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  1. This Macy's parade feed is ominous, lol. No one on the streets and Ronald McDonald in a face shield and waving at nothing.



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    2. DRW50


      Did they really talk over Patti Labelle and then cut away from her?

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I am hearing from my social media TL that people were actually appreciative of the fact that, instead of having people fly from across the country, they get to see local performers that they wouldn't normally see. Until today, some people had no idea what a Mermaid Parade existed or what it's about, lol.

    4. DRW50


      I saw someone saying Bebe Roxha looked like Manos of Manos Hands of Fate.

  2. Finally watched the West Wing live performance from HBO Max (which you can watch free on their site all year). They wisely openly acknowledge during the act breaks that the show is now an idealistic fantasy compared to today, but it has a lot to offer. Richard Schiff's performance when he urges Sheen to make it an election between "qualified and not" was clearly emotional for him and resonant with today. I'm glad to hear he is apparently out of hospital.

    1. DRW50


      Never really watched the show, or cared for Sorkin, but the seething, obsessive hatred many fauxgressives have it makes me happy it went well.

  3. I don't play them today but as a kid who blew way too much damn money on the original 3 Mortal Kombat arcade games, seeing the movie actors (including daytime's own Linden Ashby) return and Bridgette Wilson replace Ronda Rousey makes me happy. 


  4. Will Smith (of course) did a Red Table Talk discussing the Janet Hubert reunion even more. I've always been cynical about him, but I feel he did this right in the reunion and here. https://www.facebook.com/redtabletalk/videos/3823074501060289/

    1. Vee


      The above most recent video at the link has a lot more of the convo with Smith and Hubert. A lot of what he says about his compulsive need to perform and make people laugh in spite of when it was appropriate or necessary is what always has rubbed me wrong about him even when I liked some of his earlier work. I liked him owning that and explaining where it comes from.

  5. I guess I'm going to do the HBO Max trial tonight for the FP reunion like the fool I am for Real Aunt Viv content

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    2. Vee


      Daphne Maxwell-Reid was never at her best on FP bc the Vivian role was neutered with the recast, but she is a very solid actress. Watching her greet Hubert with "welcome home" was all class.

    3. DaytimeFan


      It's up on YouTube:



    4. Vee


      Watch it fast, folks!

  6. Did not know that Marvel's WandaVision is a) coming out in January and b) filmed live https://www.indiewire.com/2020/11/wandavision-consulted-dick-van-dyke-filmed-live-studio-audience-1234597777/

  7. You know who shows up at the end: 



  8. Michael J. Fox has still got it. 


  9. RIP Alex Trebek. 


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    2. kalbir


      So sad 😢. I love game shows just as much as daytime dramas. Jeopardy was a big part of my childhood/teen years.

    3. Taoboi


      Le sigh,


      I loved Jeopardy as a kid. 

    4. ~bl~


      I'm crying I screamed and now I'm crying. :( 

  10. I love you Gritty

  11. Supernatural is embarrassing.

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    2. Vee


      Has to do with the angel guy and Jensen Ackles. I can't even describe it so you best look it up. I watched the scene and was embarrassed for all involved. It was simultaneously homophobic and wildly tone deaf.

    3. DRW50


      Ah. I looked it up. Yeah. Some vocal fans wanted "canon Destiel." It's very Supernatural and very Jensen (who was NEVER comfortable with the idea of a queer Dean even though the character was heavily coded as bisexual) to play that type of game. Sad. Not surprising.

    4. victoria foxton
  12. @Errol please move the edit button back down to the bottom of posts, thank you!

  13. What the!!

  14. HOW did no one tell me Unsolved Mysteries S2 is up on Netflix!

  15. One Day at a Time Season 4 (re-)premieres on CBS tonight!

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Thanks for the reminder!

  16. Current events rather distracted, but I will be devouring Sky TV/HBO's 12-hour livestream of the mid-chapter of The Third Day today. I'm always interested in innovative narrative experiments, especially with horror.

  17. RIP to the legendary Michael Lonsdale. I guess I need to finally finish Out 1.

  18. Willing to beg for the quote system to work properly.

  19. Addicted to Borgen on Netflix, after waiting many many years to have an opportunity to see it properly after endless buzz. Few shows have depicted the decay of a relationship so agonizingly.

    1. sheilaforever


      We started watching the show recently as well. I cannot fully get the hype, though. If you are refering to Birgitte and her husband I'm 100% behind your statement. The actors are AMAZING and the spotlight on the family life of a Nation's leader in the 2000s is exquisite. The episodic storyline are mostly meh; the only episode that truly stood out for me was the one about female quotas in corporations.

    2. Vee


      I love them all so far tbh

    3. Cat


      I loved Borgen too. It's been a while since I watched it, and it kind of made me want to Denmark for a moment there. The actress playing Birgitte is *chef's kiss* in the role. All of them are good, in fact.

  20. An entry for Ripley's Believe it or Not: Ehl0jBiXYAcMaZ9?format=jpg&name=large

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    2. DRW50


      I definitely couldn't believe it either. Thrilled it's going to happen though. 

    3. AbcNbc247


      Holy crap! She made peace with him?

    4. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Aha, this explains the group of pigs I saw fly past my window yesterday!   ^_^

  21. Catherine Oxenberg (ex-Dynasty) will be featured in this Sunday's episode (and likely many more) of HBO's The Vow, the NXIVM docuseries which is one of the most in depth long form documentaries I've ever seen.


    1. DRW50


      I'd heard the stories about her being taken advantage of and abused but Bell seemed to be the one trying to control the narrative and blaming her son. This is so awful. 

  23. Damn. RIP Ben Cross, the sexy and soulful Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows '91.

    1. DRW50


      Oh that's so sad. He was great as Barnabas. 

    2. Wendy


      Wow! I loved his take on Barnabas. (Loved the '91 series overall; sad the Persian Gulf War basically killed it.)  :( May he RIP!

    3. Taoboi
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