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  1. TaylorResseFan33

    B&B: Meet Flo

    Flo is Dr Resse Buckingham's ex wife. She will probably want Resse back. So I think a Taylor, Resse and Flo triangle is coming. I don't think Taylor will remain with Resse after this.
  2. TaylorResseFan33

    Bold & Beautiful - November 2018 Episode Counts

    Thorne was in the will Spencer custody storyline. Now that storyline is over since Katie restored bill parental rights. So what is next for Thorne? Hopefully they will have Thorne battling with Steffy and ridge regrading the CEO position at Forrester creations. Or just enjoy his marriage with Katie with no drama
  3. TaylorResseFan33

    B&B Actor Back on Contract

    I think Jennifer should of went back on the young and the restless as Grace Turner. There's no need for her to be on the bold and the beautiful
  4. TaylorResseFan33

    Fresh Prince Actress Joins GH

    I remember watching Janet on fresh Prince of Bel air. Can't wait to watch her on GH
  5. TaylorResseFan33

    B&B: Surprising Casting News

    Can't wait to see Taylor and Resse together. This is actually the first time that Taylor was paired with a black man on a soap opera. I know black and white Romances on soaps never last. So I'll enjoy it while I can