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  1. GL's Don Stewart stars with a talking chimp named Trudi in the ridiculous "Carnival Magic" - the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix just keeps on giving.

  2. Nichelle Nichols meets new Star Trek lead Sonequa Martin-Green at the Star Trek: Discovery premiere: https://twitter.com/NichelleIsUhura/status/910305125805080576

    1. Vee
    2. DRW50


      That's so beautiful.

    3. Vee


      It really is! I have been upset with how the show has been handled in some areas, but the early word is good and I love Star Trek so we'll see. I just wish it wasn't stuck on CBS' white elephant platform. The pilot airs on TV on Sunday.

  3. WHY is Jessica Tuck joining GH?

    1. DRW50


      I'd say money talks but they can't be paying much. I guess it's still a gig. I'm just glad they aren't going to have her play Megan...

  4. Not here for this earthquake shít! Moving West was a mistake!

  5. The young girl in It is going to be a huge star if she plays her cards right.

    1. AllMyDaysatGH


      Without a doubt!

    2. Franko


      Agreed, wholeheartedly.

  6. Series 2 of Sky's Fortitude is a lot more all over the place plot-wise than Series 1, but it still retains the power to absolutely shock when it takes a major character. Oof.

  7. Nice to see Ebony freelancers standing up. I can never know the magnitude of that particular struggle, but as a freelancer I know what it's like to have to hunt down your pay for months from a client: http://www.theroot.com/ebonyowes-freelancers-sue-historic-black-magazine-for-1802248405

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I know what this is like too. People would never do this to contractors on Wall Street, so why has this become an acceptable practice toward writers and artisans?

  8. Did Sky TV seriously leak Twin Peaks early again

  9. Today in awful: Cultural vampire Katy Perry dragged Dustin from Stranger Things into her music video. Where will she strike next? Withdraw, succubus!

    1. DRW50


      Why are they doing a video for a single that flopped months ago?

    2. MissLlanviewPA


      I'll be the no-taste bitch who didn't mind the video and thought she poked fun at herself in a funny way. It was nice knowing you guys. *runs away before I get shanked*

  10. Wild to see Sansa on GOT occupying Ned and Catelyn's chambers as Wardeness of the North.

    1. Graham


      Do you get a thrill out of spoiling [!@#$%^&*]?


      I'm going to post every Twin Peaks spoiler I find dumbass.

    2. Vee


      That was two weeks ago, bitch.

  11. Heard good things about the Showtime doc on Whitney Houston coming out on the 25th. Trailer here: 


  12. Oh lord. Janet Hubert @ it again https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DHZowNCUIAAI8E4.jpg:large

    1. Khan


      "Oh, Lord" is right.

    2. ChitHappens


      I aint mad!  She is telling truths!  

    3. ReddFoxx


      Except for the N-word, her post is accurate.

  13. "...And last night I had another Monica Bellucci dream!" #twinpeaks

  14. You go looking for Brienne of Tarth gifs and you get leaked GOT episode 7 script pages. Well, at least I guessed something like that was coming.

  15. I am far from sold on David Letterman returning to the talk circuit after a good exit (even a single guest longform thing, which this sounds like), but this quote is priceless: "I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix. Here's what I have learned, if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching, drive safely." http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/david-letterman-returning-tv-netflix-talk-show-1027577

    1. DRW50


      I've heard quite a few retired people say that. Well he should suit Netflix, although I have a feeling he might end up being rougher-edged than some are expecting.

    2. MissLlanviewPA


      My favorite late night host of all time. I'm happy to see him again. 

    3. YRBB


      As long as that beard is gone.

  16. I spoiled myself heavily for next week's Twin Peaks and have only minimal regret.

    1. hsfolk


      who cares?

  17. Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.

  18. Wow, Carol Burnett!



    1. DRW50


      I really hope it works out for her and that Netflix's gain is ABC's loss. I know my parents will be happy. 

    2. DramatistDreamer


      I love Carol Burnett, hope she finds a large and dedicated audience on Netflix the way Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin did.

  19. RIP to the legendary Jeanne Moreau.

    1. Cat


      omg what??? :o

    2. I Am A Swede
    3. DramatistDreamer


      Jules et Jim, during the time that I watched a bunch of films from the French New Wave. RIP, Ms. Moreau.

  20. No I do not have "news to share" nor do I "want to advertise" WTF is this [!@#$%^&*] at the top of every page on the site and why is this site always consistently fúcked up

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KMan101


      It annoyed me too. Shame on me for not seeing the "x" to close it LOL

    3. reallyhateskateonlost


      I just X that off. 

      Still can't start an update.

    4. Errol


      We installed a new feature that was not meant to appear on the Community pages. Since we became aware of the situation, we've since updated the system and removed that feature.


      But please keep in mind that SON is not free. It relies on ads.

  21. The well-aged Skeet Ulrich is a regular on Riverdale next season so I guess I def have to keep watching. He does have great chemistry with Mädchen Amick and they were smart to start leaning on the adults more.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vee



    3. DRW50


      I do hope the show does well for Madchen and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I think if I wasn't an Archie Comics fan I might be more interested. I feel like the show is designed to tell Archie fans to stay away (by making Chuck a predatory rapist we are supposed to hope dies, for instance), so I don't think they really want someone like me to watch. But Madchen seems to love being on the show so I'm happy for her.

    4. Vee


      The show is def far from genius but my discussion of it in its thread charts my reaction ranging from utter distaste early on to qualified interest. It has many issues but the old and young cast really click well.

  22. Michelle Pfeiffer IS The Wasp!

  23. Why is CBS consistently too cheap to upload trailers and videos in 1080p like every other company on Earth? Do they think their chief demographic might die while the video buffers?

  24. Marcy Walker


    Just testing a theory, sorry.

    1. GSGfan2017


      Vee, did you have issues with Marcy as an actress?  Did you ever feel like Marcy was being forced down your throat?  Santa Barbara perhaps relied too heavily on her and A Martinez during a significant portion of its run.

    2. Vee


      Mission accomplished

    3. YRBB
  25. RIP Martin Landau.

    1. MissLlanviewPA


      LOVED him in this movie.