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  1. Finally caught up! 


    Darlene's treatment of Harris and her stoner friend was again pure Roseanne - she parents like her mom more all the time. Loved David back at the family table. Johnny Galecki really does slot right back in. Louise still fits very well each week, and that's helped by continuing the constant recurring presence of side characters like Chuck, Bev, Crystal, etc. to fill out the familiar canvas. The original show lost sight of that later on but the revival never has. Loved Becky bantering with Dan and Louise, and her later heart to heart with Dan.


    Jackie continuing her relentless trolling of Darlene over the love triangle, laughing and driving away was brilliant. I also enjoy her continual lust for Ben.


    That therapy scene was unexpectedly deep, especially the flashback and when David said "I don't think you've heard me since I was fifteen." Sara Gilbert brought it as usual.


    I do hope Ben hangs around, but I'm torn on whether he should reunite with Darlene or get with Jackie tbqh.

  2. 1 hour ago, marceline said:

    Nothing the NY Times says about the Democratic race should be believed.




    I do think a lot of centrist Dems are spooked by Warren and trying to manufacture a narrative in the press. But I don't think the real situation is as dire as they want to make people believe it will be unless we nominate someone less progressive. We can certainly differ on how viable she is or isn't, but I think the recent fishing articles are an attempt to slow her down coming both from that wing and even from the center-right Beltway media, and it won't work.

  3. DG had several prime chances to reinvent his character and make him viable long-term outside of the Winters sphere. Sally Sussman gave him his one good story, made him into a rake and a morally dubious character who could've run on the show for years as an antihero/lothario. He hated it and rebelled because he wanted the perceived security of the tired Lane domesticity.


    This regime paired him with decades-long audience favorite Beth Maitland - an audience surrogate for whom Goddard easily slots in as a classic daytime TV 'dream man', with built-in approval - and he publicly disrespected her and tried to hide behind the skirts of his only fanbase in the hopes of staying an A-lister.

    Goddard is one of many soap stars who have become dependent on their cosseted fanbase at the expense of all else, and he should've gone after he bucked Sussman if not much earlier.

  4. @DRW50

    This is a fascinating tidbit about what may have pertained to Season 2 of the 1991 show.


    Context: Innovation Comics was a short-lived independent comics outfit during the early '90s comics boom. They briefly had the rights to Dark Shadows, Lost in Space, A Nightmare on Elm Street and other properties, and produced gorgeous books with beautiful painted art. The quality of the writing varied wildly, but the LIS series in particular had some great, mature stories for such a goofy property, including an extended storyline written by Bill Mumy.

    I read some of these books first as a kid and then a teenager. They can also be found to read online through 'alternative means.'  The DS comics' rights very strictly pertained only to the 1991 series and were directly approved by Dan Curtis and co., though they were allowed to use Lara Parker's likeness for a new character in the first arc, in which Barnabas and Julia go to a town involved with the Salem witch trials. The DS comic ended abruptly with Innovation going bankrupt, amidst a new storyline focusing on ghosts and Sarah Collins, again with beautiful painted art.

    The article above suggests Innovation - which had direct access to Dan Curtis - knew of some of the aborted plans for DS Season 2, including possibly a return for Lysette Anthony as the brunette Angelique-as-Cassandra. (I'd heard in the past that Michael T. Weiss would return as the werewolf Chris Jennings, but Peter Bradford recurring makes more sense.)

  5. Those '80s clips - if there's an encapsulation of Paul Rauch's OLTL excesses better than peroxide blondes, a blind Clint Ritchie rappelling into a cave to escape stereotypical New York mobsters, Sharon Gabet howling away at disappearing corpses, and OTT fratboys sneering about being 'stoned on coke' I don't know of it. But it is a lot of fun. I did like seeing Viki and Tina by the same old kitchen table, too. I've only occasionally seen much of them bonding like that back in Andrea's original run - most of my more loving Viki/Tina memories were with Karen Witter.


    I like how they're playing an instrumental version of "The Way You Make Me Feel" at the restaurant - they couldn't afford the actual Michael Jackson vocal track even in the '80s?


    Lisa Peluso was always so game on any show no matter how big or in this case pointless the role. She did so many shows. She was a lifer too, a child actress I believe, and she had to fill big, big shoes taking over a key Erica Kane analog role as Ava on Agnes' Loving. It's hard to replace Roya Megnot, let alone the larger shadow of Lucci and Erica. But she was great on every show. I guess she's entirely retired to real estate now but she'd make a good short term villain on GH or something.

  6. On 10/11/2019 at 8:17 AM, Roman said:

    what were his original plans for Days?

    I know he'd wanted a moratorium on what he famously called "cousinfucking" i.e. Max and Chelsea. He had planned to do a triangle with Max, Mimi and the teen Abby (Ashley Benson). It would've worked IMO, except Farah Fath quickly left and then it all went into a spin. I think he was very behind Chelsea with Nick Fallon, his creation, and a character and couple I initially loved. But it was immediately torpedoed bc someone at DAYS clearly disdained 'nerds' and set about ruining and humiliating Nick, putting Chelsea back with Max, etc. (This even extended to villainizing Nick in future regimes.)


    Sheffer's DAYS became a shitshow very quickly and he was not at all blameless, but it was also clear instantly he was being interfered with, and a tonal clash with a show/production that would've rather had John and Marlena sit around listening to Smokey Robinson in a mountain cabin.

  7. It also doesn't really matter what kind of presence you had at another forum in another time. When you refuse to learn the rules of how or where to post, or what's appropriate vs. just spam or unwieldy, you give the distinct impression that while you're being outwardly polite, you are not genuinely taking anything we say seriously because you believe you have some authority we do not. You don't.


    I know that you were on other forums or even on Usenet. That was almost twenty years ago. Things have changed. This is not your home forum, and you are not the center of it. You cannot just keep posting long swaths of books, or long URL strings, or stuff in the wrong threads. Like, even a decade ago that was bad netiquette. I don't know what role you or your partner felt you held elsewhere, but it is not relevant to SON.

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