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  1. I started watching season six of A Different World, @j swift. I'm only three episodes in (since my computer was being slow). The quintet of underclassmen (and Jenifer Lewis) are the most interesting people at the moment.

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    2. Soapsuds


      It's a shame that only season 1 was released on DVD.

    3. Franko


      @DRW50-- I wish it would have happened sooner. Once they ended up opposite The Simpsons, ADW's fate was sealed. I'm not looking forward to Whitley's downward mobility.


      @j swift-- Jada started in the previous season. She and Gina are sophomores now. Whitley moved from the dorm directors office (where Freddie and Kim now live) to her place with Dwayne. No, this is the Boyz II Men intro (which some long overdue updates in vignettes). Amazon Prime.

    4. dragonflies


      It's streaming on Prime last I knew

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