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  1. I've always been lukewarm on The X-Files overall, but bingeing it on Netflix out of boredom reminds me how some episodes really hold up as creepy, like "Eve" with Harriet Sansom Harris. They even named a band after it.

    1. DRW50


      I started the first season. I'm still just halfway through it from months ago, but ponderousness aside, it has some good moments (mostly from Gillian Anderson). And I loved that cheesy dated Ghost in the Machine episode.

    2. Vee


      There are some great episodes and some less great ones. It's not all to my taste and never was but the actors are great and some of the stories are a lot of fun. I'm glad they're coming back and I'll probably watch it.

    3. applcin


      I never watched it when it was on but I'm considering binging, too. I just have so much to catch up on between current shows, The Doctors, some other oldies. I don't watch much tv "live"...I do a lot of recording, streaming and on demand, lol.

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