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  1. I know I'm not the only one worried about Khan.

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    2. KMan101


      Yes, LOVE Khan. I hope he's ok!!

    3. Taoboi


      You're not.  I too have been wondering. Especially after the rally and the increase in numbers there.

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Khan does not like me, and I don't know why, but I have noticed his absence, and I hope he is okay! He's gone away from time to time before, so I'm sure he'll be back soon.

  2. This Thandie Newton Vulture profile is the best soap of the year. https://www.vulture.com/article/thandie-newton-in-conversation.html

    1. DaytimeFan


      "And Oprah took to her bed and just ate mac and cheese."  - Thandie Newton. I love articles like this. Like the celebrity memoirs of the 1980s.

  3. The new Unsolved Mysteries may be lacking Robert Stack but it's kept the mood and music that terrified me in elementary school. Won't be forgetting these cases.

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    2. Soapsuds


      @KMan101 I had to subscribe again too. I got the first month free.

    3. KMan101


      @Soapsuds lol that's good. Darn Netflix for sucking me back in lol

    4. Soapsuds


      @KMan101 it's worth it. I haven't seen all of the first few episodes posted but the ones I've seen are great!

  4. Rewatching the first weeks of The City for the first time in 25 years. Flaws notwithstanding, so much of it from style to cameras are a precursor to today - maybe they should've tried it at night.

    1. SFK


      A late-night block of The City and 13 Bourbon Street would have had me blissfully late to Montgomery Blair High School every morning, instead of just begrudgingly late.

    2. Vee


      Well, Blair was like that in general. (I didn't go there, much)

  5. @DRW50 


    1. DRW50


      That's great news. I don't have Criterion but I will look for it.

  6. Am I insane or is this Corbin Bernsen as the pilot taking Bob and Steven Weber to Dream's End on ATWT in '86? It's not in his IMDB and the picture quality is bad but still.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      That is indeed Corbin Bernsen.

  7. Re-immersing myself in the Loving Murders, ATWT '86 and the Y&R classic schedule, with a side of OLTL '92-'93, just reinforces the need for P&G and other outlets to release these archives to streaming ASAP. SoapNet with AW and Dan Curtis with Dark Shadows were ahead of their time.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      A good time for well-written stories.  I wonder who has any pull with P&G. One of the reasons why I think someone should get in touch with Laurence Caso, perhaps he'd be able to shed light on the process. Does Alan Locher have a rapport with Caso, you think?

  8. I'm glad you're all taking this uncertain time in our lives to finally watch The Wire.

    1. sheilaforever


      This show was an amazing piece of art. Does TREME come any close? I have this one waiting for me in ITUNES...

    1. DRW50


      It's nice they're doing this for charity. I didn't care for the last 3-4 years of the show and a number of people in the cast have sort of spoilt their image, but I will be glad to see Adam and Rashida again, at least.

  9. Sharing the Loving Murders is a much needed communal experience during these tough times.

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    2. DRW50


      If you ever have the time to kill there's a 1979 playlist here. I don't know if the very beginning of Mansion of the Damned is around but the July 1979 episodes start fairly early into the story. June 1979 has the very good end of the Winter Austen story. 


    3. Vee


      I certainly do. Thanks.

    4. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I agree the Loving Murders has been a great escape. Most of  EON from 79-84 is online. 

  10. I don't know why I have gravitated to bingeing Cheers, a show I only intermittently saw when I was little, so much in crises over the last six months. My comfort food show when I was younger were Golden Girls, Roseanne, Seinfeld and Cosby (and that one week during my college nervous breakdown where Nick ran Facts of Life for over 48 hours - yikes). Maybe it's the novelty since I know the others so well. Cheers holds up!

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    2. DRW50


      Kirstie Alley. She is also a lunatic.

    3. soapfan770


      @DRW50 100% agreed LOL! 


    4. ghfan89


      It got kinda silly later on, but those early seasons with the Coach, along with the first couple seasons of Taxi, were some of the finest television ever.

  11. We all laughed at DAYS for filming ten years ahead. Who's Booboo the Fool now?

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    2. victoria foxton
    3. Cat


      Going by Days' schedule, we could be within sight of a vaccine by the time episodes run out.


      Of course, that will be when new episodes kick in featuring a deadly biological infection sweeping Salem concocted by Vivian.

    4. Khan


      I will never be here for "alamainvirus."


    1. DRW50


      The first episode is wonderful, with a very well written fakeout about a married couple and which of them will live or die. I have never finished the show due to the episode about the mentally handicapped man accused of rape and murder, and then their getting rid of Abby for being too strong a woman, but I guess I should try someday.

    2. Vee


      I believe part of the issue was also Carolyn Seymour's alcoholism, but yes, losing her didn't inspire me to finish. I am going back to it now. Contagion and Andromeda Strain too.

  13. Harvey Weinstein: 23 years in prison.



    1. DramatistDreamer


      I just saw this. He brought this on himself.

  14. More relevant than ever. Best performance (they're all good): Jennifer Ehle. 


    1. DRW50


      Thanks for sharing this with us. The last section about the world we're living now was very emotional - especially when she talked about wanting to write a letter about Franken but Dinah told her she'd just be attacked. 

  15. Brittany Allen has become a remarkably strong horror veteran. She's very good, which makes her unbearable AMC tenure all the more bizarre.

    1. AllMyDaysatGH


      Lol ya she's actually great!


  17. Classy of Brad Pitt to name-check Geena Davis tonight.

  18. Time to refresh the bans on our trolls, @Errol @Toups

  19. Today's hot take: The Fast & Furious franchise is the world's most profitable OTT soap opera. Discuss.

  20. So old Bravo, so 90s. 



    1. DramatistDreamer


      When Bravo and A&E had non-reality show based aspirations.  

  21. Former movie star Kevin Spacey exiled in disgrace and only emerging to taunt the world once or twice a year like Doctor Doom or al Qaeda really caps off the 2010s.

    1. Khan


      I'm writing a book, called "Kevin S. Fowler, Will You Please Go Now?".

    2. DRW50


      That and how I spent part of Christmas remembering and worrying about North Korea's "Christmas present." 

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