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  1. RIP Aron Eisenberg - Ensign Nog of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, one of the best shows of the 1990s and a precursor to many, many serialized sci-fi shows today. 



    1. DRW50


      I watched one of the other clips, where he was talking about his fear of death or injury since losing a leg. Very powerful. It's especially moving when you remember the Ferengi were created as cheap jokes. 

    2. Vee


      DS9 took what had been a catastrophic failure of a villain race on TNG since early on, the Ferengi, who had been considered a lost cause at that point, and made Nog, Quark and Rom some of the most complex characters on the new show. Strip away some of the chintzy syndication production values and many of their great monologues would be at home on HBO, on Deadwood or The Wire.


      If nothing else comes of this sad event I hope it spurs more people to watch DS9. It starts slow and episodic but by the end of Season 2 is starting to hum, and by Season 4 is cooking with gas. It's there for me every time. I'll watch some again today.

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