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  1. DOOL_Fan4Life is back... and with a whole new set of "summer spoilers!"

    dr rebert returns, june 18

    look for the person who kidnapped chelsea to be dr rebert

    dr rebert rapes chelsea

    nick finds out that dr rebert rapes chelsea. nick holds rebert at gunpoint threatening to shoot him for what he did to chelsea.

    nick shoots rebert and he goes off a building but he wont be dead. this storyline promises to go on as long as the brady/dimera storyline with a huge twist that will link dr rebert to the dimeras.....................

    but rebert is obsessed with chelsea but nick wont let nothin happen to her. Nick and chelsea end up making love this summer but rebert videotapes them, makes copys and sends it all over salem.

    rebert kidnaps chelsea and stephanie and holds them in a abandand factory in salem.

    Dr rebert will be somehow linked to the dimeras

    And BOOM...he's gone!!!! :lol:

  2. I hope you know your paying for that. It's about time you paid me back. That watch Tishy gave you, I bought it, The new car, Jay bought that. Replace my damn statue. It means a lot to me. Tishy and I concieved our child looking at that statue. :P

    I don't care who's child it was.

    IT'S GONE! :P

    And...I see you lurking over there Tyler....

  3. She will be MINE.

    Oh, yes.

    She will be mine. She will not fail me. Not like you. I took you to the prom (Too bad that chick Carrie White was there the same night. Go figure) and then you told me that you loved......


    And now, you feed me this.....this....STORY, that you have whipped up.

    For shame.

    Well, once I kidnap her, and brainwash here (That reminds me. I'm renting that equipment, and have not made a payment. Oh well.) she will destroy you. Her precious mother.

    I...I... LOATHE you, woman.

    (You should seriously get involved with the SON Supercouple thread! You'll be the Stefano of the town) :lol:

    Oh, NEVER! You shall not touch my daughter. She's not even on her feet right now...she's in the hospital....after I threw her down the stairs.....

  4. We have.....

    A CHILD?!?!

    (No wonder my paycheck always says $0.08 after working for two weeks at the quarry. Damn. Child support is a bitch).

    WOMAN!!! You never told. How was I supposed to know?! (Probably in SOD). You will PAY for this betrayal. You never understood. I had to train John Black! to do my bidding. I had him working at McDonald's, then I had him brainwashed to think that he was Roman Brady, Caroline Brady, Victor Newman, Erica Kane, and Michael Jordan all at once.

    And NOW......you tell me....these.....LIES!!!!


    WHO?! (Damn that was loud).

    Oh, you don't know?! Haven't you ever noticed Tishy calling me "Mom"?! Well, guess what Roman, that's our daughter!!!!!!

    No, you didn't stick around! You just had to make John Black every person on this Earth! Oh, she COULD HAVE HAD A FATHER, but noooo. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you have tons of other children. I wouldn't even let you raise her. Lets see, Renee was killed under your orders, Megan died in a hotub, Tony is in prison, Benjy's deaf, Peter's in jail, EJ's a psycho, Lexie's gone crazy a few times, and Kristen's in a dungeon.


    (Note: Remember, like always, this is all in good fun.)

  5. THE RING!!!

    So, Daysfan. You have manipulated the circumstances in your favor. (Damn that was long). You must have sent one of your henchmen (Or henchwomen. I can't remember which one it was?) to one of my secret underground island catacolm fortress lairs (Say that ten times real fast) to STEAL the precious, valuble, obnoxiously expensive Ring.




    Now, I know what I must DOOOO.

    First, I will reveal that John Black is, in fact.....

    Samantha Brady.

    Then, I will reveal that it was I who made the Rams win the Super Bowl in 2000. And then.....


    I will have have you under my control. To do MYYYYY bidding.

    (Excuse me, ya'll. I've been watching Stefano clips all day. My bad).

    You will......BOW to me!

    Hahahahahahahahaha *cough* *cough* *cough*. Something in my throat.


    Yes, I stole the ring! Roman, you never even cared! What we had all those years ago, but you deserted me to go mess with John Black and other innocent people.

    You never knew what even happened all those years ago....what happeend AFTER YOU LEFT ME!!!! I was forced to raise my daughter, OUR DAUGHTER ROMAN, alllooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee!

    (Hmm, perhaps this should go into the SON Supercouple thread instead.....)

  6. Don't you mean patients?

    I have today off and I am happy. I slept in late, watched some of GL. Cleaned some and have to call my doctor soon. I am just going to be lazy and relax and enjoy myself today.

    Ummm...not sure...but isn't that use of the word for like people in the hospital or a doctor's patience?

    I haven't studied English in YEARS! :lol:

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