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  1. I do not care for Grey's Anatomy, but this is one refreshingly raw interview from Ellen Pompeo: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/ellen-pompeo-tvs-20-million-woman-reveals-her-behind-scenes-fight-what-i-deserve-1074978

    1. Wendy


      No problem with the payout as she is a lead on a long-running hit show. But, gotta be honest, reading this, I was turned off by her snobbery. The usual, "OMG! They wanted me to do TV! I'm an ACH-tress! Spielberg, etc. loved me! I was gonna be a MOVIE STAH."


      I know, perhaps 90% of actors are like that, but at least some keep the diva attitude to a minimum.

    2. Vee


      I think she was kind of mocking her old attitude.

    3. Wendy


      Except she said that was what she said when offered the script for the show. I'm sure she has learned to appreciate TV with the bag of bucks, but that just rubbed me the wrong way. Oh, well!  :-)


      (Making that attitude even weirder was she was on Original Law & Order in a guest role as a Karla Homolka-based character before Grey's, so...)

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