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  1. The contrast between the two Drew actors reminds me of TSJ's portrayal of Todd on OLTL. TSJ was animated in the beginning (maybe he was trying to imitate Roger Howarth) then got more monotone and stoic as time went on. Billy Miller appeared to have been trying to imitate Steve Burton by being emotionless. I like that Cameron's Drew on the other hand has more personality. I'm seeing shades of Ryan Lavery. Perhaps he can even bring some life back into Kelly Monaco's acting?
  2. I don't mind the mob stuff but it's better when balanced. The mob plots had more human impact in the 90s such as when those men came to shoot up Luke & Laura's house. The JFP era didn't give the mob plots as much humanity but it had better action than now. Faith Roscoe, Alcazar, Manny Ruiz, Claudia, and Jerry Jax were more powerful adversaries than Julian Jerome, Carlos, and Cyrus. The mob stuff also gives GH a bit of a "masculine" appeal, as a balance to the romance plots.
  3. Someone mentioned a soap that doesn't take itself seriously. I think Gary Tomlin era OLTL mastered this from around 2000-2002. The live week stuff and Asa taking his death, Nikki Smith, Roxi stuff has serious and comedic elements to them, even is there were some crappy fluff stories. But back to DAYS...
  4. Spencer's h*eing had me dead Telling Trina how much he wants her while still smashing Esme (who he can't stand)! I like the direction they're going in with Esme manipulating Cameron, angering Joss.
  5. As cringe as some of those scenes could be, Erika did her thing in 1995. The DID plot was perhaps Viki's last powerful storyline for a few years there (dare I say one of her greatest) and it was fun to see her transition between characters. Leslie Charleson is underrated as Monica, and definately gave a more grounded performance on a more realistic storyline. Unpopular opinion: Knots Landing was better than Dallas. I wrestle with which of those two night time soaps deserve the top spot. At the very least, Knots Landing was better than Dallas after Jock's death.
  6. I get that Sonny has a sordid history and deserves his comeuppance but why is everyone making excuses for Nina? They need to stop making Ava so soft, she's a whole murderer. Does Spencer not know this? It was good to see her act hard towards him today. It would be nice if Phyliss took over Kelly's and became a Ruby type figure.
  7. Cool! I'm surprised she never made it into the Y&R opening back during her first run.
  8. So MarDevil is back. I don't normally watch modern days mostly because I'm now getting into the history of the show but this stupidity might get me watching out of curiosity.
  9. Agreed. B&B: Not sure if Susan Flannery was on all the the time but any Stephanie appearence elevated an episode. AMC & OLTL: I love seeing Erica & Viki on frequently! @titan1978 I second that Luke's best years were the 90s as a father and running from the mob.
  10. is Paris gonna be attracted to everyone?
  11. Was surprised to see Esme covered up in a sheet. I've hardly seen love scenes (or implied love scenes) with actual 18/19 year olds on TV these days. Usually love scenes feature 25 year olds playing 18/19. Grownish was like that at first.
  12. They should have never made Luke rape Laura if they felt there was some chemistry between them. I suppose the writers figured because L&L had a prior acquaintanship, that would make the relationship marginally passible compared to a random stranger attack.
  13. So GH just casually had this incest thing going on I haven't watched too many non CarSon related plots from 03-04, but Im sure the rest of the show was suffering from being back burnered by all the mob stuff.
  14. @Vee wait, aren't Alexis and Stefan related According to Wikipedia Frank and Ron started in February of 2012, but when when did their first episode air? Is it when the OLTL characters crossed over? I will say 2011-12 was an awkward time for the show. Frank and Ron were a great reset. I think the best period of the JFP era (at least for the show eating trio) was 2001-2004. We got Tamera Braun, Sonny & Alexis's affair, Kristina Sr's death drama and Kristina Jr's paternity drama, Sonny & Sam's affair, Brenda's return, Faith Roscoe, the PC hotel fire, and Rick locking Carly in the panic room.
  15. Another superb Carly v Alexis scene, this time from Riche/Guza GH. Alexis read Carly like a book. My favorite Alexis scene from JFP/Guza/Pratt era GH, August 2002.
  16. Out of curiosity, why do soap head writers get recycled often and stay for short relatively short stints?
  17. I guess NBC was to daytime what CBS is to the morning news: unable to keep a decades long solid hit (except Days and AW).
  18. Plus many of their veteran actors still get alot of screentime whereas older actors get sent out to pasture on the other dramas which might help their numbers. Plus the show had a lot of great well plotted storylines such as Sheia, Matt, David Kimble, Nikki vs Diane it's heyday. AGREED! Y&R is the worst of the final 4 soaps era. Surprisingly B&B has managed to slither out of that spot for a close second. Ateast with MAB the show still had classical scores and a marginal remanance of life. Since JFP too over in 2013, YnR was finished. That leads me to another perhaps unpopular opinion, GH is currently the best of the final four soaps (though that isn't saying much because they've all become terrible).
  19. Speaking as someone whose favorite soap is Y&R, I have no idea how the show remained number one in the 2000s and 2010s storyline wise. I think OLTL and GH delivered far more thrilling plots (despite their issues) during that time. Why Y&R is so highly reguarded though is their lavish production value, awesome directing and great classical scores in the 80s and 90s. I haven't seen any other daytime show top them presentation wise, with B&B being a close second.
  20. I feel that. 2003-2005 definately was the cut off point for the genre as a whole. Somewhat unpopular opinion: Cricket had some good material on Y&R in the 90s and early 00s. (The 80s were iffy).
  21. Without Jerry Orbach the show wasn't and still wont be the same. Plus S Epetha is on Chicago Med and I question if Sam Waterson would return. The only detective paring that might work would be Chris Noth and Jessie L Martin perhaps?? IDK.
  22. The "break up" of Jason and Carly -- then redirection toward Sonny and Carly -- is exactly why I wanted Sonny to walk in on Jason & Carly in the act after the latter's 2021 wedding. It would have been history in reverse and lead to all sorts of complications, especially because 2021 Carly and Jason seemed to be falling in love. Amnesia Sonny with no mob connections, or Jason breaking up CarSon would have been the opening for a Brenda comeback, if written properly. It's crazy how much 96-00 Sonny, Jason & Carly still affects the plot directly today! Even moreso evident as Nelle was written as a parallel to Carly. I loved when Carly got her just desserts after being falsely accused of pushing Nelle down the stairs, in parallel to what happened with AJ.
  23. I think SJB had more chemistry with MB as Claudia than Carly despite it being the same actress. If SJB ever came back as Carly I'd want her with Jason. I think the more interesting period of Sonny & Carly under JFP was 01-05. The panic room, Brenda's return, Kristina's paternity, Sonny's affair with Sam, AJ kidnapping the kids, Faith Roscoe. Faith now seems like a precursor to Ava.
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