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  1. Ambitions beat Pose. Credit where it's due, I didn't think it had a chance at that. Quality is not the relevant conversation, eyes are so bringing up that Pose is 'better' is pointless. But I hate Ryan Murphy so it's all gucci
  2. I've got plenty of issues with Jamey's past. But he worked hard here and I can't fault him for that.
  3. I don't know that that's fair. I do think Jamey understands a lot of elements of soap structure and foundational stuff, and I've listened to him long enough to feel that way even when I vehemently disagreed with his opinions on contemporary soaps. (It was beyond me how he could quote stuff about classic AW, AMC, etc chapter and verse and get it right, yet still cut for Ron Carlivati's GH or various dumb stunts on latter-day Y&R.) Like I said, I think there's nothing wrong with the characters and setup he has on this show - the bones are fine. It's clearly inspired by stuff like AW, which he adores. Now whether he is the best at executing that onscreen, or whether I agree with his taste, is another story and always has been. But it wasn't full tacky like HAHN. It was broad but not a total cartoon. And the dialogue wasn't all sheer camp but it was mostly very, very baldfaced exposition elevated by actors. Anyway, there is a writing staff and it was a pilot. It was far from a work of genius but it was silly fun. So I'll watch again, why not.
  4. The last scene with Stephanie and Evan was pretty fun. It was an entertaining little show. I just wish the dialogue wasn't almost entirely load-bearing plot mechanics and character intro. Show, don't tell. The actors are doing it all for the script. I may come back for more, I'm curious how it evolves. I can't believe the pilot randomly ended on a raunchy sex scene of the mayor taking the stylist from behind! That's the Jamey Giddens I know!
  5. Phillip was deader than Hilary. Lots of folks have been. Paging Jack Devereaux.
  6. Hooooooo boy. What amazes me? Almost all the dialogue is arch exposition. Like, literally, all of it is simply expository with some snide jabs. It's written like it's a twitter thread explaining the soap someone would make - in fact, Jamey wrote tweet threads like this for his ideal soaps, or for what he'd do with Soap X, Y or Z. And the suggested script dialogue was always broad expository stuff like this - 'I, so and so, head of such and such company, have married so and so, the only son of...', etc etc. And here it is on TV! Yet despite the formula of that it's still much better written than HAHN. As this was Jamey's pilot I am very curious how the show will sound when it goes to the hands of other staff writers. The foundation and bones of the characters he's made are fine, it's the dialogue that needs a lot of work. The actors elevate what is almost complete expository verse, so I can't say it's 'bad'. They all sell it well. I just... am amazed they let it all read and sound like this. I'm not panning it because it's entertaining and the actors are solid, and it's not amateurish. I am glad for him. But... it's completely exposition! How is this happening?
  7. There is no reason they would ever do that with Hilary. She is who she is, a 'real' Hilary would not have the same history. How does your mind even go there?
  8. LOL why in the hell would they do that??
  9. It really has to be Hilary. Don't do the stupid shít. I had a feeling when they had MM start doing ghost cameos there might be more to it. You don't handicap the new girl like that.
  10. Welp! I'm not entirely surprised tbqh
  11. Yes, but right now it's his problem, not ours. And Warren is becoming a real contender in a way I thought she sadly wouldn't be six months ago. Speaking of: BTW: I've already had to deal with a "the centrists made Bernie attack Warren" defense today, lol
  12. And Chuck's very out of step with the moment on this one, which makes me think NBC may actually make him walk it back. Joe Biden is a good if very flawed man. His heart is in the right place and I will vote for him without much agita if need be, but this is a fundamental misreading of our times and why he is the wrong man for this moment in our history, IMO. I think this and other things like it will continue to damage him.
  13. Tuck Chodd [sic] is getting absolutely hammered and roasted for his crap today, which makes me happy. I hope the network makes him walk it back. This is always who he's been. Meanwhile:
  14. A lot of GH in 2003-2004 looks like Merchant-Ivory compared to GH 2019. And believe me, that was one rough year.
  15. I have not forgiven Jamey or DC for how they treated the PP soaps. I do think Jamey has grown a bit since then. I've said my peace about him in this thread over the last five pages.
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