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  1. Yes, if anyone gives his work 110%, it's Chandler Massey.
  2. Better late than never, but I hold zero faith in Chuck Todd to stick to this:
  3. The girl who plays Emma cannot act. I think Bechtel ironically became a considerably better actor once he was on less and got older. But when he was frontburner as a little child he was unbearable. No matter how talented he is now, they were long overdue to recast.
  4. Erika Slezak made a point of saying she thought it was nonsense when Dan was reintroduced as a working-class doctor in the '80s, because she said she was there for the scenes of the will reading and remembered how much money was left to Dan. I don't know who's right on that one.
  5. McKenna Grace (ex-Faith, Y&R), who has been taking the world by storm in numerous high-profile genre projects in the last couple years, stars in the new Ghostbusters film as the granddaughter of Harold Ramis. The trailer's a tad too self-serious for the franchise IMO, but I am thrilled that everyone (yes, even Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver) is returning minus the late Ramis and Rick Moranis, who's retired.
  6. Nate Silver continues to slowly spiral towards well, whatever he's been doing for awhile now:
  7. The cult is not the audience. They can't be moved. The media is the audience as well as the general public, and the media is pretty horrified and not BothSides-ing this testimony, because they can't. Meanwhile:
  8. This 1/6 committee is already brutal. It will leave a mark. Even Jake Sherman, who a commenter recently accurately described as living for "Republican power porn", is noting the optics:
  9. He lost the role because soaps SORAS kids all the time, and despite Frank's fixation on him Bechtel was neither talented nor popular enough to warrant locking him in like Kimberly McCullough or Jonathan Jackson. They are the exception, and he ain't it.
  10. A real investment would be a month or 2-3 month-long thing, not just 5 days. But it's a start.
  11. It amazes me how they dumped all of Bobbie's foster kids (2-3, 4?) minus Lucas and I don't think we ever heard of any of them again.
  12. I will be amazed if there is literally any location filming. I assume it's all setbound.
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