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  1. 1 hour ago, AlexElizabeth said:

    Maxie's hair is TRAGIC. How did they let her go on camera looking like that?


    Same for Julian 😄 He looks awful in those pics.


    I'd be okay if we kept Lindsay Hartley and never had to watch KeMo sleepwalk through scenes again.

    Agree with all of that.


    Julian looked much better with a buzz cut.

  2. The camera work on this show is horrible, and so is the blocking. I understand distancing, but shots look like they’re 10 yards away from each other.


    Kissing the doll is bad enough — so damn fake — but did they lay off all their wardrobe and hair people, too? No one looks styled or stylish. Liam and Thomas have facial hair that isn’t trimmed.


    And Quinn is buried in a winter wig that has way too much hair,  bad bangs, and weighs about 20 lbs.


    This show returned too soon.

  3. 4 hours ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:

    They did some creative music editing in today's classic. I normally don't mind them but this is one instance I wish they didn't switch it out for an inferior cue (I always thought the one used in 2020 was too schmaltzy haha).



    The 2020 music isn’t bad, but the original cue is SO much better. Completely different atmosphere to the entire scene, and I have no idea why they’d even touch it.


    BTW, I thought Christel Khalil was just terrific in this episode. 

  4. 1 hour ago, prefab1 said:


    "You don't look old enough to be a grandpa. Although with all that plastic surgery, you DO look old enough to be a grandma."


    Speaking of Roman, I think the show has found the perfect way to avoid shooting love scenes while the pandemic is still raging. As soon as two characters are about to get hot and heavy, just have Roman walk in and interrupt them with his boring stories about fishing trips. 

    That will work. Roman’s mush mouth will wreck the scene even further.

  5. 8 hours ago, Antoyne said:


    This is the first time I've watched GH in probably over a year. What the hell is this accent Michael E Knight is using?

    Michael E Knight’s accent is so bad I crack up every time he opens his mouth. It’s like Norma Desmond is at the end of her career and she’s trying really, really hard to be noticed.

  6. 5 hours ago, AlexElizabeth said:

    This Ben stuff is HORRENDOUS. I love KDP but it's ridiculous watching Ben in his briefs getting tortured.

    Honestly, it’s worth it just to look at him. Not ridiculous at all.

    6 hours ago, victoria foxton said:



    You know, KA is 56 damn years old. It’s past time she stopped rolling her eyes about playing a grandmother. That ship done sailed.

    2 hours ago, Riverdalefan1 said:

    When Allie said she wasn’t signing the papers and Sonny looked at Will, why was Will smiling about that? I immediately thought about you guys on this board, someone should have called him out on that it completely took me out of the story smh

    Yep. As everyone knows, I complain about Chandler Massey’s smirking and smiling all the time — and he ruined that moment today. He’s become a rotten actor. 

    He also played the entire scene when Sonny was angry all wrong — just standing there like a sullen little puppy. Was he supposed to be afraid of Sami?  Between him and Freddie Smith’s rotten scenery chewing....UGH.

  7. 14 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    Arianna reminds me of Charlotte on GH, spoiled and bratty.


    And I do like Will and Sonny/Chandler and Freddie, but yeah their scenes are so low energy, it’s sad. But I do have to ask, how much of that is attributed to the one and done style of filming that DAYS does? 

    I can’t buy that as an excuse. Everyone else’s scenes aren’t low energy and filled with smirking.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Chris B said:

    I’ll give it to them, that’s a solid week of episodes, as is this week, but this is definitely better. I appreciate the mix of old and new they do. I feel that allows them to squeeze in more older episodes because they can argue balance. They certainly handled that better than B&B and GH

    Yeah, I agree. Y&R has done a nice job with these classics. I don’t think GH and B&B offered even one must-see episode during this entire period.

  9. 8 minutes ago, prefab1 said:


    I thought the little girl had some good comic timing, and I'd go easier on her because she's a small child. FS and CM have no such excuse, and they looked visibly uncomfortable around this little girl who's supposed to be their beloved daughter.


    Scenes like this make the other characters' claims that "Will and Sonny would be the BEST adoptive parents" seem even more surreal. Just because they're a desexualized gay couple doesn't mean they'll make great parents!

    I hear you about the little girl. It’s just that she plays the part like a bad seed / demon child. I blame casting, because I just don’t believe that’s the best they could do.


    Agree with you completely about CM and FS. God, they’re just terrible. Their scenes are some of the worst on television, and there’s nothing about them that spells “relationship.” It’s all smirking and grinning and mocking their dialogue, followed by just unbelievable talks of parenting.

  10. That full interview with Morrow, Case, and Grimes is about 40 minutes, and definitely worth watching. Really enjoyed it. You can tell the 3 of them not only respect each other, but also really love each other. 

    Josh described his relationship with Sharon Case as putting on his favorite hoodie. They all laughed, but Morrow explained it and it made perfect sense. 

  11. I agree that the Ben propping is beyond ridiculous, but so is the hate on this board for Ben and for RSW. I mean, seriously— it’s nuts.


    You want REALLY bad acting? Those scenes with Will, Sonny, and their daughter were fricking horrendous. The girl is a terrible actress, and Will and Sonny do nothing but grin and act like parents who have spent ZERO time with their kid except for a conversation once a month on that couch.

  12. 4 hours ago, Fevuh said:

    It's just dumb.  The person to commit the crime is the first to go on in before the family is notified?  I didn't watch all week until Thursday or so...were there any police?  You just let this man walk in?  


    You’re right, but you’ve also watched soaps long enough to know that this happens all the time. I just can’t get worked up about it.

    5 hours ago, crc said:

    And are the writers getting paid by how many times they can they can add "Penny" in the script?

    I think so, and GOD, that girl is a terrible actress. She comes across as THE dumbest doctor in the history of television.



    7 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:

    Wyatt and Flo were played as some grande love when he found her. I just stayed back watching but keep up with soaps reading comments on social media and recaps. That reunion seemed a bit too overly done. 

    Soooooo overdone. I howled with laughter, actually. It’s total camp at this point, because it’s just ridiculous.

  13. Yeah, the distancing is obvious, but the complaints here are too much, in my opinion. What do you want them to do? We either deal with distancing or we get more wedding repeats.


    The acting was not atrocious, unless you think it’s always horrendous. If that’s the case, why the hell are you watching the show? The acting was no better and no worse than it always is.

  14. 10 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

    It is what it is. It’s at the point where I’ll take what I can get.


    I thought the wedding was one of the best I’ve seen on DAYS in a long time. Too bad Eric and Nicole couldn’t get that 

    I enjoyed the wedding, too, and thought the explosion was just fine.

  15. 3 hours ago, Vee said:


    Do you really think word doesn't get around in this industry?

    I know the word gets around, and I know how tough the industry was on gay people.


    But the fact is that a Terry Lester had a good job. By all accounts, he quit that job, leaving on his own. While gay people were cheated out of roles, plenty of gay people were also hired. 

    I didn’t post here to argue about gays in entertainment. I am gay and I know all about society and the way people deal with LGBTQ+ people. My point was that there is no evidence that Terry Lester was blackballed because of his sexuality.

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