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  1. Constance Wu is melting down on twitter because her show got renewed. Amazing.

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    2. John
    3. DramatistDreamer


      The actors are talented but the show is not great. I'm sure Wu feels badly for threatening to mess up her fellow actors' bags.

      I've already mentioned how highly conflict many Asian Americans feel about FOTB.  I've had conversations with friends about this from Day 1.  Most don't watch but they also knew that the show's failure might threaten prospects for a better show featuring a Asian American majority cast to get greenlit.  When you're a POC, it's not that difficult to understand where the conflict comes in.  I've said that from the very beginning.

    4. Vee


      It takes a unique amount of chutzpah on this planet to pepper your clean-up statement over a public tantrum about a high paying job with phrases like "sometimes even my friends can't believe how passionate I am" and end it with "it's meaningful to believe women". Not sure equating 'believing women' with 'believe me about my Hollywood job' is the right angle here, just saying.



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