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  1. Waiting this long to finish the first 3 seasons of Borgen has been worth it - the wait for Season 4 next year(?) will be less excruciating. What a show.

  2. I doubt anyone recalls me discussing a certain lost early 90s movie musical and a certain secret screening last summer, but... if you do, hmu.

  3. Happy 4th. I am spending my day losing my mind bc I am 90% sure this is State Senator Clay Davis of The Wire officiating Angie and Jesse's [!@#$%^&*] wedding! 



  4. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork is a brief and stark true crime series on Netflix. There's so many true crime minis these days that are a dime a dozen, but this features an unnervingly clear portrait of a very chilling figure.

  5. I'd forgotten just how many soap stars popped up in 54 (including an unrecognizable Sherry Stringfield as Mike Myers' accountant), but I had no idea til tonight that the much-gayer original director's cut (butchered by the Weinsteins but restored recently) had Cameron Mathison's bartender in a committed gay relationship.

  6. Nothing like spending Pride Month watching one of the most reviled and despised queer-centric movies ever made, legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis' first and last directorial effort, Windows, with Talia Shire and Elizabeth Ashley: 



    1. Franko


      I'd kill for a Talia-Elizabeth commentary track.

    2. DRW50


      That was the original trailer? Well it's much better than what I've seen of the film itself...talk about false advertising. 

  7. Steven Soderbergh tosses out so many films of varying quality that it's easy to both overrate and underrate him, and Meryl Streep phones in her usual popular set so often these days that it can be easy to miss when she's really engaged. But HBO Max's Let Them All Talk is a deceptively meandering sleeper from late last year that deserves more recognition and it is, in many ways, both pure soap and almost Bergman-esque. Candice Bergen should have been nominated. 



    1. DRW50


      Dianne Weist is always such a fascinating actress to me too. I actually have HBO Max, I think, but it's never worked for me - I don't mean in artistic terms, I mean literally I have never gotten it to play anything or let me access the channel...

    2. Vee


      That's weird. Try reloading it? And yes, Wiest is having a bit of a renaissance again lately. I always liked her. The film was also largely improvised (from an outline).

  8. The Woman in the Window, being dumped onto Netflix today, is a wild hot mess of a film with a zillion reshoots, two potential directors, a trail of BTS tears and questionable associations with everyone from Scott Rudin to an author who has been compared to, yes, the Talented Mr. Ripley. If you're looking for a soapy read for the start of your weekend, check out this insane expose of the film's original novelist Dan Mallory: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/02/11/a-suspense-novelists-trail-of-deceptions

  9. Thom Christopher's super-extra self has turned up at least 3-4 times in the history of Mystery Science Theater 3000 over the long years and never fails to be hilarious each time. God bless him. I hope he gets another movie in Season 13.  

  10. Interesting Marvel sneak peek: 



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    2. Vee


      I have not mentioned the X-Men's upcoming month-long Hellfire Gala event on SON before, in which all the X-Men comics for the month of June will be set on the same night at the same gala event, but rest assured I was thinking of y'all! It's as pure a soap opera sweeps month as comic books have ever come. https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/how-to-read-x-men-hellfire-gala-issues-announcement

    3. BetterForgotten


      As soon as they got the film rights back (likely intentional), Marvel has devoted a lot more back into the X-Men comics. I know Hickman can be polarizing, but his revamp added back a certain clout and energy to that franchise after Marvel decided to neglect it out of revenge for not owning the film rights for years. 

    4. BetterForgotten
  11. It's taken me this long to discover that, somehow unsurprisingly, Lindsey Buckingham dated Anne Heche.

    1. DRW50


      Geez that makes me wince even picturing.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Yeah, it was the relationship cheating/ownership admissions for me. When I first heard about it, I assumed it was about equity, pay and creative issues, so I said "okay, I guess she has her reasons". Only coming here did I realize the extent of it. 

    3. John


      This is trending on twitter and some are saying she can do what she want because she wants equal Treatment and pay for the Trans community and that is defentiley needed 100% but to just wash away what she did to her BF, whom she employs and with another employee. That is messy af

    4. DramatistDreamer


      It's very messy. Makes me wonder whether there is some sort of mental breakdown that has been happening. Maybe that was the crescendo.

  12. Mildly embarrassed to be enjoying Law & Order: Organized Crime (aka The Christopher Meloni Show) in this day and age after giving up the tiresome L&O retread franchise an aeon ago. He's a huge draw of course, but Danielle Moné Truitt and Tamara Taylor are amazing and McDermott is always good. The planned segmented story arc structure of any future seasons also sounds a lot like Wiseguy to me.

  13. Can a lazy, tired man who was more interested in watching old episodes of MST3K last week watch 5 Oscar nominees today before the awards ceremony starts handing down the big ones? We're about to find out yall

  14. Shang-Chi! 



    1. Errol


      This looks good! Reminds me of "Black Panther" in that is represents the Asian community very well. Looking forward to it.


      Hopefully it'll do some solid business considering its release date in September.

  15. Was not expecting a deep dive into Edge of Night casting during tonight's live premiere of Joe Bob's The Last Drive-In, but it has hosted Barbara Crampton and Kelli Maroney before (and talked Ryan's Hope)...

    1. John


      is that on shudder?

  16. RIP Beverly Cleary.

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    2. YRfan23


      Wow I didn't even know she was still alive??? I loved her books too! RIP! 

    3. NothinButAttitude


      What?! No!! Beverly Clearly is the main reason why I grew to become an avid reader and writer. Beezus, Ramona, Henry Huggins, Ralph the Mouse, etc... May she truly rest in power. 

    4. Taoboi
  17. Good lord! 



    1. YRBB


      I saw that ... "look"... earlier today and I really couldn't even process it.

  18. RIP to Yaphet Kotto. Ugh.

  19. Speaking of cancelled shows: I had no idea Viola Davis was on a sci-fi lawyer procedural set in the future. With Hector Elizondo and Nester Carbonell! 



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    2. soapfan770


      I remember this show premiering back in 2004, was this when CBS was still trying to throw something on Saturday nights? I vaguely recall TVGuide praising the show but slamming its poor timeslot.  

    3. te.


      It aired on Tuesdays at 9PM after NCIS, subbing in for The Guardian in the winter.


      At that point NCIS was still finding its footing though; still it wasn't a disasterous timeslot. I think it might've been too out there for the average CBS viewer though.

    4. Vee


      I'll have to give it a look. It's not like I haven't watched worse on YouTube; I spent a few days in the pandemic bingeing episodes of the final strange season of Chicago Hope, a show I never watched but always followed the BTS drama of.

  20. In honor of Al Pacino's deeply-over-COVID appearance on the Globes tonight, I'd like to say that I was obsessed with Dick Tracy 30+ years ago and after about 28 years between views I am rewatching it tonight and it holds up.

  21. I don't pay much attn to Timberlake, but I never thought I'd see him mention Janet again. 



    1. DRW50


      His pockets must really be getting thin to do this. 

    2. Cat


      He was forced to by his management, I suspect. Also, it's not his fault, y'all! It's the industry's. It's flawed. It sets white men like him up! For success. 

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