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  1. Am I really supposed to go watch Relish Wars at 2 PM now? Damn, TOLN.

    1. ChitHappens


      LMAO! But even you said that you like some of things that Cartini have done with GH (not sure what), so now is your opportunity to look for those things even though you have the other shows back, right?

    2. Vee


      I like plenty of things they do there, yes. I even like the relish story to a point. But there's just no comparison in the quality. GH is junk food for me, these two are a level above. The difference between these shows and every other daytime soap is striking.

    3. ChitHappens


      I definitely want to check out AMC when I get home. As for quality and GH? Those words DON'T belong in the same sentence! Glad you have your show(s) back :)

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