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  1. I have very vague memories of the rec.arts.tv.soaps groups on USENET in those days, but I only read, I didn't engage as a poster til the 2000s. I do remember James DePaiva (Max Holden on OLTL) taking to either USENET or AOL to trash the writing on OLTL somewhere around 1995 or 1996, or maybe a bit later. A few actors did that in that period, back before the shows could ever understand the Internet and how to find them.

    3 hours ago, Kane said:

    Before Angie and Charles' wedding, Gwyneth and Stacey have a heart to heart and Gwyneth tries to give the locket to Stacey, almost as though she's trying to replace Trisha with Trisha's best friend. Stacey declines to take it and later, during the reception, we see the "killer p.o.v." for the first time. It's like Stacey's rejection caused Gwyneth to relive Trisha's rejection, making Stacey's status as the first victim all the more poignant.

    That is fascinating.

    As I said last year, a lot of the key elements of the story, like the locket and its signature clicking, bear so much resemblance to the classic tenets of the Italian murder mystery "giallo" genre, where the stories are always puzzles with strange little audiovisual talismans.

  2. I wrote about it a lot last summer when I got to rewatch the whole story for the first time since childhood - I do not exaggerate when I say the Loving Murders was a huge part of what got me through 2020, along with Marland's ATWT, classic Y&R reruns and some other resources - but I think they seeded Gwyneth often and well, right from the very beginning. There are both little and very big clues, like Gwyneth constantly haranguing Alex and Charles to read her psych profile of the killer - part of her wants the world to know it all, to know her pain. The final scenes she has with her father are also fascinating to analyze, and very early scenes in the story with Jeremy when she talks about going on vacation with Clay and the kids. I also think the past of Loving, particularly the early 90s episodes we've been watching, inform a lot of it.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Liberty City said:

    Spencer turned on Ava the moment she accepted Valentin's offer to have her face reconstructed in-exchange for her refusing to testify against him on Spencer's lawsuit over Nikolas' death.

    But wasn't that long before Nik returned? I saw Chavez's Spencer mention that to him the other day, but I could've sworn that when Coloma started in the role - after the lawsuit - Ava was key in trying to get Spencer and Nikolas together because she and the young Spencer had some rapport (which IMO was done to prop Ava as a sympathetic heroine, like so many things they try to do then back off of because Ava is ultimately only interesting as a villain/antihero).

  4. The kid playing Spencer is still a bit wooden but he has charisma and the longstanding bratty personality to make up for his green skills, and chemistry with his castmates. I will never like Britt or her paper-thin character since Day One but the relationship between the two exists and I'm glad it was serviced. He really should be bi eventually because he pinged off the scale with Britt, but that's a problem for another day.

    I still don't understand when Spencer turned on Ava; I thought they were friendly when Bechtel appeared with her as Ava tried to reconcile him and Nikolas just after Nik's return from the dead. Maybe I misinterpreted, but it was clear to me at the time they were propping Ava up with his support. Speaking of Ava, West and Coloma still have chemistry but I must say that the longer she's on the show the more Ava's every emotional scene leans further and further into what @DRW50long ago termed as "Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color" camp. Any time Maura gets going with the arch drama all I see is Fire Marshall Bill! I love it, but I can only take Ava so seriously as an empathetic person. She is out for Ava.


  5. I get why people would be turned off by Tess. Looking at her today, comparing her to the much more hysterical neuroses of the later Lindsay on OLTL whose years of pain about her broken marriage and family always drove her mania - and I loved Lindsay for who she was - I still think the Tess character is sharper and more fun. But I understand that characters like her and values like hers coming to the fore helped change the show into what it became, and I understand that people's feelings on that change are complex.

  6. We discussed it recently but I still would love to determine who exactly introduced Bobbie. Jackie I believe has always maintained it's Marland (though I haven't checked in awhile) but she allegedly started in '77. Marland could've been writing before Monty officially took over in January '78; it's happened many times with people's names not quite on the scripts yet (see: Malone at OLTL in late summer '91, Labine in '93 in the same period). But I just don't know.

  7. It's nice that people grew up watching BTVS, I did too, but there's never been a single shred of evidence to back up SMG's side of the story.

    I will always appreciate Sarah for the work she's done on TV and for her intense and fierce defense of the soaps, and I'd welcome her back as Kendall if the AMC primetime thing goes to series, but she beefed with Lucci for clout when no one else has ever said an unkind word about her, AFAIK. That's all there is to it and it's on her.

  8. This will go in the other thread as well, but it's important as Bade/Politico have been trashed for 24 hours to the point that she and the magazine have once again let the mask slip with some key wording.

    And yes, she got ratioed again. There's been huge pushback on this spin overnight despite it being taken to the airwaves, so I predict it will, like so many others, be grudgingly withdrawn in the coming days as the Beltway press refuse to acknowledge they spun it or were wrong about public opinion.

  9. I think Cat had chemistry with just about everyone they put her with on Loving, including Robert Tyler. But I don't think Trucker/Tess would've worked as an actual couple at all despite her clearly being infatuated with him. She was bad news. Tess was a tougher and more cynical character than Lindsay Rappaport on OLTL; Tess would've played her into a corner many times.

    I second the PAS/Heinle chemistry - they had it. The quad with them, LW and Weatherly was so dynamic with the chemistry between each one, it was so modular that they were able to play variations or add other people into it and just circle them around each other forever.

    I thought Ava's last scenes were good, and I loved her last little speech to Alex. But I don't think they felt like last scenes. Right to the end I kept expecting her to turn up one more time. I know they'd intended to use her kids on TC and of course that didn't happen. If there was ever a chance to do a little LOV tribute on ABC today, I'd go after Lisa and Randolph Mantooth for it in a second. (Don't get me started on what I'd do with a Loving-themed Halloween episode)

    I guess someone has re-uploaded a few episodes. Not quite the quality I remember, but still serviceable. Here's Ava's final monologue again.  I rhapsodized about the genius of Lisa Peluso as Ava last summer as revisiting the Loving Murders (and 90s Loving in general) helped me weather 2020, so I won't do that again, but she's so good.


  10. The minimum wage was always going to be a longshot at best on that bill, and anyway who told you otherwise was in fantasy camp. The rest of your language about Democrats is straight out of right wing framing and the Joe Rogan Show.

    2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    I feel like much of the media, from the Beltway to Faux News to the grifter "left" like Krystal Ball, have brainwashed much of the public into thinking the insurrection was no big deal and spinning the narrative into Democrats being seen as desperate or lying. 

    They haven't, though. The actual polling and numbers do not support that the public believes that about 1/6 at all. The public does not agree with the Beltway often, and whenever that happens the Beltway often then grudgingly course corrects and refuses to acknowledge they said otherwise. This is a process we have seen play out regularly for over a decade. It does not make it real. Every time the Beltway media says something, it does not automatically become the accepted public wisdom and popular. If it did we'd still be dealing with President Marco Rubio or Tim Pawlenty. Most of the offline public also has no idea who Krystal Ball is - or, as I keep saying, Josh Kraushaar, who has become increasingly irrelevant from the public square in the last decade to the point of soon ending up on Newsmax. Most people don't know these people. Twitter is not the actual political paradigm, especially not when viewed through the lens of fading Republican pundits and angry leftists.

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