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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Agreed...that interview makes me question even more why Lena Cardwell left the show now.
  2. Interesting this video resurfaces as Lindsay just wrote a new Lifetime movie and Chrishell is starring in it. Wonder how Justin feels about that lol
  3. I posted this in the “actors that were involved in real life” thread but figured it was worth posting here as well. Last week on The Real Showcast, Jade Harlow and Chrystee Pharris did an interview together where they talked about there time on the show. Jade revealed she was engaged to Bruce Michael Hall during the show and got matching wedding band tattoos. She just started the tattoo removal process. The two also dropped additional tea and talked a lot about there time on Passions, check it out... https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-tdwkc-aa3531
  4. Last week on The Real Showcast interview Jade Harlow and Chrystee Pharris did together, Jade revealed she and Bruce Michael Hall were engaged at one point when they were both on Passions and got matching tattoo wedding bands. She just started the tattoo removal process recently. She also mentioned that many of the Passions cast were hooking up and that most of the Miguel’s were with all of the Kay’s at one point specifically mentioning Jesse Metcalfe and Deanna Wright. It also well known that Jesse and Taylor Anne Mountz dated before she left as well. They dropped other tea about the show as well regarding why they left with contract issues and more... https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-tdwkc-aa3531
  5. I think it’s so odd that no one, including Tracey Ross who was romantically involved with him for a period of time in real life, has no idea where Ben Masters is. It was mentioned during the recent Passions Fan Festival and Galen mentioned it with his most recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. He apparently lives on a boat somewhere, hopefully he’s safe wherever he is.
  6. On Passions, aside from Lindsay and Justin Hartley, both Ben Masters and Tracey Ross were romantically involved for a period of time. Jesse Metcalfe and Taylor Anne Mountz dated in real life prior to her leaving the show. Travis Schuldt and Natalie Zea met during the show and are now married.
  7. Like other soaps, Passions had its fare share of celebrity fans from Julia Roberts who got Emma Roberts hooked on it, to Lin-Manuel Miranda and so many others. Well Angie Thomas, the author of ‘The Hate U Give’ and ‘On the Come Up’ is also a huge fan and got a surprise visit from some of the cast members today at her LA book signing at Barnes & Noble... And here’s VIDEO of the tearful moment she sees them... https://mobile.twitter.com/angiecthomas/status/1096975356349665280
  8. Haha, yes @pdm1974, PSNS often made the classic lines section of SOD
  9. You talking about this with Vincent as the blackmailer and naked roped up Ethan?
  10. Had the show got a 10th year I can’t imagine anyone headwriting the show except perhaps Ron Carlivati. However, I would imagine Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas would have been promoted instead of moving to DAYS.
  11. For a show so bad, what do you think kept it around for 8 years on NBC and then a pickup for its 9th season on DirecTV? Why didn’t they can this bad show sooner, especially for the way people dragged PSNS, people had it made up in their minds after day 1 and the first few weeks it was “trash,” how’d it survive? Surely being owned by NBC can only get you so far. PSNS had a loyal fan base and cult following, but the overall audience wasn’t big so I’m just curious how a show deemed so bad by the soap audience could last nearly a decade?
  12. Those first 4 weeks were slow and still establishing stories and characters. I had never seen the beginning until the reruns on Sci-Fi channel. To me, Passions was at its best between 2000-2003 hands down.
  13. The PSNS nerd in me had to let you guys know surprisingly the second day came fast in episode 5 (that Friday during premiere week) half way through the episode. It's sad how many times I've rewatched this show to know that lol, but it stands out to me because it was the first time I had seen the day change midway through an episode on a soap and the words "the next morning in Harmony" appear. Granted we all know how slow the days will go in the future lol
  14. Yes, this was recent at the Passions Fan Event they had 2017 in LA. No but I recall that spinoff as well which was Harmony High (I suspect same concept as Salem High.) Reilly was on a roll back then because NBC also approached him about adapting the book “Hidden Passions,” prequel based on the soap set 20 years earlier, for primetime. So unfortunate none of these came to pass.
  15. As a heads up guys, this YouTube channel: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1CFAFE0931459B4D , has the same episodes in ‘full’ without you having to watch the episodes in ‘parts’ and having to click to another video to finish the episodes (with the exception of the 1st episode!) There’s a lot of fan discussion in the comments as well but beware of spoilers if it’s your first time viewing.
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