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  1. 2 hours ago, Days22 said:

    8 posts and youre already exhausting tbh


    Block and ignore like all the others when they give themselves away.


    On a side note, @Errol @Toups : The previous known and proven sockpuppet accounts for a notorious troll need to be banned, period. Not allowed to return to posting every few months for a few days. I'm talking ones that have been around for the last year or more and share the penchant for identical grotesque photoshopped avatars. You know who they are, so Ban. Them.

  2. To me the issue with the Reese/Zach/Bianca, etc. storyline wasn't that Reese was bisexual or had chemistry with Zach; it was that Bianca and their much-hyped relationship, brought on with great fanfare, was just a vehicle for delivering Tamara Braun and pairing her with Thorsten Kaye. (I think Braun was sold a bill of goods as well; she was committed to the romance with Bianca.)


    On another show, with better writers, the bisexual angles with Reese, Bianca and Zach could have played well and been edgy but smart, complicated but daring, but they needed to put the time into committing to Bianca, who was the money with the audience, and Bianca and Reece together, and they didn't. They prioritized Zach and the hot new hire who'd they sold on the back of Bianca's immense popularity. Supposedly Eden may have left over a plan for Bianca to sleep with Ryan out of revenge, or something - I would've watched that! Though it seems nonsensical, at least it would be soapy and complicated. But Pratt's stated goal was to cement Reese as a bisexual vixen on canvas aimed primarily towards the men of his choice, not to present a major lesbian couple which did have star power or play a tangled, edgy bisexual triangle. The latter would've worked for me.

  3. I think the Robin and Bianca stories were incredibly impactful because of who they were. We discussed this here not long ago, but I remember it flooring me as a kid a bit younger than Robin when Alan said flat-out she had HIV. I knew how important she was to GH. I watched Pedro on The Real World, and I knew AIDS predominantly struck gay men. But giving it to Robin made the problem real for millions of viewers who weren't little gay kids like me, and realer still for young people too. Bianca, same principle. We'd grown up with her or watched her grow up. She was the daughter of the Erica Kane, a household name. She was played by an exceptionally powerful actress. They broke through to middle America and housewives with Bianca; they leaned on her for years after frontburner to push bad stories, bc they knew a more cloistered audience would watch her despite her being gay. That is power. Do I wish we'd seen more of her sexuality, or a gay-themed AIDS story central on GH? Maybe, but it was 20-25 years ago. They did a lot.


    I don't know the status of the Aiden thing on GH now, but it is not the same thing as Robin or Bianca. That little boy had been playing him with next to zero lines and personality til the last year or two, so the connection with the audience is mild at best. It's not like Robin or Lucky/Emily, or Jessica on OLTL or Tim on AMC, or even the dreaded Spencer, where the child versions were fully formed characters with personalities; he was just another soap kid in the background for years. I also don't love that they were telling a story which seemed predicated on 'Aiden likes feminine things - let's all worry he's gay.' Is that supposed to be bold?

  4. AMC 2.0 got a lot of stick from some folks for "no Erica, no Kendall" and a smaller role for Bianca, at least initially per Eden Riegel's availability, but it had Angie and the Hubbards at its center alongside the Chandlers and Miranda/recurring Bianca. I thought that worked perfectly. You can't tell me Debbi Morgan is an unacceptable central hub for any show. She anchored Loving and she was only there two years!

  5. We all know Sam's early years were nothing but a poor Brenda reskin. What annoyed me was when people used to argue with me about it, both Sam and Brenda fans, like 'oh no, they would never, Brenda is too unique.' Like, did y'all watch the show? TB's Carly even went meta about it in dialogue to Sam re: Brenda in early 2004. Sam wasn't the first or last attempt at a Brendabot, either.


    I think Guza had no real interest in her and Jax (the initial pairing, which I felt was poorly handled) or in her and Sonny (a rite of passage for the hot hire per Frons, and a means to an end). He was always going for the Jason/Brenda analog. She was a Frons push that didn't work for him until then.

  6. E.J. and Will should've happened, but network daytime and specifically the world and perceived audience Corday and DAYS cater to would not have been the place for it. It was all DAYS could handle to immediately wife Will up with safe Sonny, then make him (like many GLBT characters before him) a parent via heterosexual coupling to desexualize him as much as possible.


    Billy Douglas and Joey probably should've happened on OLTL, since originally the plan was for the gay teen to be Chris McKenna's Joey. (FWIW, if I ran that show online today latter-day daddy McKenna's Joey would fill the soulful sexy Andrew Carpenter role, and we'd discover he's bi and has been casually having an on-off fling with a recast Billy for years since high school.) OLTL had wanted to make little Shane Morasco gay as well, which gives the interplay with wooden Andrew Trischitta's Jack, his tormenter, a different and darker tone, especially after his suicide attempt and his mother's 'death'.

  7. I did too.


    I don't know much about Erica's time in NYC but it sounds wild that she lived out of PV for a year or more? I don't know the specifics. It was brought up again recently when we discussed how she might have been a better fit for The City than Morgan Fairchild (though I liked Morgan).

  8. I am not seeing anyone saying that because Kanye West said that. Again, the widespread public reaction to him right now is ridicule. His rhetoric is dangerous regardless, yes, but you're always going to find gullible idiots if you go looking. Random outliers do not a trend make, and Kanye is largely regarded as a clown.

  9. Kanye just gave one of the most demented and incoherent interviews to Forbes that I've read next to when Randy Quaid lost his mind. I'm not going to link to it, all I'm going to say is that if anyone thinks that interview and its content is going to move any serious numbers on the left we live in very different worlds. He's a laughingstock online and he needs to be put away.

  10. Wasn't it Horgan who actually reunited Bob and Kim? She teed up a lot of what I think Marland was able to use to fly.


    I remember her giving a very in-depth interview about her long and storied career some years ago, maybe just before or after OLTL 2.0. She's been all over daytime and worn many hats. To me she's always come off as a capable steward of talented visions; maybe not the most inspired on her own, but smart and very experienced. She took on the thankless role of following Linda Gottlieb (after years on staff as a writer) and having to keep the ship Gottlieb/Malone/Griffith had built steady in '94; it definitely wasn't perfect or as measured, but the show stayed on the same brand/style and full of popular couples and stories for most of the rest of the decade. Her 2.0 was not perfect, but solid and mature again. I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and experience.

  11. I understand people's issues with the LM or the trajectory of the show overall. I can stipulate some of it. As to one point though, I personally think the Gwyneth reveal is consistent. I don't believe she had DID or didn't really know; it's clear on some level she consciously does while trying to delude herself. She can't keep herself and "Trisha" straight while talking to Steffi, and her first bonechilling line when she's found out and Steffi asks her if she's "Trisha" is "sometimes I am." That's not DID, where Viki on OLTL had no conscious agency or awareness of what Niki, etc. did. They were not intertwined in that same way. Gwyneth knows she is Gwyneth, and Trisha is just some sort of cognitive device. To me, moments like when Gwyn tells Clay outright "Curtis didn't kill Stacey," with a very dark look on her face, or the fascinating scene near the climax where she visits Neal in prison and begins to disassociate, saying she sent "Trisha" away but she's also decided to go away and 'get some help, make some sense of all this' are quite pointed. Or when she tells the real Trisha herself not to use the candles that killed Cabot and Isabelle (a huge tell to the audience - how does she know?). Or when she keeps insisting people read her psych evaluation of the killer, or demanding the killer kill her next. On some level she knows and wants people to know her pain. I think her lucidity and understanding comes and goes, but I don't think it was DID and I think she often knew. I wish we could hear Tudor's thoughts on it, but I don't feel it was a copout in the writing - I feel it was keenly pitched, but ambiguous without being lazy. YMMV.

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