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  1. Don't you hate that? I am at a reunion right now and about 5-6 members of my family are people that tend to barge in without calling or asking. I love them dearly but it's annoying :lol:

    Ugh, family is the worst when it comes to just coming into your house. I hate it so much when they just invite themselves in.

  2. hey daysfan! where have you been?

    Busy, pretty much, and then I got a little pressured by RL issues(work and such) I just had to go on vacation for a few days. I left Tuesday night and came back today, it was very good and relaxing.

    And now I've finally returned to SON, thank goodness!

  3. I got the job I interviewed for :)

    Working at a financial firm in Midtown Manhattan as an administrative assistant to head of the Legal Department.

    I start Monday. I don't work weekends. The pay is good.

    So happy.

    Congratulations, Shawn! :D

    Hope all continues to go well. :)

  4. Oh Shawn I am so sorry! That must have been terrible and very hurtful! :(

    I know you have had your issues with your family from what I read here in this thread, but still that doesn't justify their actions. My heart aches for you, hope things get better soon. :)

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