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  1. Josh Morrow doesn’t seem burned out to me at all. I think he was great this week, and seems energized performing with Mark Grossman.


    i don’t agree at all that JM half-asses his performances at all, let alone 90% of the time. Nick is sometimes written as a dick, but that doesn’t mean Morrow gives less than his best.


    Grossman has had a strong first month, and his scenes with JM had both actors delivering the goods.

  2. They won’t replace JM because he’s good in the role, and because he is Nick. Some people want to replace half the cast, as if that will work. 


    Grossman has has been great as Adam, and Morrow did just fine opposite him yesterday and today. I realize I’m an outlier on him here, a board that hates JM in general. 


    I think it’s stupid to give Mariah such a role in Devon’s company, just as I think it’s stupid to believe she could so easily. Leave a contract job at GC Buzz.


    Tessa singing at Society like it’s some coffeehouse? Gag me. I think it was lip sync, which makes it even worse. I want her gone. Maybe she and Lola can ride the food truck out of town.

  3. The Collonade Room is not coming back, and neither are any 1day sets.


    Today’s U.S. show was great, start to finish, except for the Kyle and Lola scenes. All the actors did great work, and Gina T is going out like fire. Damn, I will miss her. I’m critical of bad stuff, but today was incredibly good.


    Jill was missed, but we all know Jess Walton doesn’t want regular work. Yes, they could’ve thrown in a line of dialogue, but I can’t make a big deal about it.

  4. It’s ridiculous that Society is this first class restaurant with an awesome chef — but then pushes the tables out of the way to turn into a nite club after hours. So does the restaurant close at 9? 10? Never mind. It’s all crap.


    Speaking of never mind, the same goes for Jabot Collective being this HUGE online success on frickin DAY ONE. I mean, really? Who writes this stuff?


    Gina Tognoni and Mark Grossman were fire together. I do not want to see the brittle overacting that Stafford will bring.

  5. I don’t think Adam is a problem, and neither is any character he’s dealing with.


    Not when I see scene after boring scene with Kyle and Lola, and the utter wasteland that is Teriah. Lesbians are fine. Boring lesbians living in a dump are not.


    I’m all for character-driven writing, but I don’t see character development when Kyle builds a bookcase, or when Lola helps Kyle paint an accent wall, or when Tessa tries on clothes to se where she fits in the music world. I mean, WTF.


    Thank God fo4 the Adam stuff.

  6. 6 hours ago, Broderick said:

    Glad to hear from Josh Griffith that Phyllis is gonna be "everything I know and love."  :huh:


    Since I can barely stand her version of Phyllis, I'm not quite sure what that means. 


    Stafford simply doesn’t and can’t exhibit the same depth and warmth as Gina. I realize watching MS as Nina on GH has given me a negative opinion of her, but I can’t see falling in love with her Phyllis. I also can’t forget Stafford’s last months at Y&R with her acting tics, constant repetition of lines, and general nastiness.


    Gina Tognoni was SCREWED.


    And now the question is whether Josh and Tony (who are apparently tone deaf) do the same thing to Jason Thompson, firing him to bring back Billy Miller.

  7. 1 hour ago, DeeeDee said:


    Hopefully Ana will trip Tessa into traffic before Y&R totally ruins the character.


    I’m down for that. Seeing Tessa sing in Chancellor Park was enough to make me throw up.

    The stuff with Neil’s Will was good for the most part, but a couple things were head scratchers.


    Jack and Ashley got $500k for Alzheimer’s but Olivia got only $100k for Doctors Without Borders? Uh...ok.


    And why give Devon the other half of the company? Doesn’t he have enough money?  I can see putting him in charge, but giving the company to him is absurd.

  8. 11 hours ago, KMan101 said:


    God ... PREACH!!!!


    I will never accept Heinle's Victoria.


    Maybe give the lecturing a rest.


    We can like and want whoever we want in the role and I will continue to post how awful Heinle's version is. She is NOTHING like how Victoria should be. Maybe you don't know how Victoria should be so maybe YOU should give it a rest?


    Heinle's Victoria is an embarrassment to the character. You're right, Tom's been gone since 2003 and I *still* want her back. What does that say? You don't. That's fine. But stop telling us we can't talk about it.


    Give me a break. You don't get to tell us what we can and can't talk about. If you don't like it, I don't really care. Just makes me want to post more about it. :) 






    Ignore the troll.


    We’re doing this again? We’ve been here before. I’m not a troll because I disagree with another poster. I’m not lecturing when I disagree with you or anybody else.


    No one said you can’t like who you want to like, and I really don’t care if you post multiple times per day about how much you hate Amelia Heinle. Go for it. 


    I dont need need to give it a rest. Don’t like my posts? Scroll on by or block me. No one forces you to read my posts and then rant because I offend you.


    PREACH all you want. No one is stopping you. 

  9. 6 hours ago, Fevuh said:

    Melody doesn’t know no one is watching. Apologies.  These people aren’t acknowledging no one is watching.  

    Melody’s book will be a best seller.  Just like Eric Braeden’s book.  She’ll make 10k and done. 



    No one is watching? The show still has an audience of 4 million viewers per day, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. 6 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    Brandon Barash:wub:

    So sick of this [!@#$%^&*]. I guess they needed a cliffhanger since Days is preempted 3 days next week.



    That Nicole was Kristen is a cliffhanger? You mean the thing we’ve all known for WEEKS?


    Tragically bad soap.


    P.S. Please do something about Sarah’s awful wig.

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