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  1. With this documentary screening at Universal Studios and the Passions fan festival a few years ago, NBC has been treating PSNS well after death in terms of fan service. I’d like to see these things done with other soaps as well, specifically Sunset Beach.
  2. “One Life to Live: Resurrection” was pitched in 2008 as a vampire spinoff to OLTL...
  3. Michael Fairman reports that PASSIONS is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood with a red carpet screening of the reunion documentary. How cool for PSNS fans in the LA area: https://michaelfairmantv.com/passions-reunion-documentary-to-screen-at-universal-studios-for-one-night-only/2020/01/14/
  4. I’ve made it, it’s basically spice cake and surprisingly good. There’s also a recipe out there for the Martimmy drink as well which is delicious!
  5. Lily Rabe was a good surprise. I feel like she’s highly underrated and underused on this show. And I’m loving the recent scenes with Angelica Ross and Emma Roberts together, an unlikely duo I enjoy.
  6. It’s been quiet here most of this season, have you guys tapped out of AHS? I must say I’ve actually been enjoying this season.
  7. I’m a fan of the show but the first few episodes this season were weak in my opinion. I imagine some things beyond Fred’s death had to be rewritten due to Luke Perry’s death.
  8. They just mentioned here at the Day of Days that Passions will have a red carpet premiere screening of their documentary here at Universal Studios on April 28th, how cool for PSNS fans!
  9. Passions was also on an episode of Charmed where Phoebe is in bed watching PSNS and Tabitha is doing a spell. Phoebe says something to the effect of that’ll never work (regarding the spell.)
  10. This pic was just posted. I’m looking forward to the new season, will you guys be tuning in or have you fallen off?
  11. She really hasn’t, I need whatever she and Bianca Lawson are having. Bianca has been playing teenagers for 20 years 😂
  12. Great news for Brook Kerr. She’ll be on Hawaii Five-0 soon. Also looking forward to seeing her in the new Lifetime movie that Lindsay Hartley is directing! This is also a great time for Brook as well because her son is also starring in Grand Hotel on ABC. Is it me, or does she look exactly the same as the very first episode of Passions, literally hasn’t aged lol
  13. Eric Martsolf, Lindsay Hartley, Natalie Zea and Travis Schuldt filmed there parts of the Passions documentary today. Pic from Twitter...
  14. Happy to see Jesse is doing well and still getting work after PSNS. He scored his own Hallmark mystery movie series.
  15. Reports are saying the premiere of the new season will be a tribute to Luke Perry/Fred Andrews. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa shared an image from the episode on social media. I’m looking forward to the season.
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