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  1. SMH! This YouTube purge of classic soaps just might have been the worst one yet. 😢 😡

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    2. Vee


      I said the same in the Loving thread - it's gonna need to be vaults for him, Addie, many others for GH, LOV, OLTL etc. I think YT is driving the purge of non original content.

    3. AbcNbc247


      You're probably right about it being YT @Vee because ABC/Disney and P&G were never this bad with copyright, only Sony was

    4. KMan101




      I've been suspecting it's more to do with YouTube because it was never this bad. P&G never seemed to care, so it does seem strange to suddenly do it now so something definitely had to change with YouTube and their terms of service.


      Hopefully it's not a sign of what's to come and other stuff [non soap related] gets pulled. I really look at it as an unofficial archive of sorts, but I know they don't see it that way. To them you're uploading stuff you don't own and making money off of it through YouTube. Not saying they're raking it in but views and subscribers add up ...

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