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  1. No offense, but why couldn't Cain have been killed by Dr. Zach Kelton at the same time that Dr. Zach raped and murdered Andrea?
  2. How have Eileen Davidson and Marcy Walker differed in terms of acting styles?
  3. Paul, do you remember if Liza Colby was introduced before Jenny Gardner? Judging from stuff I've read, Liza may have been introduced in January 1981. It's my understanding that Jesse Hubbard was. BTW, it's unfortunate that Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan, and Marcy Walker apparently couldn't make it to the All My Children reunion that took place on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family show earlier this year. I wonder if footage of Marcy as Liza would've been shown at all if Michael E. Knight hadn't agreed to participate.
  4. Um, will the franchise ever have a male "housewife"? Considering Andy Cohen's sexual orientation...
  5. When did B&B come to closest to resembling Santa Barbara during the 1987-92 period?
  6. I admit to having a crush on Marcy Walker!
  7. Would Debbi Morgan fare well as a "housewife"? I doubt she would've put up with Brandi Glanville's nonsense on RHOBH.
  8. The Real Housewives of Dallas has been renewed. Oklahoma City is only about 200 miles from Dallas. Realistically, however, I doubt that Marcy Walker would want to go anywhere near the Real Housewives franchise, particularly at this time. Aren't contracts for the franchise's cast members, like, 450 pages long? I wonder what Andy Cohen thinks of Marcy as a possible "housewife." After all, the man has been a huge fan of All My Children. He remembers the Liza Colby character, doesn't he? Should A Martinez make a guest appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? After all, he and Eileen Davidson have been friends even though their early-1990s pairing on Santa Barbara didn't work out. However, A basically spoke out against reality TV in an edition of the BlogTalkRadio show Daytime After Dark. BTW, I wonder if Kim Richards auditioned for a role on Santa Barbara circa 1984.
  9. I think that Marcy also worked on Babies in 1990. The TV movie certainly premiered in 1990.
  10. Why not? Is she too modest? Is she too nice?
  11. Why not, Nothin'ButAttitude? Eileen Davidson has been a regular since 2014.
  12. I just sent you a private message regarding the Lynda Hirsch column.
  13. No offense, but was Another Life a nonunion production?
  14. Well, juniorz1, veteran soap journalist Lynda Hirsch brought up the Another World stuff involving Marcy Walker in a July 1995 column. Keep in mind that Jill Farren Phelps was EP of Another World at the time. The column in question also brought up Marcy's departure from Guiding Light.
  15. Um, will Santa Barbara ever be legitimately available for viewing via streaming? Stuff said in this article doesn't sound particularly encouraging. BTW, who was a particularly big fan of the Amanda Lockridge storyline?
  16. Um, was Marcy Walker considered for a role on Central Park West? Marcy played Tangie Hill on the CBS soap Guiding Light in the mid-1990s. Believe it or not, I actually met Mariel Hemingway at a bookstore event in 2007. She was promoting her book Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out. I wonder if Mariel has ever met Marcy in the flesh.
  17. Um, how would Marcy Walker fare on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
  18. Man, why did Marcy Walker's hair have to be so short as Liza Colby on All My Children in the early '80s?
  19. It's my understanding that Marcy Walker was offered a chance to join Another World in 1995. I think it's just as well that she apparently turned the offer down since Frankie Frame was murdered not too long afterwards, infuriating Jamey Giddens and so many other fans.
  20. Who misses seeing A Martinez as Eduardo Hernandez? Was Marcy Walker offered the role of Kristen DiMera (nee Blake) in the early '90s?
  21. Does anyone know if Katherine Kelly Lang auditioned for a role on Santa Barbara back in the day?
  22. Will Teri Ann Linn ever return to the role of Kristen Forrester? It's doubtful, but...
  23. Man, why did Eden have to be hurt so often? Why couldn't it have been Cruz who was paralyzed and left for dead in Utah in 1987? Why couldn't it have been Cruz who was shot up with "ice" (methamphetamine) in 1990? What if Cruz had gotten brutally raped by at least one other grown man not long after Eden's own brutal rape?
  24. Is there a place for Marcy Walker in daytime any longer? Mark Edward Wilows essentially said so on the BlogTalkRadio show Daytime After Dark in 2015. However...
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