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  1. I remember watching a spellbinding few episodes of the Mansion of the Damned storyline on Edge of Night with Kim Hunter on WOST years ago. Now it's all online. Maybe it's my long history with Dark Shadows but I could watch this show forever.

  2. "Stitch" looks like a giant infant.

    1. dm.


      What a boring, badly written, useless character.

  3. Did the dude at Robin's secret lab seriously just ask Sam to fatten his cock on ABC at 2 PM? Am I losing my mind?

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    2. Khan


      I wonder which episode of "Knots Landing" or "The Golden Girls" he pulled that exchange from.

    3. DRW50


      Ron tweeted about it as he loved the line so much.

    4. Khan


      If only my bank account were as big as his ego....

  4. As slapdash as so much of the show is, the whole subplot with Olivia drunk-dialing the infamous real-life ASPCA ad on GH last week was actually what this creative team does best. "They will never have sex with Ava Jerome!" I adore Lisa Lo Cicero.

    1. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      I loved that too. It was so funny. Yet, very touching as well. Great work by Lisa and Wally as well.

  5. Aaaand the bottom just fell out at the beginning of Part 2 of Gone Girl.

    1. Mr. Vixen

      Mr. Vixen

      I'm almost to part 2 myself. I put it down about a week ago because I got busy but I'm really looking forward to diving back in.

    2. YRBB


      I thought it was a fantastic twist.

    3. Vee


      I do too, but I was pretty shocked. I was expecting part of it, but not all of it.

  6. Also bumping status bar

    1. ChitHappens


      Y'all are too much!

  7. Ray Wise on the new Twin Peaks Blu-Ray collection and playing Leland Palmer again. http://thefilmstage.com/features/ray-wise-on-the-legacy-of-twin-peaks-reuniting-with-david-lynch-and-more/

    1. Graham


      I'm getting emotional here! Great interview!

  8. Gone Girl is a fantastic read. #myimaginarybookclub

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    2. marceline


      So much of the book is the diary and I'm nervous about how they will represent it. Also...Ben Affleck.

    3. Vee


      I dunno, I think he's perfect. He always did look exactly like Scott Peterson, or vice versa.

    4. YRBB


      Loved the book AND the ending. Oh, yes. I'm actually sad they will be changing the ending for the movie. As for Ben Affleck I am weirdly positive about his turn as the character.

  9. I had no idea Kit Harington and the incredible Jennifer Ehle (the original Catelyn Stark) were shooting a film of Spooks/MI-5 recently. The show is kind of a crazy romp at best but I used to binge it on Netflix. It'll be nice to see Peter Firth again.

    1. JaneAusten


      Spooks >>>> 24 by a ton. The first 4 seasons in particular were great and I still adore Firth and loved Harry Pearce. Great to see Ehle, my girl crush in more recent years, in this also. Not completely sold on Kit yet so it will be interesting to see if he pulls this off. My avatar by the way is a recent picture of Jennifer with her mom Rosemary Harris.

  10. Dukie from The Wire is singing slow jams and I don't know how to feel about my life https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZPX9I0Sp6rc

    1. London


      His ending made me so sad in the series finale.

  11. Happy birthday, One Life to Live. I would update my sig image if I had any idea how!

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    2. Vee


      Sure, getting rid of it is easy but I'd rather alter it and I don't do image work.

    3. ChitHappens


      I usually just save a pic on my computer and then upload it to the siggy. I's really easy.

    4. Vee


      Eh, I wanted to do something equally special for OLTL. I guess I'll have to shanghai a friend into doing it.

  12. That awkward moment when one of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes prequel shorts turns out to have featured the little twerp who bullied Matthew on OLTL. That dwarf grew up.

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    2. alexisfan07


      Update: it was spam, just saw his status update about it. Still random for us both to think about him!

    3. Vee


      Yes, it was Jack Rovello. I didn't recognize him until the credits ran. He's in the last one, about the gun, as the kid who has the gun first.

    4. Marco Dane

      Marco Dane

      I'm his FB friend too. Jack shot up!

  13. Tuc Watkins and KDP do the Emmy red carpet with Fairman on OLTL/AMC's wins. I'm glad they name-checked about Tim Goodmanson's beautiful work on both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=E3KuSeWzWOY

  14. It is utterly ri-goddamn-diculous that like six months after his wife has RETURNED FROM THE DEAD, Patrick is ready for a divorce because she didn't turn up for the death of his illegitimate child. Give me a break, GH.

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    2. ChitHappens


      Y, you know moRon can't fool me. But we just don't know what Robin would do. She has treated Patty as poorly as Carly treated Jax when it came to the mob. I'm not convinced that a non moRon would have done differently. It would have been written better by anyone else, but none of us knows. Like it or not, Robin is a mob loving bitch just like Liz, Alexis and Carly, only I like Carly!

    3. Vee


      Robin didn't [[email protected]#$%^&*] someone else - she was abducted for years and then hustled out of town by more shady people. It's not quite the same thing.

    4. Cheap21


      She walked out on Patrick and Emma of her OWN free will after reuniting with them for about 2 months. Patrick has every right to be frustrated especially since she hasn't even visited them. She is not acting like a wife at all. He and Emma are not #1 in her life when they should be

  15. Just tried reading the SON puff piece on NuNeolithicBilly and the top picture had me mistaking him for Jack Wagner. Good luck, Y&R.

    1. AlexElizabeth


      Neolithic... LMAO!

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Between aged Ken Doll and now Neolithic...the nicknames get funnier every day!

  16. I'm surely not the only one who has just clicked with something - no matter how lousy Y&R gets, the Emmy block-vote scheme is Jill Farren Phelps's job security.

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    2. SFK


      Didn't Bell also implement block voting when he was living? I seem to remember that's where I first heard of it.

    3. Vee


      He may have, but JFP has made an iteration of it an art unto herself.

    4. Chris B

      Chris B

      Bill Bell wasn't very good at submitting for Emmys, so I doubt he did the block voting.

  17. It is as I feared: Both the incredible Saul Williams AND Tonya Pinkins are in the new Tupac Broadway musical. I never needed to hear "California Love" done up Broadway, but here we are.

    1. Vee


      I might add it is the off-brand Tupac musical which does not have the rights to Tupac's life story or, apparently, feature Tupac.

    2. SFK


      My friend Otis is in it and pics of Tonya and them are blasted all over his FB.

  18. NuNuBilly Abbott looks like an fugitive piece of varnished wood furniture from the set of former CBS primetime hit Evening Shade.

    1. DRW50


      I think that's Burt Reynolds.

      It's not nice to say but he looks like a burn victim to me.

    2. aMLCproduction
  19. Not to thrash the dead horse of many of our status updates, including my own, into the ground, but I keep rewatching episodes of AMC and OLTL from last summer (late May at the moment) and putting them against GH or Y&R, etc and they hold up. A lot more 'clean lines,' story-wise, and more character than most shows.

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    2. AllMyDaysatGH
    3. robbwolff


      Both shows were damn amazing. I miss them both terribly.

    4. Soaplovers


      I know that even though the episodes were filmed out of order.. the cast had weeks of scripts to read from. Hence why I think the acting was better

  20. Did GH win anything tonight? Because if they didn't and OLTL/The Usurper took away even that one award, sooner or later we're all gonna hear about it from somewhere in Chelsea.

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    2. Vee


      Oh, dear.

    3. DRW50


      The Usurper...that cracks me up. Viserys would fit in well in today's soap 'industry.'

    4. Vee


      I actually think GH deserved some recognition for some of last year's Ball, as well as for Kim McCullough and Finola Hughes's great work in the fall with the Robin reveal story. But they didn't send the right material and JFP locked it down like always.

  21. It's nice to see OLTL and AMC 2.0 recognized at the CA Emmys for how wonderful those shows looked. Just a cut above. Congrats to Tim Goodmanson, et al.

  22. Has Michael Saucedo had a job since GH?

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    2. DRW50


      I seem to remember some BH fans talking about his career after leaving soaps and that he'd done well, but I can't remember what exactly it was.

    3. dragonflies
    4. chicklitsandfantasies


      I heard he made investments in small companies or something like that

  23. You know who I wish had gotten more traction in soaps? Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold. I know, they went on to bigger and better things, but what great actresses.

    1. Cheap21


      I cant even remember if I knew Tisha was on a soap

    2. SFK


      Tisha wasn't Cheap, but she had a very early start in the business. I remember seeing professional footage of her singing with her parents at a nightclub in New York, she had to have been ten or eleven, maybe even younger. She and Tichina would be great as half-sisters or cousins and dueling matriarchs on a soap in their later years. Though I'd rather see Ja'Net DuBois and Chip Fields do it first.

    3. Vee


      I thought they both did Ryan's Hope.

  24. Up after a long night out and these old AMC/OLTL eps from May last year still hold up against today's GH, dammit.

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