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  1. smirks, you must post here all the time. Your posts are so much fun! LOL @ the mannequin stuff.

    BTW, that's not to say I don't enjoy everyone else's posts because I do. TracyLuv, you're welcome! And LOL @ your rant. Breeeeathe. :)

    BTW, lessons are centered on bargaining in a Latin American market. Spanish I class. Gah, I hated that unit when I was in Spanish I...or was it II? It was II...Still hated it though. https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png Anyway, first lesson is an introduction to the kinds of products that are sold. I think what I have will be fun enough. I will be looking for suggestions on Day 2 and Day 3 soon though, so everyone, be prepared!!! https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png

    New spumor (You all aren't going to like it):

    Luke pulls one over Tracy.

    NOOOOOOOOO! :angry::angry::angry:

  2. There are THREE threads!!! whoohooo!!!.

    I have replied to all of them!! I'm loving me the Tracy love!

    Me thinks the demographic over at SOC is MUCH YOUNGER than it is in this thread. I SO hope TIIC notices this. Hey, TIIC -- she's loved by ALL, not just the geriatrics. (How come they can belive the youngsters like Luke... but they don't think the same thing might apply to Tracy?!?!?)

    Yeah! I noticed that!!! (What's it mean, exactly!?!?!)

    Not sure if it means anything certain but it might be since this is the most used thread in Love/Hate and it is one of the biggest on SON they pinned it because of that. I don't realy know..........

  3. I'm about half-way into the show. So far, I believe all she has done is visit Alan breifly. And she said something like "We were all scared for you." and then(I liked the next remark) Alan says "Get out of here, nothing scares my sister."

    Then, Monica and Tracy went outside of his room and she told Monica about the explosion, and Monica said "Well, if your showing sensitivity, then it must be pretty bad." or something like that. I am not exact on quotes. :lol:

    She's been pretty good. Well, she always is.

  4. I really think Edward should have taken this chance, while he is saying how sorry he is for how he treated Alan, to take this chance to apologize to Tracy as well. He's banished her three times now. An apology is needed. That really could have been done in this episode and I wish it had....but of course this is Bob Guza.

    Loved Tracy today nonetheless though.

  5. Hello! And thanks for the greetings! I'm a huge Tracy fan too! I LOVE her to death! She's always a treat and a very large bright spot on GH right now despite it being mob-centric.

    I am a LuNacy fan too, but why is there an "N" in the name? Does that stand for "and"?

  6. Hello all. I've peeked in here a few times, but have never posted. I at first thought this was some exclusive group because many of you I haven't seen around SON before. :lol: It isn't, is it? lol

    Anyway, I adore Tracy Quartermaine. The best thing on GH right now IMO. Even though I am a huge L&L fan, I love Luke with Tracy!!!!!!!! They are so fun to watch. I hate how Luke recently practically deserted her recently when Laura woke up. I can't believe he had the nerve to have the ceremony between him and Laura, fake or not, in Tracy's own backyard! :angry:

    I love how Tracy has been featured more lately, even if it was just for some supporting role in Sam's story. I also have LOVED the scenes between her and Scotty and they really bring back the memories.

    Tracy has always fascinated me....when she first came to Port Charles I immediately fell in love with her and she became my favorite character at the time. Even though it's been sad how she has been banished, it makes her so unique and really makes her Tracy Quartermaine as we know her today. Jane Elliot plays her so fantastic and precise I just love every aspect about her.

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