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  1. I still have that "face of AIDS" gag I put on my name as a joke after bellcurve and Sylph claimed I had it. Should take it down.

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    2. aMLCproduction


      Monty u always LOL on here. LOL

    3. Vee


      I only today discovered that last discussion last year about BC's banning. I was told at the time that s/he and Sylph were one and the same, but I never got that impression myself. I can't imagine where those two got the idea that I had AIDS. Maybe Harding Lemay told Sylph in one of their many telephone conversations. But of course it was all "politics" and "cliques" - not randomly calling someone an "AIDS patient" in the middle of a board argument. So biz...

    4. aMLCproduction


      Vee u r silly. LMAO Lemay talked with Slph? I have seen them both on since the time. Just ask soap boy

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