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  1. ok im not on here often i hope that this was a mistake that im being called an imposter im just here contributing to the group i dont use social media for this reason, im actually saddened that i read these comments and thank you  my friend ChickenNuggetz92, for sticking up for me, i actually contributed quite a bit. the reference to your angel is here was to notify you that i had contributed that day. not here to fight with anyone, i truly believe that anyone who posts negatively is not appreciative, not sure how i feel about continuing here. 


    NOTE i wanted to also mention that someone else was also contributing i simply added more that day where they left off (and i thank them as well) i would never take credit where credit wasn't due and i would never shame a person and tell them they need mental help as i suffer from anxiety and i understand mental illness. i was seriously grateful to share a common interest here. im just upset now that someone didnt just ask a question and shamed me. :(


    hope everyone is well and having a great weekend stay covid safe all 

  2. maybe we should send a note to the person uploading to the vault and ask them what the need to continue maybe we can send a donation to the subscription or something when we send the note we can put it in a word document and upload it to the 1990 folder to have them get in touch with someone

  3. 1 hour ago, fivethej said:


    Would you have either of these Y&R episodes?


    August 11, 2004 - Cameron Kirsten/Nick/Sharon on the plane


    August 12, 2004 - Cameron Kirsten is arrested

    Ive been looking for that entire story myself there was a youtube channel that almost had the new years storyline complete with Sharon and Cameron and then got shut down I was so greatful to her for posting maybe shes here someplace?

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