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  1. The Politics Thread

    It's not planned, though. It's not some strategy. It's just a spontaneous tantrum because he doesn't want to sign it. Meanwhile! Sure, John Dowd is gone and Ty Cobb may be fired, but Trump's new legal team is on the case.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Very sorry to hear it. Meanwhile, more on Cambridge Analytica and other stuff:
  3. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I may think the story is character assassination based on the past and I may not be a fan of Heinle's work as Victoria, but I'm not sure there's any way most of us can shrug off JT choking Victoria and putting his fist in the wall next to her face. Whether or not it's OOC it's now what's happened, it's not going to be retconned. And no woman deserves or invited that, not even if she's played by Amelia Heinle.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    I think Nancy Curlee might have been able to help OLTL, for awhile anyway.
  5. The Politics Thread

    A good piece on how Ivanka and Jared's world keeps collapsing, and a suggestion that if push came to shove she would choose Jared over her father, while her father would absolutely cut Jared loose to save himself (something his once and perhaps future lawyer, Kasowitz, has reportedly suggested to him before). I never believed that Ivanka would choose anything over her father, and I'm still not convinced - as the piece notes, her devotion to him since childhood is pathological - but this isn't the first article in the last few weeks that is highly critical of her but also suggests that she might now have more loyalty than the once-stable life she had with her husband than to the aging Trump.
  6. "Roseanne" revival

    A good interview with Roseanne and John Goodman on Kimmel. Kimmel playfully grills her about Trump (and Goodman needles her a bit as well), and tbh Roseanne seems defensive but also sheepish. As I suspected, she seems secretly embarrassed despite her wounded pride - and interestingly, earnestly urges people to vote and "change it if you don't like it."
  7. The Politics Thread

    That's why they all hate it - Greenwald, much of the Intercept staff, the Sanders camp, and then of course the right. In the end, while degrees and points of critique may change, all it ultimately comes down to is that they hate the Democratic Party, and suggesting Russians may have infiltrated our political system and unfairly swung the election undermines their core tenet and belief, which is that Democrats suck and they were right all along. The alternative makes them all look like fools.
  8. The Politics Thread

    The advantage today is that a lot of people are now longer clouded by the fog of 9/11 and know Bolton's name and history. People see through the neocon [!@#$%^&*] after living through it, and the media is calling Bolton what he is. Will that stop anything, I don't know. I can't wait to hear the contortions the Greenwald/Bernie Left do to justify their past choices re: Clinton with John Bolton riding again.
  9. "Roseanne" revival

    There's more good reviews circulating in the press today, which I am pleasantly surprised by. I still have a lot of reservations, but I like a fair amount of the clips I've seen. It'll just be nice to see them all again.
  10. "Roseanne" revival

    Variety gives a mostly decent review (from Sonia Saraiya, who I can't stand). I've heard before that the pilot has the cast a little awkward in their rhythms, and this seems to bear that out. This bit about the pilot's Trump/Hillary plot and stuff in future is interesting (spoiler tagged):
  11. Twin Peaks

    Aaaaand a couple more: Lisa Coronado (the hit and run mom), Mary Reber (Alice Tremond/the real-life owner of the Palmer house from Part 18), John Pirruccello (Deputy Chad) and Zoe McLane (the supermarket girl who runs afoul of Sarah Palmer).
  12. Twin Peaks

    Jake Wardle (Freddie) got his final fight script on a post-it note the day of: His interview with a fansite. Additional interviews with Mark Frost, producer and Lynch right hand Sabrina Sutherland, and James Grixoni (dreamy Deputy Jesse).