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  1. I like openings on shows. I think they make a statement. The major networks lost something when they went to these 7-second bumper card openings. Look at the cable networks— they know a good open can define a show and lend prestige to it. 

    GH’s present opening doesn’t work for me because the cast photos look as if they were taken by 5 different photographers. Some have weird smiles that look like the lips of the actor are distorted. Some actors are all  teeth,  painted with the whitest paint ever. Some of the photos are great, which makes the bad ones look even worse.

  2. At first I thought it was brave of Jessica Tuck to go without makeup — but after 5 minutes, I got over that, and thought “Damn, get some foundation on her STAT!” She looked really rough.


    Kelly Monaco cut back on the makeup, but not completely. Smarter way to go.


    And yeah, I’m callin* Jessica Tuck stunt casting at this point. Frank V. NEVER knows when to get rid of a character. He keeps bringing them back, and it’s all forced and awful.

  3. 33 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

    I liked the costumes. But it was weird. That a Halloween party. Had no Halloween music. As always everything on GH feels flat and boring. giphy.gif


    It really was flat for a supposed Halloween party. No energy at all.  And Nina is now more annoying than ever. Honestly, I think Cynthia Wattros is worse than Stafford in the role.

    1 hour ago, John said:

    Rumor going around is that Marcus Coloma is Nikolas

    Here is his IMDB with many pics




    I'm ok with him based on one closeup LOL. Dayum! And he does NOT look 41.

  4. I highly doubt that Michelle Stafford made story and coupling demands before signing a contract to return. Rumors like that take on a life of their own and spread like wildfire, but there’s no evidence to any of that.


    if I’m to believe what I read on soap social media, at least a half dozen Y&R actors make regular demands to the writers and producers. It’s bullshit.

  5. 36 minutes ago, BetterForgotten said:

    It was also painfully obvious on-screen IMO that he was not comfortable having BM as a love interest. It’s was almost like he found it offensive they would even pair him with her.


    I already said that. He didn't commit to those scenes with Beth, and that's on him. Look, I'm not defending the guy at all. I just reject the notion that these actors talk to TPTB and get their way. If anything, I think execs saw that the Trane stuff wasn't working, and RIGHTLY blamed it on Goddard -- then deciding to switch course and dump his ass.


    Social media/Twitter do matter, but I don't believe these shows are hyperventilating and changing things every time Twitter hyperventilates. I do think Twitter can make a difference, as with Mishael Morgan. There was SUSTAINED outcry after she was cut and also a substantial drop in the ratings. Goddard will not cost Y&R any ratings points.

  6. What bothers me most about Goddard is that he never came to the defense of Beth Maitland on Twitter or for their storyline. He made a political choice instead of backing up a soap legendary character and a sweet human being. 

    His acting choices in the Trane storyline showed he wasn’t invested in it. He wasn’t bad, bu5 he sure didn’t look lik3 he was working to turn their chemistry on. 

    I don’t believe DG had any sway with the writers or production, but that he thought he could sway things on camera and by being silent on Twitter about new story.


    i mean, the writers give you a new story and a potential romance, and you post pictures of your soap family — all of whom are written out? Huh???

  7. 2 hours ago, KMan101 said:


    All of this.


    For me, nothing against Tamara Braun but this character was lousy and a waste from day one. Just like Nina. I love Watros but it's a No Go on Nina and has been since day one for her as well.


    Is Frank besties with Howarth and Easton? Both characters are completely pointless. Howarth needs to go more than Easton but I'll take whoever at this point. And why the [!@#$%^&*] is deVry still around? It was so nice when we were *almost* free of Julian and Franco a few years ago.






    I'm beyond sick of the amount of mourning Oscar and Morgan get. No one else got nearly this amount. Jesus make it stop.


    I've been catching up (not sure why) and I turned it on yesterday and saw Sonny at Morgan's grave and said "nope". And then pissy Josslyn stabbing a pumpkin ... no thanks. 


    Dumping Easton, deVry and Howarth would save them a nice chunk of money. They should take Braun's salary and give it to Budig and sign her long term. I'm not even sure why they brought Budig back as she has been given next to nothing to do for months at this point ... but I'd take Budig over numerous others ....


    I imagine Billy Miller's salary went towards Ingo so Jax could prop Nina.


    I agree with all you said, KMan.  The Tamara Braun character NEVER worked and actually got WORSE as the months passed. It's all awful. And although I hate to be superficial, I never understood why TB's appearance was always so thin and waiflike, weak, stringy-haired, and no makeup. I don't think women on soaps need to be glammed up, but please. She always looks ill.


    Watros isn't working either. I know she's done great work on other soaps, but this isn't that. Yeah, the writing is crap for a crap character, but she hasn't elevated the material at all. For all the criticism Stafford took in the role, she was better than Watros. Neither TB or CW gets a "gifted  actress" nod from me.


    4 hours ago, ChitHappens said:


    TIIC knew Stitt was not going to cut it in a leading teen role so they had to bring in this Dev person who's not as bad.  Kim simply never made sense so she needed to go but too bad Stanco is not going with her.  


    I fully agree that Stitt was terrible as Oscar, but tbh, this Dev actor isn't cutting it for me, either. In his first weeks, I thought he was interesting, but that's passed. He's just THERE and looks blank most of the time. I also think it's ridiculous that Sonny has invested SO much in this kid.

  8. 1 hour ago, victoria foxton said:

    This week has been a snooze.  All the momentum in the badly executed heart transplant is gone. The Eric/Nicole/Sarah/Xander quad is awful. The longer Xander and Nicole are in Sarah and Eric's orbit's the duller they become. Plus Days is to cheap to even show the heart transplant scenes. 



    So we get a sad goodbye scene with Gabi and WilSon -- except Chandler Massey has to suppress a grin throughout the entire scene. My God.

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