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  1. Ooh! Good episode. Lapped up every bit of it.

    I like that you utilized LML's stupidity through Adrian's comments to Colleen, and how you tied it into Daniel and Lily's relationship. Very nice work.

    And the Sharon scenes were great, from the slap to her and Brad obviously digging their own grave by spending any time together at all.

    Very curious as to what Lady Chancellor is up to!

  2. These past few episodes with the rehashing is so great for me....hellooooooooo recaps!

    I love, love, loved the reveal of Julie and Maggie and the fire at Chez Rouge. Doug's reaction, and Victor's defense...wonderful.

    Loved the little tease with Hope/Chelsea, and Bo punching the mysterious cloaked figure.

  3. It was really great Keith.

    Loved the Sami/Lexie stuff.

    I also liked how nice and simple it was.

    Nice way to ease readers in. Good job.

    As I told you and Roman over IM earlier this morning, that scene between Lexie and Sami was something I wouldn't dare miss. Their relevance to each other's stories was too important, even during Lexie's absence, thanks to Celeste's desperation to find her daughter.

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