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  1. "Roseanne" revival

    Variety gives a mostly decent review (from Sonia Saraiya, who I can't stand). I've heard before that the pilot has the cast a little awkward in their rhythms, and this seems to bear that out. This bit about the pilot's Trump/Hillary plot and stuff in future is interesting (spoiler tagged):
  2. Twin Peaks

    Aaaaand a couple more: Lisa Coronado (the hit and run mom), Mary Reber (Alice Tremond/the real-life owner of the Palmer house from Part 18), John Pirruccello (Deputy Chad) and Zoe McLane (the supermarket girl who runs afoul of Sarah Palmer).
  3. Twin Peaks

    Jake Wardle (Freddie) got his final fight script on a post-it note the day of: His interview with a fansite. Additional interviews with Mark Frost, producer and Lynch right hand Sabrina Sutherland, and James Grixoni (dreamy Deputy Jesse).
  4. The Politics Thread

    And even more big news:
  5. The Politics Thread

    Whoa: Meanwhile, after a weak statement re: the CA scandal, Mark Zuckerberg is going on CNN soon to try and salvage his rep.
  6. The Politics Thread

    The mortifying backstory of Don Jr. and Aubrey O'Day continues to unfold.
  7. Doctor Who

    Eccleston talks with the Radio Times some more about why he quit DW in Series 1 and how it destroyed his relationship with Russell T. Davies.
  8. "Roseanne" revival

    The BBC did this BTS TV doc featuring a week on the set of Roseanne in '91. The Roseanne portion of the doc was stripped from American airings, but here it is. It's something else: You can see a young Amy Sherman-Palladino in there in the writers' room, along with Chuck Lorre, etc.