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  1. Just watched The Canyons. ...wow... Umm. Yeah.

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    2. EricMontreal22


      I hadn't realized it finally was released as a VOD this weekend until today... I think it's definitely worth watching but with some intoxication (and it does have a lot of male nudity--not just Deen but Nolan Funk too, so there's that...)

    3. EricMontreal22


      Ha I kinda love Cat People, though by no means is it a good movie. But I love the score--and I like the look of the movie a lot. The Canyons can prob be blamed more on how off the hinges Ellis has become as a writer (he has a crazier twitter feed than Ron C) than Shrader who had no budget to work with and has usually done best with style over substance.

    4. Vee


      I wasn't aware gay-ass Nolan Funk got naked too.

      Cat People has wonderful music but is just glorious, beautiful trash. Schrader is a brilliant mind who's done some great work but like Ellis, is prone to trash and excess. And the NYT piece on the film is a pretty damning indictment of the desperation of guys trying to make something, anything when they're on the outs.

  2. Anyone listening to the Ginger Smith interview?

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    2. allmc2008
    3. allmc2008


      I was hoping i was first not some bellinda.....

    4. allmc2008


      Sorry for taking over your status update!!!

  3. FINALLY saw the AMC finale...

    1. You're Soaking in it
    2. allmc2008


      OH! September 26, 2011! Wow I you need to work on these status updates!!! I thought you JUST NOW saw it, meaning March 21, 2013.

  4. UGH Can't read any AMC thread due to potential spoilers--promised a friend I would wait to watch finale with him... Can I hold out?

    1. marceline


      Yes you can. I envy you having someone to watch the show with. That's worth holding out for.

    2. EricMontreal22


      Thanks for the support :) Only a few hours left, lol.

    3. You're Soaking in it

      You're Soaking in it

      I waited to watch with my partner... he worked late, and I could hardly stand it! I'm sorry that you still haven't been able to watch, Eric. Hang in there, my friend! :-)

  5. Hey just saw your comment now lol Not much :P you?

  6. is back in love with This Life--and dreding how awful the reunion is meant to be... (but yes, I'll watch)

    1. DRW50


      At least you can see Ferdy on Eastenders when your area finally shows late 2009/early 2010 episodes.

    2. Y&RWorldTurner


      Steve John Shepherd is also joining EastEnderas as Michael Moon - Alfie's cousin.

    3. EricMontreal22


      I LOVE Steve John Shepher--awesome! It's truly an amazing show, I'm kinda nervous to see the reunion special which is meant to be awful--10 eps left.

  7. Broadway has done well but yeah, no big new hits at all--and even my boy Sondheim's revivals have been lacklustre

  8. Am I the only one actually, so far (key words), loving D&D's "reign" at AMC?

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