's up to.
  9. Speaking of which, does this picture show up?
  10. I think that Larissa over-estimates her strength. In the heat of the moment, she feels the adrenaline and it makes her feel invincible, but one of these days she's going to catch a bigger, badder b!tch in a bad moment and open her bigass mouth, and her ass is going to get laid out, hard and quick. I hope someone has a camera and sends the photos to Perez when it happens! It's so funny to me that she calls Shay a snitch, when what she did to Shay was ten times worse than what Shay did to Larissa! Which is worse, really? A snitch, or a backstabbing, coldhearted bitch? The latter just sounds a bit more heavy, I think. She wouldn't have had to snitch on your ass if you weren't trying to pin the sh!t on her in the first place! LoL Gawd, I really shouldn't watch reality shows. These people just piss me off too much, and not unlike some soaps, too many of 'em don't get the payback they deserve.
  11. I hope that bitch gets run over by a bus. I can't stand her! Who the hell does she think she is telling Leilene how to be a good mother? Does Larissa even have kids? If so, I feel sorry for her litter... they have a mom from hell! And her line about how a good mother wouldn't have to take off their clothes to pay the bills.... pfft! Not even ten minutes ago I saw pictures of Larissa on the net from a new calendar of hers or some sh!t, and she's barely clothed. Pot, meet kettle! What does Leilene stripping have to do with Larissa at all? She acts personally offended by it! Why? Did Leilene wrapping herself around a pole have ANYTHING to do with Larissa? Really. Girl went psycho crazy over something that doesn't even involve her! LoL Oooh, I hope she dies. Really. If I turned on the television tomorrow and heard the words, "Larissa, star of VH1's 'Flavor of Love' and 'Charm School,' has been brutally murdered," I wouldn't feel sorry in the least. I'd probably be asking what took so long. Yes, I'm a coldhearted bitch.
  12. Why did the new episode (featuring New York) air on MTV but not VH1, its home channel? Anyway, whatever the case... BEST EPISODE EVER! THANK GOD THE BITCH IS GONE! I think that either Saaphyri, Shay or Leilene will win. Saaphyri needs the money. Probably not more than anyone else, but she keeps milking it and it will gain her a little bit of sympathy. Shay is a strong woman, but she's not flat-out nasty like the other girls (most of the time). She knows how to hold herself with composure, but she's not a push-over, either. Her only downfall is picking bad friends (Larissa). Then there's Leilene. In my opinion, she should win, because she's the classiest of them all. I know, she was a stripper, but she still carries herself with more femininity and class than all the others. The one thing that could hold her back, though, is that she's BOOOOORING, LoL Anyway, I'm just happy that Larissa got the boot. Bitch reminds me of Trina, the rapper, and I can't stand her nasty ass, either.
  13. Good evening, you sphincter-lovin' homo :)

    LUMI rules! LOL

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