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  1. @Errol, please just brushfire the IPs when you get a chance. Thanks.
  2. Vee

    Star Trek: Picard

    I'm amazed Marina just barely managed to keep her mouth shut.
  3. Dawnn Lewis is in the new animated Star Trek series! That takes me back.

  4. Vee

    Star Trek: Picard

    Well, these are only the first returns confirmations at the moment, but I'd be very surprised if she and the rest don't either in the first season or the second (it's planned to run three years). LeVar Burton said recently he was fairly sure he would at some point. I always wanted Picard and Crusher to get together properly. I know the producers nixed it in the final seasons of TNG, and there was an inexplicable push to pair him off with new women in the films (though they sadly nixed his kiss with Alfre Woodard in First Contact - they were great together). In the TNG books they married and had a son. I hope there is a nod to their relationship, as in the series finale it was said they married (and divorced) in a possible future.
  5. Vee

    Star Trek: Picard

    Very happy to have Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, etc. confirmed on top of those in the trailer.
  6. Eagerly waiting to see what your new avatar will be! I also eagerly await the arrival of permanent and not temporary bans from posting.
  7. From SDCC: Danai Gurira confirmed her departure in the upcoming season, and the Andrew Lincoln-starring TWD films will play in theaters. (Possibly only in theaters, if I read the announcement right.) IIRC Danai is going to be in them as well.
  8. Yeah, that definitely never happened.
  9. I'm pleased the creative team is returning to cap it off. The new film was quite good.
  10. You'd think he'd be shrewd enough after this many years in daytime to realize Traci (as well as being a beloved character with a rich history) is one of a number of audience surrogates in soaps, and lean into it as I assume Don Diamont and Michael Damian, etc. did before him. Certain studs are positioned as dream figures for the viewer.
  11. Goddard should watch himself. When Kristoff (RIP) was alive and his friend it was one thing, but Y&R is a snakepit of egos and people on that show go back with Beth Maitland a long, long way, to say nothing of the fans. He has snaked his way out of any good story he's been given that would make him more than Lily's man, the role he is most comfortable with and most useless in. So kill him.
  12. Best of luck with the rest of your real one. I like JT and thought Miller was wildly overrated at Y&R, but I don't think he's anywhere near as successful in the role as Miller was. He has a small fanbase with the GT fans there IMO and that's it.
  13. Other actors in games, sure. Those two? Nope. Nolan North is a household name with a ton of young folks because of gaming and is pitched as such at major industry events. Brian Bloom, again, has never been hard up enough to return to soaps (and there's times I've hoped he would), even in his worst years. These days he has a similar career to North, who was never as famous outside games as Bloom was to begin with. And Bloom also has substantial film industry connections with big directors. So no, he definitely won't be back. And if by some miracle either of them were to appear they wouldn't do it as Drew, the stopgap character absolutely no one at GH cares about.
  14. Come to find out after all these years that nelly old Michael Fairman is the soap industry's answer to Walter White
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