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  1. I've probably talked about it before, but I just love The OA. There is nothing like it. Alice Krige and the late Scott Wilson give especially heart-rending performances in S1 but the main cast is also phenomenal, especially Phyllis Smith and Patrick Gibson.

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I agree Vee. Have you seen S2? I think it's even better than S1. It's such a mind [!@#$%^&*].

    2. Vee


      I am starting it shortly after rewatching S1. It looks even more insane than the first. I know they have an ambitious 5 year plan but it was frankly a miracle the show got renewed the first time. So I'm hoping it pulls out one more season - in the meantime, Netflix is sure to keep facing blowback and pressure re: their now-public attempts to cap most shows at 2-3 seasons.

  2. Nice to see Justina Machado getting a big network showcase with the Norman Lear special while ODAAT is in limbo.

  3. Debra Wilson from MadTV starring in a Star Wars game with Cameron Monaghan is... not news I expected today

    1. Vee


      She's at the end and is playing a Jedi Knight!  



    2. DRW50


      Great to see her still working. She never did get her chance. 

  4. Is it me or does literally no part of the interface work now?

  5. Thank God Wendy Williams filed for divorce before ending up in the ground.

    1. DaytimeFan


      Absolutely. I wonder if part of her time off was, among other things, getting a plan together for herself to get out. Much of what Wendy did the last few months was untangle herself from her husband's control little by little, until she had the strength to hire security guards, have them storm her studio, and have a process server serve her divorce suit in front of all their employees. 

  6. Deep Space Nine, finally in HD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxHtZqzie1k

  7. Meagan Good was a surprise in Shazam.

  8. Jamie Lee Curtis is apparently down for anything, including roasting YouTube gamers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9KZFuXhfxw&feature=youtu.be

    1. DRW50


      At first I was worried this was some Gamergate extension...

  9. Tuesday in 2019, everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLD0PO-F6QwRNqGMPEvFTHyz243Ds1A_5P&v=TMOXxX5_wAA

  10. Alien: The High School Play makes me so happy. https://twitter.com/search?q=alien%20play&src=tyah

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I just read about this.  Everyone involved was so innovative and I'm glad that the Alien franchise complemented the play, instead of trying to pull a Cease & Desist, the way that Aaron Sorkin and the Harper Lee Estate has been doing with productions of To Kill A Mockingbird.

  11. Good for Queen Sugar (which I need to catch up on): https://twitter.com/QueenSugarOWN/status/1108139132914589696

  12. Jenny McCarthy is admittedly no brain trust, but this excerpt from a new expose on The View is brutal: https://www.vulture.com/article/ladies-who-punch-the-view-jenny-mccarthy-barbara-walters.html

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      When you ask a comedienne/actress to direct the flow of conversation and she comes from the world of One Woman Shows, she might just take that job of being the authority on the stage seriously--funny how that works.

      Yeah, part of me feels a bit for how Walters obviously felt as though she had nothing else to cling to but then the other part remembers how she often railroaded and belittled others in interviews, seemingly just to create 'good television' and my sympathy fizzles.


      Jenny McCarthy was fortunate, any at all, that she managed to get any opportunities from her stint on MTV because I never even found that show Singled Out (or whatever) remotely entertaining.

    3. Juliajms


      I think JM did a good job of painting herself as the nice girl victim.  I actually fell for that for half a second, not that I have even a pinch of respect for her due to the vaccine issue.  Look how she paints herself as sympathetic to Walters, while making Walters look pathetic and incompetent, which she most likely was, but still. The repeated use of the word "shuffling" for example. I imaging to someone like BW there is nothing worse than being made to sound incompetent at your job.  She's never been warm and fuzzy that is for sure.  I've always instinctively avoided watching her because I found her off putting. Still, I respect that she broke barriers for women and being soft probably wouldn't have achieved that.


      I know next to nothing about WG either, but I'm going to go on a limb and guess that her career path wasn't an easy one.  I wouldn't have befriended JM in her place. I'm willing to give people a lot of slack in life, but using fame to damage public health is not something I have a lot of patience with.  Notice she is still doubling down with her BS on autism. She won't simply admit that what she says has no basis in fact. She's one of those "you don't know my truth" idiots.


      Apparently, BW is pretty far gone these days, so hopefully she won't even hear about this.  As for WB, I'm guessing she doesn't give a damn what JM thinks.

    4. Khan


      "When you ask a comedienne/actress to direct the flow of conversation and she comes from the world of One Woman Shows, she might just take that job of being the authority on the stage seriously--funny how that works."


      IKR? ;)


      If you're an African-American and you're in the position that Whoopi is on the show, you have to be a bit of a bitch in the name of self-preservation; because you know that those above (and even below) you on the proverbial food chain will never have your back.  Could Whoopi have gracefully stepped aside and allowed Babs to "run the table" for her last shows?  Perhaps.  However, to use an old expression, if you give 'em an inch, they'll take the whole damn yard (and then some).


      Add to that Whoopi's general disgust over how the network values her (or de-values her, as it were) and I can understand why she felt she needed to hold ABC/Disney to her contract.  (I mean, she's an Oscar winner, for Christ's sake, and you won't even ENTERTAIN the notion of her doing a live performance of one of her biggest-ever roles on your network?  If I had been in charge, I would have BEGGED Whoopi not only to do "Sister Act: the Musical," but also "Ghost" and even "The Color Purple"!)


      "Notice she is still doubling down with her BS on autism. She won't simply admit that what she says has no basis in fact. She's one of those "you don't know my truth" idiots."


      It simply never occurs to people like Jenny McCarthy that one thing (vaccinations) doesn't always lead to another (autism).  If it did, then there would be a whole lot more autistic people in the world, for example.

  13. Now the PM Inbox doesn't work.

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    2. Vee



    3. Errol


      Found the problem. Looking into it.

    4. Errol


      The issue will be addressed shortly. Thanks for your patience.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      but why claim that you're going to undertake a search if you're not actually going to undertake a search?


  14. Nice to see Captain Marvel at the end of the new Avengers trailer.

  15. Of course "Aunt Becky" is actually trending.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      People are certainly having fun with this. It is one of those things that makes a day more fun despite the illegality of the actions.

    3. victoria foxton
    4. Soaplovers


      I recall 'Aunt Becky' was a guest on her daughter's Youtube channel awhile ago.. and she made mention of the money they spent on her education... I thought it was interesting the way she said it, and I filed that comment/body language away....and now it makes sense.

  16. I was shocked and surprised to discover who Annette Bening is really playing in Captain Marvel (good movie, BTW). Do not spoil in this status.

  17. Vulture just compared Brie Larson in Captain Marvel to Patty Duke. It's like they're actively targeting @DRW50!

    1. DRW50


      That would explain all the John Mulaney articles. Is that reviewer the one whose Wonder Woman review was about how much he wanted to hump Gal Gadot?

    2. Vee


      I hope not!

    3. DRW50


      It is! At least this one is better I guess.

  18. We're swamped with genre anthology shows of late, but Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone looks like a cut above. 



    1. ChitHappens


      Yep, but CBS is playing games.  I don't want to pay for another service to see it!

    2. Vee


      The much better Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery (and the upcoming Picard show) made it worth it to me. Plus CBS keeps offering you 1-2 months free if you try to cancel, so it's a savings.

  19. With GOT returning soon I'm reminded that its last season ran concurrently with Twin Peaks. That was a very, very strange double feature on Sunday nights - a show that had become a massive phenomenon rushing through a ton of plot and spectacle week after week to fulfill intense public demand, alongside a show that was far less action-packed but far more unpredictable and by extension, far less desperate. I still enjoy GOT, many warts and all, and I enjoyed a lot of its last season, but the difference in ethos and requirements was stark.

    1. DRW50


      I also remember a lot of jeering from some GoT fans about how vastly superior that show was, which just reminded me why I quit watching. 

  20. Stephen Dorff used to do nothing but annoy me with OTT performances in the '90s and early '00s but he is giving the surprise performance of his career as The Other Dude in True Detective 3.

    1. Soapsuds


      I cry every time I see this movie.....



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