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    2. Khan


      So, Peter recognized almost immediately that he had an unhealthy attraction to his sister; and she, to him.  And he spent the rest of that day and the next doing his best to avoid being alone with her.


      Finally, their parents, sensing the tension between their children, sat Peter down and told him the truth: he was not their biological son.  Rather, they had adopted him at birth, because his biological parents were entirely too young to raise a child.


      Peter was both stunned to learn the truth about his birth and relieved that his feelings for his "sister" were not perverted.  Nevertheless, his adoptive parents' revelation left him with a ton of questions about his biological ones: Who were they?  Did the family know them?  Whatever happened to them?  Were they still together?  Did he have any brothers or sisters?  (Okay, so it left him with only five questions.)


      That's when Peter's (adoptive) father retrieved a VHS tape from his locked desk drawer.  "The answers to all your questions," he said, "are on this tape."


      Later that night, after dinner had been eaten and the Christmas gifts opened, Peter was left alone in the study to play the tape on the family's old VCR.  What he watched changed his life forever....




    3. ReddFoxx


      Never saw that ad when it originally aired and the first time I ever found out about it was when I saw a skit of it.

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I remember when it originally aired and NEVER thought it had incestuous tones at all. The fact that she proudly established herself as his sister prevented me from ever going in the "Oh, they're [!@#$%^&*]" direction.

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