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  1. You're correct, there would have been scenes of Timmy as an angel in heaven. By this point on the show Timmy had been a real boy and “died” due to Zombie Charity. The scenes in heaven as an angel would have played out to bridge the gap between his death and his eventual resurrection later that summer that was planned, where Timmy would’ve come back as a doll. Josh filmed most of his scenes as an angel but the show cut many of them and publicly stated they would not air them. In an interview with E! News, after further review, the producers decided to air 2 episodes of Timmy in heaven as an angel to give closure to the fans and audience at home, the rest were scrapped. Obviously, Josh died in real life the same day his character Timmy died on the show, and Timmy was never resurrected as planned, and Cracked Connie just sort of remained until her eventual exit with the new doll, Cecil. Timmy and Connie were to butt-heads.
  2. Yikes, I can only imagine how that conversation went. It’s no secret Corday and Reilly didn’t get along at all, and even to this day Ken will throw digs at Reilly even in death. This makes me remember something soap columnist and one of Jim Reilly’s good friends wrote, Marlena De Lacroix in memory of Jim. She met with Jim for lunch in 1992 when she was in town and Reilly being a recluse rarely met with anyone. She said as they ate he kept saying “I won’t come out for anyone. Bill Bell, yes, and you, yes. And especially not for Ken (Corday, by then his hated DAYS boss).” But when he said things like that, he didn’t sound bitchy. He just laughed and laughed. Jim always laughed.” And that was only 1992! Lol Does anyone know if @Toups ever had the opportunity to interview Jim? I know how much he loved him. On a side note, when it comes to Passions. I know a lot of viewers have commented the show tried to replace Timmy with Cracked Connie after Josh Ryan Evans death. Director Phideaux Xavier has gone on record saying that that’s not true. The original story would have had Timmy resurrected from the dead later that summer and seen a rival between the two dolls representing good vs. evil. Cecil would have never existed.
  3. Does anyone know if the documentary will still be released despite the red carpet event being canceled?
  4. Passions event next month at Universal Studios Hollywood has been canceled due to concerns of COVID-19.
  5. Agreed, Jim’s 2nd stint at DAYS wasn’t the greatest although I did enjoy his first run. Passions too was effected by Jim heading to DAYS for round 2, that was around the time Sheridan and Antonio were paired together and they couldn’t tell him she was with Luis, how excruciating that storyline was. The exits of longtime faves Molly Stanton and Jesse Metcalfe, and death of Josh Ryan Evans a year earlier didn’t help things either. Those 3 exits all but obliterated the supernatural aspects of the show that seemed to make PSNS magical, special and work. It was the perfect blend. The years that followed seemed more like watching out of loyalty with a few good things here and there like crazy Beth, and the show almost seemed completely different despite long running storylines like Theresa/Ethan/Gwen still remaining. You could tell there was a clear divide in the fandom between the newer viewers rooting for Fancy/Luis and the longtime viewers that still longed for Sheridan/Luis. Fancy winning that battle seemed like a major FU to longtime viewers that were their from the beginning but at least Theresa got her Ethan.
  6. Ron Carlivati recently revealed on Twitter that he proposed a vampire spin off for OLTL in 2008 that would’ve been called OLTL: Resurrection. Obviously it didn’t happen but that furthers my thinking that Ron would’ve been a good replacement after Jim’s passing had the show got a 10th season.
  7. With this documentary screening at Universal Studios and the Passions fan festival a few years ago, NBC has been treating PSNS well after death in terms of fan service. I’d like to see these things done with other soaps as well, specifically Sunset Beach.
  8. “One Life to Live: Resurrection” was pitched in 2008 as a vampire spinoff to OLTL...
  9. Michael Fairman reports that PASSIONS is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood with a red carpet screening of the reunion documentary. How cool for PSNS fans in the LA area: https://michaelfairmantv.com/passions-reunion-documentary-to-screen-at-universal-studios-for-one-night-only/2020/01/14/
  10. I’ve made it, it’s basically spice cake and surprisingly good. There’s also a recipe out there for the Martimmy drink as well which is delicious!
  11. Lily Rabe was a good surprise. I feel like she’s highly underrated and underused on this show. And I’m loving the recent scenes with Angelica Ross and Emma Roberts together, an unlikely duo I enjoy.
  12. It’s been quiet here most of this season, have you guys tapped out of AHS? I must say I’ve actually been enjoying this season.
  13. I’m a fan of the show but the first few episodes this season were weak in my opinion. I imagine some things beyond Fred’s death had to be rewritten due to Luke Perry’s death.
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