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  1. Classy of Zimmer to be interviewed on it. She discusses it a fair bit in her book.
  2. I thought Lady Bird was profoundly overrated, despite some great performances. Little Women OTOH shocked me by being my favorite film of last year. It was an epic achievement, particularly in terms of its structure and production design, and yes, I feel Gerwig was robbed.
  3. I love a lot of Friedkin's work and really like Sorcerer - I got to see the restoration a few years ago on the big screen - but I adore the original film, Clouzot's The Wages of Fear. [/OT]
  4. Vee


    J____ and/or possibly an ardent fan have many sockpuppets which are largely inactive but which @Toups and @Errol inexplicably refuse to ban. Donna should be very carefully regulated at the very least, but I guess that would take too much time away from showing up every four months to tell us you'll be back after lunch.
  5. Vee

    Doctor Who

    Because of the blood sacrifice they made to Anubis, lord of the dead, Donna.
  6. Vee

    Doctor Who

    Lovely to see Sacha Dhawan, who played Waris Hussein in An Adventure in Space and Time, as
  7. I don't have investment in the future of American daytime because daytime has no investment. It's a zombie now. They had their chance to revolutionize (online) and largely shunned it. GH had some good stuff from 2012-2015 - FV and RC saved that show that first year with a mix of wild/bad camp and genuinely good stuff, and had many highs and lows before crashing completely. But only AMC 2.0 and OLTL 1.0 and 2.0 fully mattered to me in the 2010s. AMC 2.0 was the best American soap opera of the 2010s, and it only ran about five months seven years ago. OLTL 2.0, close second. That says it all.
  8. I haven't watched that material since I was a child, but the way I remember it was that while pre-psycho Kristen was invested in by the show, IMO there was never any doubt John and Marlena's connection remained the core of the story. I don't believe Deidre's age was ever a factor. I think they knew what they'd had since the '80s with them and were all in (at the expense of Roman, of course), at least until JER went off the reservation several years later with his Catholic shït and started flirting with John and Hope.
  9. So old Bravo, so 90s. 



    1. DramatistDreamer


      When Bravo and A&E had non-reality show based aspirations.  

  10. Then you're the last person left online who hasn't. Not only did Ehlers flame out at AMC after publicly disrespecting a war veteran who upstaged her, Kim Zimmer all but named BE in her memoir, basically confirming the many, many rumors about BE and her relationship issues with some of her costars. You should know them since they started circulating over 20 years ago and continued until she quit GL.
  11. @Errol @Toups why is Donna quoting herself and others about random soaps in unrelated threads?
  12. Charles Parnell, the extremely hot Derek Frye #2 on AMC, is visible in the new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick.
  13. I'd forgotten how hilarious Jan Hooks' Bette Davis was - she absolutely nails elderly Bette's speech patterns in her later years. "Ronald Colman sent me a dead owl!"
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