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  1. best episodes; Sheila Farmhouse, Paul's centerfold, Kay's facelift, Victor/Diane divorce 1998, Christine's bachelor party, and the 1981 episode for the Lori/Vanessa scenes! It was a good run, but its sad living in the past because presetnt daytime sucks! .....Make soaps and broadcast television great again😥
  2. For that performance Sheila should have made it to the opening credits on Y&R
  3. Classics were a good run, realistically ll I ask I request are classics on national holidays, Pie in the sky dreams: classics two days a week in the summer time, during the week between Christmas and New Year's.
  4. I always wondered what would happen if soaps took the SNL approach where a cast only lasts a few years, then a new generation takes over every decade or so. I do appreciate the style of following the same characters like Marlena, Victor or Bob & Kim for decades. I don't think there's any other genre where I can keep up with the same charachters from 1980 to 1990 to 2020. It makes it feel like their lives are happening in real time. Eventually writing for the same characters is going to get stale and repeditive after a while. IMO a good approach is to develop a multi-generational cast so the *WELL DEVELOPED* younger folks can take over eventually and they themselves go onto becoming the town establishment. The other good method might be to phase in new families like the Quartermaines were in the 70s, and possibly phase out old families with no storyline to avoid a ballooned cast like current GH.
  5. Much like the attempted Ridge and Bridget pairing, I was wondering what crossed their minds when they even considered Mariah & Nick 😷. Not just from the character perspective but from Joshua knowing Camryn from when she was like 7. Not on the same scale but--I've wondered if it's awkward for Don Diamont and Heather Tom play a couple on B&B, being that Heather was a teenager during early 90s Y&R. Surprisingly I enjoyed this week's 2004 episode more than the 94 airing. There was so much going on, and I was shocked at Abby blurting out the paternity revelation to Victor.
  6. May 1992!!!!! Yes! We havent seen much of 1995, 92, or 86-89. The John & Jill affair is bound to come up hopefully.
  7. Arguably, lol 😂 because trust me modern GH is no prize. Instead of best I should say probably the soap with the most action happening right now😂....... I haven't been following DAYS so that might be unfair assertion on my part, but B&B is just recycled plots and Y&R's plots are moving like molasses currently.
  8. I see that new episodes return next Monday. This was an overall epic fail on part of ABC. I'm surprised Y&R——the soap that barely mentions past characters and constantly deletes user attempts at posting classic clips——actually dug into their vault, as far back as 1973! B&B had far too many recent episodes, but they did decent as well. Well, GH is arguably the best soap on the air right now so they might as well air new episodes if they won't air classics. I wish DAYS would have let new episodes air 3 days a week, and classics for the remaining two days to not exhaust their stockpile.
  9. Why do special reports always seem to happen between 12:30 & 2pm for some reason, compared to other time slots.
  10. Agreed with the person above who suggested doing new episodes 3 or 4 days a week only to stretch it until covid is over. I wish DAYS would do that so could learn more about that show. I also agree with the person who said they were hoping to see older episodes of GH. I grew up watching both y&r and GH, but the 50th Anniversary Marathon really helped endear me to GH, which is why I'd hope they air classics now. They seemed to be making an attempt in 2018 but apparently not now. If this situation occured about 15 years ago when we had 8 plus soaps on the air, I could only imagine the amount of classics that would air if the networks chose to!
  11. I hope this episode airs in the replays.
  12. Well, it was fun while it lasted, at least some classics managed to air during the hiatus. Being that COVID is rising again in California will B&B be able to continue filming?
  13. Big improvement!! 1973!!!! At least their willing to show 70s episodes so that's a step in the right direction. Was thinking I haven't seen any of Y&R from 08 in a long time and here it is again. If there's anything I recall from that time it's the Marge 2.0 story. Hopefully the weeks aren't becoming like B&B where they start off strong with one or two Classics then fall into newer episodes at the end of the week. Since 90s Lauren hasn't really had any interesting story unless it was tied around Sheila, IMO. Michael Baldwin needed to retain that edge as a nasty lawyer with a villainous streak, he's far too ingrained in the town establishment now. How did Christine even consider getting engaged to Michael??? Lauren with her male equal Brad was interesting. I wonder if pairing her with Victor was ever a consideration. She isn't his type though, wounded and needy.
  14. What a difference from last week. Paul & Christine week was one of the best, episode wise, followed by Baldwin week which was one of the worst. This might be morbid but a major character deaths week might be something: Drucilla, Brad, Colleen, Phillip II & III, Rex. (Cassie & John's death are always brought up so that might be repeditive).
  15. Kind of like her and Michael. Not together but VERY friendly. Surprised it's Baldwin week and not one airing of the sexual harrassment storyline.
  16. It would be good if the actors would breifly explain the context especially in episodes like the 1980 repeat. I was so lost until I looked up Vanessa & Lori's history and quickly got intrigued.
  17. A Jason angry at Sonny plot would be something to spice up modern GH. Jason has been way boring and too passive since he returned. Furthermore, I don't know if breaking him up with Sam as a solution but that pairing just has absolutely no fire to it anymore. There should have been at least some solid spicy interaction with Claudia to recapture the Carly 1.0 chemistry.
  18. The Bridget/Deacon episodes were a huge example of why the format should have been singular focus on one story line for a week or two, rather than disjointed episodes. I loved the moment she doubled over in that scene. I've been not reading the weekly descriptions to be surprised by which episodes air each day, but seeing the "spoilers" help me to not waste DVR space, especially given next week😷.
  19. -Sheila week (1990-93) *what Michael Baldwin week should have been: (harassing Christine, killing Rebecca, giving his kidney to Danny, anything pre his engagement to Christine basically) -Kay vs Jill week (pre 1990) They did a better job than B&B and GH (B&B's problem being far too many episodes have been from the 2010s) but there were definitely a few misses such as villains week. Overall as it has been said repetitively, GH, Y&R, & B&B should have aired weeks of a single story line, rather than disjointed episodes.
  20. Hopefully they don't repeat episodes often.
  21. So the writers not only had Michael kidnapped, shot in the head, in a coma, shoot Kate, have him kill Claudia and then sent to prison, but have him raped too? Good God, he really inherited AJ's bad luck.
  22. My thoughts exactly! Five-day-a-week scripted series should have never gone to 60 minutes in the first place. So long as we get good writing, and decent production values, I'd be all for half hour reboots. IMO, General Hospital should also be slashed to 30 minutes given the subpar content they've been dishing out lately. AMC , OLTL, GH and Oprah was the ultimate line up on my local ABC station!!! Those were the days.
  23. That video quality in these pre HD episodes, yikes ABC, yikes!! How is Jerry Jax still walking freely after the Metro court, did they not see "Mr.Craig's" face at all?
  24. When new episodes return, it'll be back to tuning in like once every three months and barely paying attention to episodes for me. Thank goodness a lot of y&r content has been available listed and unlisted on the web. Hopefully that lasts!
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