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  1. Just watched The Canyons. ...wow... Umm. Yeah.

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    2. EricMontreal22


      I hadn't realized it finally was released as a VOD this weekend until today... I think it's definitely worth watching but with some intoxication (and it does have a lot of male nudity--not just Deen but Nolan Funk too, so there's that...)

    3. EricMontreal22


      Ha I kinda love Cat People, though by no means is it a good movie. But I love the score--and I like the look of the movie a lot. The Canyons can prob be blamed more on how off the hinges Ellis has become as a writer (he has a crazier twitter feed than Ron C) than Shrader who had no budget to work with and has usually done best with style over substance.

    4. Vee


      I wasn't aware gay-ass Nolan Funk got naked too.

      Cat People has wonderful music but is just glorious, beautiful trash. Schrader is a brilliant mind who's done some great work but like Ellis, is prone to trash and excess. And the NYT piece on the film is a pretty damning indictment of the desperation of guys trying to make something, anything when they're on the outs.

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