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  1. Doesn't Nate find it the least bit creepy making love to some little girl?!!?!??!?!? Ah well....looks like everything may be about to blow up anyway!!!!

    Bryan and Nan are psychotic weirdos...but I love them!!!

    Alicia/Rena/Lenvy/Will/Yvonne was all interesting....but I am not sure if I like this constant angel stuff...we'll see though. Yvonne is so Pat though. :P

    Yay for Ginny finally getting back to PP and and confronting Tanisha!!!

    Very interesting stuff with Carrie/Carlos/Juliana/Victor....hmm hmmm who did this to Carrie?!?!

    I really liked the stuff with Blake/London and John/Alley...did John and Alley sleep together sometime or something? Great stuff all around though...probably the most entertaining part of the episode for me.

    Oh and is Alexia back permanantly now?

  2. Thank you so much Matt...and yes it can be hard to write all these episodes but I try as hard as I can to keep up and air as much as I can!

    And Suga is a bit tame...however, she's still been typical Suga(hired to kill people), but remember she also has amnesia on LIS...Natalia bashing her head in to a wall on STEAM after Mark Jr.'s shooting gave her amnesia(giving new possibilities on LIS and freeing Natalia, for the moment, on STEAM), so thats why she's kinda tame...but believe me, she does something BIG later this week...HUGE!!!!

    And Jan is still a psycho, but she has herself calmed down...Jan used to be more of a raging psycho on LIS, but I want to keep her as a viable character, so I have had her be just a bit calmer but keeping those evil crazy roots intact...she is keeping up a baby switch scheme, after all! But much like Suga, this week she'll kinda lose it ever so slightly.

    And aww thanks about Kristen/Bo/Hope!!!!! I really am trying my hardest to make this a unique triangle(for LIS as a whole and Bo/Hope)...Hope and Bo are growing closer again and Kristen and Bo are just friends right now(despite the whole passionate love making which came to a quick stop once Hope returned) but the triangle is far from over...everything kind of intertwines quite nicely and I hope you continue to tune in to see where it goes!

    Again thank you so much...I love both you and ML so much for commenting when you guys can!

  3. OOOOOH....very interesting episode here!!!

    First off...what the hell is up with this Kellan!?!?!? He must really hate poor Alicia...she seriously is always having problems when it comes to men...I like her and hope this creepy guy gets tossed in the slammer though!

    Second of all, I must say I really do like Dylan/Vi and their family...such a lovely dynamic there...AND I definitely loved Dylan's mini-outburst at the detective...YOU GO DYLAN!!!

    Third...I definitely like Yvonne/Rena...I must say at first I was a bit worried of Yvonne being a tad like Ria from STEAM but honestly she just reminds me of Sister Pat like you said...I am beginning to love her!

    Will and Lenvy are just funny. :P

    I LOVED that scene with Nan and Bryan....I love that psycho Nan and devious Bryan...obviously its not hard to turn that man on...both of them seem like devious villians...like say the Ty/Mona from STEAM or Stefano/Vivian from LIS of PP!!!!

    Also...one of the highlights of this episode was Tanisha posing as Ginny and cancelling her flight back to Cody...and then when Ginny finds out? HILARIOUS!!!! I was about to burst out laughing at her totally freaking out...ohhh poor Ginny.

    I also liked the little scene with Marli...lets hope this all works for her!

    And Bobby seems like a very unstable girl to me but I must say I kinda felt bad for her at the end...I dunno stuff like that just touches me...but will this be the beginning of Nate finding out the truth? Honestly I wonder if he'll track Bobby down and somehow she'll turn this in her favor.

    And CC/Carlos were GREEAAAAT too...CC is another crazy bitch it seems and I LOVE it...lets hope she escapes from that jail cell and wreaks HELL!

    John/Alley were good, I like them and all but...well...I think all the other powerful scenes in this episode overshadowed them just a tad.

    And the FINAL scene....the next episode should be interesting with THAT cliffhanger!

  4. Carrie's ALIVE?!?!?!?! Oh wow....I thought the bride was D-E-A-D after that shocking Season finale, but nice twist!!!!!!!

    Very good episode.....ooooh so Victoria Rowell is on this show? Has she been here before or not?????

    Oh, and what the hell is up with Will.....bastard doesn't know whether he's going up or down? :P

    LOVED the scene with Nan. I tell you she reminds me of Mona on STEAM, Annie Dutton on FTL, or hell Jan Spears on LIS. I'm sure she has ALOT in store for certain people over the course of the final Season!

    Damn Bobbie....judging by the picture, it looks like a little girl is tricking a grown ass man into believing they are together....pervert much?!

    Nice stuff with Ginny visiting that Alexia woman too....oh and I LOVED the stuff with Marli and Bryan.

    Everything was grand......I think this will be an excellent final Season!

  5. Matt, thanks for your wonderful comments...always such a JOY....but I just have to ask something because I'm curious, I have been for awhile but I'll ask now:

    What is so hoey about the Williams brothers? I notice you always call them that but Kevin and Karim are usually the loyalest guys around(its their women who cheat)! :P:lol: LOL

  6. What a FANTASTIC and SHOCKING SEASON FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with ML on nearly all of his points, this was great....oh there's so much!

    I cannot believe Will is dead!!!! I honestly expected him to just survive or something, who the heck is Lenvy though? But honestly I am glad Will's dead, he deserved it. Poor Jace though.

    I can't believe Nate got amnesia by a little girl hitting him with a text book. :P

    LOVED ALLEY VS. MARISSA! I hope Marissa isn't exiting though, she's a great vixen.

    Oh and....PP has the weirdest names of any mySON TV show I've seen.

    I LOVED the wedding drama and that ending!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! We seem to have a whodunnit on our hands!

  7. Hey Matt!!!! Still trying to keep up with PP as much as I can, just read this amazing episode!!!!!!

    I loved the suspense, and the entire episode was great, but the biggest part was that cliffhanger! I just loved the Will and Jace fight and Will going flying like that....I wonder if he'll survive or not....but I must say he deserved that!!! GO JACE!!!!!

  8. Hey everyone, so glad you guys are enjoying STEAM. This is Tara Smith, Co-EP/Co-HW, and I can tell you right here right now that STEAM has got such good plans for Season 3 and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. ML is really working his butt off the most with all of this going on and it just thrills me to see that you all are enjoying the work we're doing here, and slowly I will take a more active role in STEAM which I hope is a good thing.

    We also have some mighty powerful additions to our writing team and as ML has announced, STEAM's cast so just keep tuning in because I promise you it will be a fun ride during Season 3.

  9. Oh wow Matt, this is the first episode of yours I've ever read, even though I know you told me about PP a long time ago and I use to skim it a little months ago. I skimmed the cast list and that little recap above, although it was still a little hard at first to tell who was who and what was going on, but it got easier as I progressed through.

    The Marli/Blake opening scene was interesting, although I didn't really understand some of it but it was pretty good...S.R. is interesting, I take it he hates Blake or something to that extent? But its intriuging.

    Now Nan seems like a psycho which really I love, I LOVED, absolutely LOVED, that scene with her, Jenny, London as she showed Jenny her kissing Carlos and revealing that Jenny "broke up" with him, and I wonder what she has planned for London. Probably my favorite scene.

    Alley/Marissa seems like a nice little rivalry, it sounds like Marissa dissapproves of her brother dating Alley, and its much more interesting by the fact that Alley works directly for Marissa herself, and while Marissa doesn't seem all psycho like Nan she does seem devious which I enjoyed.

    Bryan/Nate seems like another rivalry(I must say I like how you really have balanced the heroes/villians out), but that scene was short and I really didn't know what they are fighting over so I can't judge just yet.

    I also enjoyed Ava/Bobbie/Stephanie. Is Bobbie disabled or something? It was another one of those great scenes, in fact in some ways its a nice emotional story, or at least thats the vibe I got from this scene.

    I loved the Jace/Will scenes but I can't figure out who's the good guy and who's the bad guy, LOL, although it did seem like Will was pretty much setting up Jace in some ways just to get Alicia for himself, but I may be wrong.

    That last scene was very good, nice family scenes, but since I don't know anything about Sean I don't really know what to say about that(but maybe thats the intention), however it had a very nice air of mystery and a good cliffhanger.

    Overall, excellent episode, I'm gonna have to keep reading this! :)

  10. Good episode, but i have one question....

    Is Drake's character John Black or Roman Brady, because I have seen him called by both names......sometimes in the same episode, and sometimes in the same scene.

    Just wondering. :)

    Ugh, whoops I forgot to edit that. But yes, he is Roman Brady. Sometimes either MC or I forget to call him Roman, or we have a character who hasn't been around much since John found out he was Roman(like Kristen, for example) call him John.

    Hope that helps. :)

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