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  1. 3 hours ago, Khan said:


    That song tho.  Not only did it sound very shrill to me, but...come on...they couldn't track down an old audio of Doug singing "The Look of Love," or even "Always"?



    When the best thing I can say is, "RS has a better wig on," you know the s**t is dull.


    SOOOO TRUE about the song they used. My GOD, that was awful. 

    4 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

    Unemployed Sonny 🐻 in his Goodfellas suit. Will in a long sleeve red flannel shirt in summer recapping. While standing in their favorite spot in Uncle Vic's living room. Not even RS as New Auntie Viv woke them up. CM looked adorable as always. Sonny🐻 had a new ugly haircut. Which makes him look like Eddie Munster.1WErAq.gifMwNQvm.gif




    Will and Sonny — the most boring gay people in the world. Will has the smiling smirk thing down, and Sonny looks like every reject on Jerry Falwell’s dating list.


    They aren’t funny, they aren’t campy, they are interesting, they aren’t anything.

  2. 1 hour ago, AdamNewmanFan said:

    Nah atleast imo. I find them interesting.

    It is wonders victors new pills can be taken with the ones for epilepsy no problem


    Yeah, I’m fine with Theo and Zoe, too. The problem is a couple like [!@#$%^&*], not Theo and Zoe. 


    Btw, The Grand Phoenix just isn’t grand enough. That’s their main lobby? Sorry, not big enough and not expensive looking at all. And the pool table? Please.

  3. 9 hours ago, AdamNewmanFan said:

    Disagree. It is what it is. 


    I agree with you. Blaming Mark Grossman and Michelle Stafford for the ratings drop is ridiculous, especially when you’re absolving the Rosales family at the same time.


    i have no problem with complaints about Y&R, but when they come from someone who constantly posts “I watched 2 minutes and changed the channel,” I have to give a side eye. 

  4. I’ve just seen the Friday US show, but again it was a “Lola is so wonderful” lovefest. Just awful. We’re told over and over how great she is, but never shown it. That’s why all the nice wedding touches meant so little to me.


    The actor cast as Papa Rosales? Not very good. I know it’s just one scene, but that was weak. All these actors in California and that is the best they could find?

  5. 2 hours ago, edgeofnik said:


    I tuned in today - happened to be home - and decided to watch Dope finding out truth. The thing that struck me was JMW's midriff - just a little pressed. I love her, but I just wanted to tell her that she doesn't need to prove to anyone she's still smokin'! 


    Watching Dope and Dumb-As very creepy scenes, why on earth would Dope marry him? There's nothing wrong with the 'betrayed by a lover holding a big secret' plot point, but it seems like it would've been far more effective if Dope had actually fallen for him. It would've been plausible - familiar guy who helped her through her grief so she could be happy again.


    Instead, I'm watching this supposedly intelligent, kind woman who decided to marry someone voluntarily, but is cringing at him touching her. What is this 1940? If I didn't know that she'd learn truth at end of the episode, I would've turned it off after that first scene. It was that repulsive to me. But, hey, maybe I'm missing something here.


    You’re not.

  6. 1 hour ago, AlexElizabeth said:

    Does Ciara do anything besides hang out in Ben's bed all day? PLEASE give this girl some kind of life outside of him. Literally all she does is follow him around and f-ck him. Just get rid of her if this is all the character is going to amount to.


    Yeah, when I think of Ciara, I think of her in Ben’s bed. Period.

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