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  1. Thoughts:

    • Phyllis is thirsty, but I'm not disliking MS as much as I did when she first came on. Keep Phyllis single I can see the actor that plays Chance enjoys acting opposite MS, but he's so dull that I want them to recast
    • I don't mind the Billy arc as much anymore. It's giving some realistic drama to this couple rather than the standard affair (although arguably Billy is emotionally cheating). Amelia Heinle isn't doing a good job though.
    • Amanda/Billy are enjoyable as friends
    • Enjoying the Sharon story and the umbrella arc. I hope they keep it smart. It would be bold to kill Sharon off, but who knows how much longer this show has.
    • Every time I see Nate, I think about Olivia and how much I miss her and Tonya Lee Williams.
    •  Adam/Chelsea should move away with Connor. Both characters are insufferable
    • I want more Fen. The actor has charisma and is handsome. Was very dumb to get rid of him and Ana
    • Overall, the stories appear to be starting better, and there looks to be a long-term arc. Let's hope it all pays off.


  2. Marriage Story is an overrated ham-fest and ScarJo being a double nominee is absurd. 

    Awkwafina was sublime and robbed.

    I'm rooting for Renee in Judy this year, because I like her comeback arc and can see the parallels with her and Judy Garland.

  3. Nice to see Sharon Case get a story. 

    I find Tessa somewhat more tolerable these days (small doses) but she still needs to go. A better actress would've been able to make me care, ditto Lola and her creepy smiling.


    Watching Y&R today, I wish they never decided to go contemporary. I miss the slow burn and classical cues, and of course the towering performances. Yesterday's Y&R was timeless, today's Y&R is forgettable unfortunately.

  4. Chelsea sucks. The fact that she jumped between Nick and Adam so quickly is tacky as hell. Also, Connor is an annoying brat.

    The Paul/Christine/Lauren/Michael scenes at Society were bad because these four characters should not be this chummy whatsoever.

    Tessa continues to be deceitful

    Lovely seeing Fen!

    Wasn't a fan of the Abbott Christmas, but loved seeing Dinah again

    NuChance needs to be recast pronto. Actor is smug and unlikable 



  5. Yes, that Phyllis scene was horrible with the waitress. I miss Gina Tognoni, and will admit the writing is doing MS no favours either.


    On a superficial note, Kyle looked REALLY good in that brown cardigan.


    They really don't know what to do with Nick. 


    Have no idea what's going on with Billy, but it sucks.


    Nate is acting like a whole bitch to Devon

  6. 18 hours ago, LondonScribe said:

    That can be levelled at every Head Writer and Executive Producer since Kay Alden and David Shaughnessy respectively.


    One thing that stuck with me watching the episode was as the flashbacks became more recent, you could see the writing and production values decrease. 

    From the lighting to the camera angles, direction and music.



    Good points. This show just made me miss Y&R so much. Even the classic scenes shown can still do well today IMO.

  7. That Jack episode was absolutely beautiful (the scene with John & Dina were heart wrenching). Also, the lighting, I miss it, and also the seriousness of the show (business, family, death)


    How can Griffith put this together and not understand what made the show so wonderful?


    I've always enjoyed Peter Bergman as Jack, and this was a lovely episode. As much as I enjoy Dina and Marla, I don't mind that they gave her Alzhemiers because Marla did fascinating work and I do think it is a tragic swan song for such a large character.


    Edit: Early Phyllis/Jack is actually really good. Man, all of those flashback scenes were grounded in mostly reality. No doppelgängers, no silly plots, just character driven drama. Come back Y&R.....

  8. 11 minutes ago, BetterForgotten said:

    I get that we all have an attachment to these shows, but at this point, when things get this bad, cancellation seems like the only viable option. I'd rather that than see the show cling to life support on a non-existent budget with barely any recognizable cast. It's just too damn painful to see these shows become less reputable than a high school play. 


    I agree, but I also find there is a ton of talent out there, you just need to actually give a damn.

  9. On 10/29/2019 at 11:41 AM, BetterForgotten said:

    Robert Adamson just doesn't work as Noah in the long-term, IMO. He now looks too damn old for the role, yet has the puny voice that no one can take seriously. 


    Better writing would help, but they need a more formidable and charismatic actor in that role. 


    Can't say I agree with this, sounds slightly sexist.

  10. This Theo stuff is AWFUL and UNNECESSARY.  And OMG what the hell are they writing for Phyllis? Phyllis on Adam couch begging to be accepted, and then ripping up the cheque? So much awfulness and Stafford once again did not deliver. I wonder if she regrets coming back, because it looks like the cast has moved on from MS Phyllis, even from the scene interactions.

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