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  1. The general public's response on social media to the John/Marlena Tide ad just goes to show that soaps still have love from a generational audience. The networks just don't want to service it. #thatsthatonthat

    1. dragonflies


      I agree and it helps that Jarlena are hugely popular with a ginormous fanbase. Tide knew who to market too and it worked

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Part of me wants to applaud P&G for finally seeing what's obvious-- that the synergy between soap and soap operas can always be renewed and will never grow stale as long as innovative and creative ideas come to the fore.  The other part of me is irritated that someone at that wretched corporation didn't have the brains to implement this when P&G still actually produced soaps.  So, in effect, one hand is clapping or maybe a Pelosi-style of applause.

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