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  1. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    This one is not the triple dip at the top of the page - it's the real deal, with even more major new stuff, including tons of new S3 stuff. I will be getting it. This suddenly happening makes me wonder just how quiet things are for TP right now behind the scenes.
  2. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    Grace Zabriskie, the legend who walks among us, has a new movie coming out (from the director of the shockingly not awful unauthorized Child's Play remake):
  3. For some reason I woke up reminded of Katie Holmes' masterful ploy that got full custody of her daughter away from Tom Cruise and the CoS in a lightspeed divorce. Quietly keeping an apt in NYC and taking work that filmed there, and doing it all in record time before he knew what hit him. If you told me Katie fuckin' Holmes would be the woman to outwit Scientology I'd never have believed you. A move worthy of the soaps.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I heard that GH has its 2-bit cult story but somehow I think that they lack the imagination or creativity to write something akin to the Katie Holmes story. That story is more classic daytime soap (i.e. 30 years ago).  Maybe a good primetime soap on AMC, Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

  4. I like Drew, but 'hosting an hour-long talk show in which she talks, for an hour' is not my idea of a winning format for her.
  5. The Melrose revival had a great cast, especially Katie Cassidy and Stephanie Jacobson. It was the stories that let most of them down (except Cassidy, who owned the show singlehandedly). I thought it had more raw potential than 90210 2.0 when it was cancelled though. 90210 2.0 was always pretty bad. It had a talented cast wasted. Especially the original series vets (including Jennie Garth) and Lori Loughlin and Estes. But no, Jennie leaving over a rare good story is not their fault. Everything else is. Re: Jessica Walter's character, which I knew wouldn't work, she was said to be off shooting films or vacationing constantly.
  6. I'm just praying Bravo doesn't find a way to make it star Andy Cohen.
  7. It was a storyline and an interesting one. The show was crap but Kelly maybe getting involved with Rob Estes was one of the few things that held my interest.
  8. Yoof Twitter embracing The Golden Girls on Hulu makes me happy.

    1. ChitHappens


      I signed up a month ago to watch Handmaiden's Tale and saw TGG.  I was over the moon.  I just need to remember that damn password!  

  9. Watched the always fascinating Paul Verhoeven's insane Middle Ages epic Flesh + Blood tonight with the late great Rutger Hauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Susan Tyrrell(!) - had no idea the little drummer boy carousing amongst the rest of the raping, thieving mercenaries was a very young Jake Wood a.k.a. Max Branning. He had a front row seat for a lot in this movie.
  10. The shaming of them is kind of relentless in at least the last six to twelve months, so much that I think a reckoning may actually be coming this time. Their brand of snobbery and insular arrogance re: the norms of journalism is uniquely unsuited to this moment in history. What makes it worse is, there are still a lot of legitimately good journalists on staff and stories the paper breaks.
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