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  1. 13 hours ago, VanessaReardon said:

    Chandler Smirky was embarrassingly BAD in his scenes today with the great Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston. He smirked throughout it. To those who say Chandler is just bored with Freddie, bullcrap. Chandler is checked out as an actor. He had scenes with 2 greats, and he still smirked and didn’t show up. No wonder he got fired. Go study chinese. 

    Exactly right. It was unbelievably bad and just god awful. The fact that no one on the set stops his rancid 12 year old boy act is a sin. 

  2. 18 hours ago, BreakingDownTheWalls said:



    Right?  If you hate Freddie, why are you looking at his stuff?  There are a lot of people I don’t like.  I’m not sitting around looking at their social media.  I don’t like them so I don’t care what they’re doing.  I just don’t understand that.

    Huh? Who looks at Freddie’s stuff? He does nothing that interests me and I don’t like his looks, so why would I click? But here’s the thing — he’s not getting tons of clicks without me. He’s no big deal on social media. I know that much.


    i repeat: Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey are both TERRIBLE actors. Today was more proof with their laughing and grinning through their insipid ice skating scenes. It was PAINFUL watching them.


    If there’s a God, they’ll disappear from DAYS and find new lives away from any soundstage.

  3. 1 hour ago, VanessaReardon said:

    The Freddie haters keep giving him clicks. He’ll be fine. What does Smirky have to fall back on? Mandarin? 

    Honey, you don’t get to trash Chandler if you think Freddie is any better than horrendous. He should never act again.

    His scenes as a strong businessman were hilarious. He can’t sell that. His scenes as a romantic gay guy are pathetic. His pursed lips are out of The Rocky Horror Show. He can’t sell that. His crying and sobbing scenes when Adrienne died were a trainwreck. He can’t sell that.


    Face it, both Freddie and Chandler have worn out their welcome. They both suck.


    And those clicks Freddie gets? LOL I’d hardly call him an influencer. Maybe he can wait tables in the same restaurant as Chandler.

  4. 17 hours ago, will81 said:

    Did Chandler always smirk his way through the show? Last time I watched was 2012/2013 when Eileen Davidson returned and I don't remember him being like that back then. Maybe I blocked it out.

    It happened occasionally years ago, but nothing like now, when that smirk or downright grin shows up in almost every scene. I don’t buy it that he knew he couldn’t get away with it in scenes with the vets— I’ve seen it there, too, although not as much as with Freddie.

    it feels like they’d both love to act like Beavis and Butthead in those scenes where they’re gay guys in a relationship. They come across like middle school jerks who think it’s weird to be gay. Freddie is a terrible actor, but I can’t say  Chandler Is any less terrible. What good is potential if we never see it?


    Anyone on Twitter claiming CM talked about this and attributed it to a nervous thing for his character is a liar. 

    Chandler not only doesn’t transcend weak writing, he mocks it. That’s just unacceptable. Those smirks wouldn’t be tolerated in a high school production, and although I agree he’ll be back at some point, Will should be recast. 

    In scenes where Chandler doesn’t smirk, he hasn’t done anything special, even when the writing is there and calls for someone really invested and genuine.


    As I’ve said before, I blame Ron and production, too. They could have stopped the mess long ago.

  5. That podcast is too much.


    Freddie acts like he’s some incredible actor, when he’s really awful. He always came to work ready to tape with no rehearsal? Yeah, I can tell.


    Chandler did at one point say that not being told they were fired was “shi_tty,” but overall kept praising everyone at DAYS and declaring his love for everyone there. 

    it was so obvious he doesn’t want to burn bridges there or harm his career in any way. I. get that, but overdoing the praise was sickening.

  6. I won’t miss either of them, and I don’t think they added anything as far as gay visibility, gay representation, or anything else. 

    The writing for WilSon has been weak, but the acting? Even worse. Chandler and Freddie stopped trying long ago. Freddie was awful when he tried, because he can’t act. Chandler decided that every scene should be played as a joke, hence the smirks and grins. 

    I called for both actors to be fired and recast years ago, and I fault the show for not getting them in line. No one there watched Massey grin through serious scenes? That’s appalling.


    On the gay front, there’s nothing to miss. Chandler and Freddie have ZERO chemistry, and touching each other looked like a chore, or worse. If you told me they couldn’t stand each other in real life, I’d believe it.


    Affection? None. Oh, except for Chandler’s hands around Freddie’s face, which isn’t sexy or hot. Kissing? That’s a laugh. I’ve never seen such tight pursed lips kisses in my life. Then there are the kisses where they avoided each others’ lips entirely. Just awful.

    What is there for gays to miss when they leave? A reminder that there were two guys who absolutely refused to commit to a gay storyline and seemed to want to announce “We’re not gay” with their acting?


    Guy Wilson is a weak actor, but damn if he wasn’t 100x better than these two when it came to investing in the gay stuff. So was Christopher Sean. So is the guy who plays Evan.


    Two legacy characters — ruined by actors who don’t give a damn.  

  7. 12 hours ago, KMan101 said:


    lol. I feel like this is Ron's way of punishing him and somehow living out his Stefan Cassadine fantasy idea he had for GH. I actually think Stephen and Kristian are both probably loving this stuff. This is the most checked in Kristian's been in YEARS. It's baaaad though. LOL.

    It is. It’s all so bad.


    If one character went through “this stuff,” I might be able to enjoy it. But when we get an entire handful of characters playing someone else in one episode? It just sucks. 

  8. 17 hours ago, Fevuh said:

    Just from reading the recaps I'm glad I quit.  I hadn't removed it from my DVR and quickly just looked at an episode this week - whatever day it was on - and Quinn and Hope both had their hair up in an ugly bun.  I was like, why are they making them both look like and 18th century school teacher?  I quit Y&R for being the Adam show and B&B for the Thomas show.  There just wasn't much else to see.  They can try and change it - but the unfortunate thing is that daytime viewers are loyal but when they leave, it's hard to get them back and I don't care about the Thomas/Liam/Steffy/Hope show 24/7.  Sure, it can keep going but I don't want to watch the rehash constantly.  Plus they're all so fickle....drop one and marry another one the next day - and "annulments" after a year.  

    Here we go again.

  9. 16 hours ago, Chris B said:


    I feel the same about when they do a big stunt episode and submit and win. To me that may get the award, but it's shameless. I miss the days when Y&R was known for submitting GREAT episodes, not stunt episodes. And my point isn't bullshyt, it's reality. Those episodes don't represent anything about the year and those characters aren't valued by the show which is proven by screentime over the year. My point is, if they were good enough to submit for WGA and I'm sure the Emmys, maybe you should look at those cast members and treat them the way you would if they were white. Don't trot them out for a heartbreaking situation like this, make it the norm. Each and every actor who appeared in those episodes had value, why not build off that legacy? That is a very valid point.


    If you don't think there is an issue with how Y&R writes for and treats it's black actors you're either willfully blind or delusional. 

    I NEVER said there isn’t an issue with the way Y&R treats black actors and characters. I never cam CLOSE to saying that. I agree with just about everyone here that so many mistakes have been made over the years with black actors that it’s a sin. It’s just a complete shame — so don’t try to turn me into your enemy, or worse.


    My point is that EVERY show submits stunt or special episodes for the Emmys and other awards — every year. That’s how the awards game is played, both by the show and by the actors.


    Winning this award in no way makes up for ANYTHING else regarding black actors and storylines. No one watching all of a sudden thinks Y&R has learned it’s lesson and turned a page. The show doesn’t think we’re satisfied either. They’re not stupid or naive. 

    Those shows were beautifully done, making us feel the loss of a character, and more importantly, the loss of a good man. For those few days, black actors were given their due, and we again realized how they enrich our soap.


    if you want to complain and protest how blacks are treated on the show, that award is not the thing to go after. Use it to support your more than valid views. Don’t trash it and come across like another complainer who’s never satisfied.


    Y&R is better when our black actors are as front burner as anyone else. Those episodes prove it. Use that proof when you b*tch. Will they listen? From the way things have gone, it’s doubtful. Still, i know they won’t listen if you dump on this award. 


  10. I’m sorry, but it’s just frickin ridiculous to say Y&R shouldn’t have submitted the Neil episodes. The fact that those eps have more black characters means they shouldn’t have submitted them? Huh???


    If they DIDN’T, you’d say it was because there were too many blacks in those eps. Your entire point is bull$hit.


    They submitted their best episodes. They won. They deserved the win. NO daytime awards are given for the year’s work. They’re ALL for specific episodes.

  11. 10 hours ago, ReddFoxx said:

    As ridiculous as this storyline is, I am enjoying Kristian Alfonso's performance. It is so absurd that it works. When Gina was smiling behind John's back when he was distraught it was super creepy.

    KA has been pushing pure and total camp, and I love it. No matter how bad and absurd the story is, she’s a lot of fun to watch.


    Freddie Smith can get it? Uh....no thanks. Blecch.

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