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  1. I knew the killer in Sharp Objects from the very first scene they appeared, but the series is still a towering and supremely satisfying achievement of TV/film with incredible performances - and owes a ton to soap opera.

    1. Juliajms


      Yes, Amy Adams was so good in this.  I knew the killer because I've read the book, I haven't seen the finale yet.

    2. Cat


      I hadn't read the book and while I suspected a couple of characters, I was totally creeped out by the episode -- especially the closing credits!


      Totally owes a ton to soap opera (and to Hitchcock's Notorious at one point). It was a dreamlike, nightmarish, horrific fairy-tale. The tension ratcheted up throughout that final episode, wow.


      Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson were, of course, incredible, but I thought Eliza Scanlen (Amma) and Taylor John Smith (John Keene) were absolute standouts.

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