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  1. ^the board has been all crazed all day for me.

    but it works now :)

    OMG my heart is breaking. poor brit brit. shes really f'ing crazy! or on some really good drugs... or bad drugs.. depending on how you look at it. i just watched the video of her being wheeled out her house on that gerney thing. crazzzy!

    I have to say I feel bad for her...she's just going the route of Anna Nicole Smith. :(

  2. I happen to find older women hot. There's a reason why I love Sally Field (although you aren't quite up there near her)

    Well of course you love older women. Because before I decided to take up the role as your momma, if you didn't like older women, there's no way in HELL we would have had a fling. :lol::lol:;)

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