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  1. So happy to see Brook Kerr at work again! Looking forward to this one...
  2. Yikes, I feel bad for the Passions fans on this message board, shade or no shade y’all go in lmao, but hey, everyone’s free to post whatever they want so I’ll get off my high horse lol
  3. I’ve been keeping up to date with their twitter page @passions20th, you know the soap blogs don’t cover anything Passions related lol Its honestly sad, despite a great turn out at the Passions fan event 2 years ago many people mentioned on social media they didn’t know it was even happening or else they would’ve went but PSNS has always been treated as the red-headed stepchild of soaps 🤷‍♂️
  4. Wasn’t Darrell Ray Thomas an associate head writer with Marlene McPhereson on Passions before they head wrote DAYS? I see he is listed as an executive producer for the documentary and will be interviewed in it, he’s probably the closest we’ll get to what really was going on with Jim and what he intended for PSNS.
  5. Hopefully some of this will be explained in the documentary the cast is releasing this fall. I hope they don’t take the PC route and not want to talk about the things that weren’t so great behind the scenes. Chrystee Pharris and Jade Harlow were both very open and pretty candid for the most part in that podcast they did about the casting changes and why they left as Simone and Jessica. Honestly, what Chrystee was saying about the younger cast feeling more at ease brought questions to my mind about how Lena Cardwell was on set. All that said, the PSNS cast seems like for the most part, the type that will only say the good things to not offend anyone and I doubt we will get the full story. But who knows, I’m still definitely watching this documentary.
  6. I think the takeaway from all of this is that while Passions still ruffles a few feathers with those in the daytime community and long time soap watchers for not being their cup of tea, those 12-17 year olds that watched the show and were die hard fans are now older today and keep the show alive by attending fan festivals and supporting things like the upcoming 20th anniversary documentary for the show. The cast said it best themselves during the fan festival 2 years ago, that if a fan approaches them they can tell by their age if they recognize them from Passions or another soap they’ve done. They found a corner in the genre to attract, those 12-17 year olds (today they are 32-37) and like it or not I think while not a major impact like some shows, it gave itself a pretty good dent in pop culture history and will be remembered certainly more than some soaps that have been forgotten over the years. Passions had a small but very loyal fan base and it still shows today.
  7. Male here, was 10 years old when Tabitha and Timmy hooked me into PSNS during the prom boat storyline. Occasionally watched DAYS for the last blast teens. After PSNS ended I got into OLTL the last few years and became a fan before its cancelation and loved Ron’s writing. Couldn’t get into GH but when Ron joined DAYS I decided to give DAYS another try and today I still tune in every once in a while. I also love Dark Shadows and have seen all of the post Barnabas stuff, need to watch the earlier episodes now.
  8. Looking forward to the Passions 20th Anniversary Documentary. The cast just reached their goal on Kickstarter to begin filming so that should be fun. Wish more soaps that have passed would hold fan events and do things like this, it’s a great way to keep them alive when the fan base is still there.
  9. Just finished binging the rest of the episodes of season 3, I think as per usual I’m in the minority but I enjoyed this season a lot.
  10. I’m still behind because of work but now that it’s on Netflix I’ve been binging and so far I’m liking it. Made it to the 80s episode where the kids are playing the parents and LOVE it! Not sure how far off the rails it will get but the introduction of the supernatural aspects gives me Passions vibes and I’m enjoying it so far.
  11. Stumbled across this montage, this for me is Passions at its best.
  12. So happy to hear they are doing a 20th Anniversary documentary on Passions. I know the show gets a lot of crap from the daytime community but the fact they had that fan festival 2 years ago in LA and now this proves there’s still an audience. Wishing the cast success and looking forward to this doc, should be interesting considering it was the red headed step child of soaps.
  13. Are you guys still watching Riverdale? How do you feel about the current season?
  14. I think we can all agree most of the PASSIONS recasts got worse and worse but I’m curious where you guys fall with Travis Schuldt and Eric Martsolf. Natalie Zea’s version of Gwen was the only time I sympathized for that character . So unfortunate David Bailey passed. I preferred him as Alistair. John Reilly’s portrayal seemed to cartoonish and at that point I wish they had left the character faceless. Chrystee Pharris seems like a nice person but boy did her version of Simone grate me. Preferred Lena Cardwell.
  15. Hey, is there anyone up here that’s really good with Adobe InDesign? Im working on a project that’s soap opera related and seeking some assistance.
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