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  1. In 1961, James Mitchell was in a short film by GM (the car company) showing their new cars. It's pretty interesting-not the usual "here's our new cars" thing.
  2. The show itself was ok. Not terrible. I like Sheryl Underwood but she went way overboard on Mario. Geez, lady shut up! I don't know backstage stuff about daytime or the Emmys but it seemed like maybe votes got cancelled out or something which made the awards go to who they went to. I adore Scott Clifton but I am not sure that award was his to win. Even he was shocked.
  3. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/02/07/richard-hatch-star-battlestar-galactica-dies-71/ This mentions AMC but is more focused on other stuff.
  4. I just watched the one show with all the former actors on the show(did not watch the one with Walt). I would not be caught dead watching this show on the regular, though. I enjoyed seeing everyone again. Watching the memorial segment, I really wish David Canary had gotten the send off the others got. I am hoping they do something for Agnes at the Emmys-if we get to see it.
  5. Well, damn.. She did great things in this industry. She made my favorite soap of all time. RIP Agnes!
  6. I think she just wants this so much that she's really afraid of putting a step out of place so she overdoes the prep. I'm really curious about who she really is behind closed doors. I've heard so many conflicting stories. I remember years ago when she cried in public and some people acted like that was a terrible faux pas, so I'm sure she's holding herself on a tight leash. Hillary is more scrutinized than anyone else aside from maybe Trump and it's been going on for 25 years. Anything she does "wrong" is horrible. I can imagine she feels she can't do anything out of place for that reason. Bernie, on the other hand, until this week, has gotten almost a free pass from this sort of treatment. And of course he whined about how the "corporate media" treats him. I am so over Bernie. Between his rigidity, his disciples' actions(they trolled the daughter of the principle who lost her life at Sandy Hook this week-classy!) among other things, he needs to go away and the sooner the better.
  7. Look for RISE. It is about the people on the flight and such.
  8. Rubio is a good boy and will regurgitate most anything the RNC tells him. That doesn't make a president, though. He's just not ready. He may be thought of as "establishment," but his views on a lot of the core issues is close to Cruz and and some Trump. Hell, he can't even make it to his regular job! LOL As to the Democrats, I am sick of Bernie's disciples. At least online, they are a nasty bunch. I have read so many of his fans say they won't vote in November if Clinton is the nominee. They truly think we'll "get the type of government we deserve" if we don't blindly love their man like they do. His famous disciples are no better. Susan Sarandon got in Delores Huerta's face at the NV caucus and harassed Clinton supporters. https://vid.me/MOGL
  9. Jeb is not going to get anyone excited. Even dragging out Dubya and Babs won't help.
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Renée Elise Goldsberry (ex-Evangeline OLTL) had a small part in the Sisters movie.
  11. Bless her heart-Raven is a bit empty-headed and self-absorbed. While she doesn't add too much to the show, is she obligated to be The Black Voice on the show?
  12. It's very important to pay more attention to state and local races. State and local governments are getting more and more crazy in some areas as evidenced above by DRW50. These crazy, far right people are getting on my last nerve, and often I feel pretty hopeless about it all.
  13. Corneius Smith Jr is now a series regular on Scandal! http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/all-my-children-alum-cornelius-smith-jr-made-series-regular-on-scandal/2015/07/07/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  14. I admit I am one of these people. I never got into GH anyway, but knowing it was Fron's fave and he saved it at any cost just sticks in my mind to this day. AMC and OLTL were always the black sheep compared to GH.
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