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    Twin Peaks

    An allegedly real casting notice is going around for "David Lynch's new film" requiring a brunette actress and (surprise) "tasteful nudity". The company or source is allegedly usually legit and is not related to fandom in any way. If it is actually more Twin Peaks, not an all-new film project per se, it's likely neither they nor we would know given the intense secrecy surrounding production of S3. Time will tell.
  2. I think much of the '90s DID story is a masterpiece and an inevitable conclusion, and I don't agree Viki's character never recovered. But I also can't necessarily wholly argue with a lot of these very valid points.
  3. Elizabeth Warren: still my candidate. And in fairness, they have to go after each other now at this point in the primary. It could be (and has been) far worse in primaries than this between candidates.
  4. The last time I saw her on video she was even worse. She's been deeply unwell for so long. But I do wish something could be done. I loved her on the show and for years never understood why she didn't get more work.
  5. It.... wasn't a short time, it was most of the show's run. She was there for the majority of four out of seven seasons.
  6. If AOC is breaking from the group she's making smart moves again. She wouldn't be the first young firebrand to learn. Omar is still ridiculous.
  7. The show is still so strong week to week. I'm glad its renewal is likely a done deal.
  8. They had her in the awkward Kathy Glass hairdo for awhile, IIRC.
  9. I think S6 is largely unwatchable. The holdover Summer of Love episodes are the only thing that save it. I think S7, despite some flaws, is vastly superior and much stronger than 90210 at the time. MP should not have ended then. The summer eps and S7 also made me an unlikely fan of the Jane/Michael reunion. I know some don't like it but I thought the refreshed Jane was a much stronger character who kept Michael in his place while still able to have fun with him - nobody was more surprised than me. The writing was there. I was pretty upset when they ended for good, though I liked Kyle/Jane and loved Michael/Lexi.
  10. As I said before, I thought they had real chemistry back then. I thought they'd have a hot fling. Should add: I rewatched it last week and while the later close platonic relationship they had was nice, Peter and Kimberly had smoking sexual chemistry at the end of S3. It was a mistake not to keep that viable.
  11. Brittany Allen has become a remarkably strong horror veteran. She's very good, which makes her unbearable AMC tenure all the more bizarre.

    1. AllMyDaysatGH


      Lol ya she's actually great!

  12. Not thinking he's evil doesn't mean I like him, lol. I'm sick of him and his people. I think we share some common causes but I think many of their tactics and choices are vile. The Salo thing was beyond the pale.
  13. The Christmas episode was solid. Loved Becky up late with Dan and the baby. The renewal of that relationship since the overall revival first began feels like healing a deep wound from their very hard rift in the original show. Still love the scorching hot Jay Ferguson, thrilled Ben and Darlene are back together. Sara Gilbert's subtle comic timing remains perfect.
  14. Vee

    Star Trek: Picard

    Michelle Hurd is killing it as Raffi.
  15. I’m not going to lose my mind over anything atm. We’ve got a ways to go. I will say the collective media freakout over Sanders gaining is both amusing and predictable. Media largely leans center-right, not “centrist democrat”. For many of them both Sanders and Warren are nightmares, but literally any Democrat nominated, Biden included, will continue to have the same right-framed 30 year old “how will you irresponsible hippies pay for X” questions lobbed at them. As it is, their terror of leftist policy will do nothing but embolden him and the base. And ultimately that is good for us, at least for now. In the general, though, the knives will come out far sharper than before. You can expect a repeat of Chuck Todd demanding Clinton answer for the biblical plagues while coddling Trump. Sanders has never faced that. If Sanders continues his momentum, then he can do a lot of good with the right team and the right choices. It’s never been the ideas I’ve had the issue with, it’s the execution, the people around him and the man’s deeply blinkered, tonedeaf approach to any issue outside his pet platform. I think his supposed Day 1 plans are amateur hour. I don't think he's an evil man; we agree on many things. I think he's deeply arrogant and much of his movement is toxic, and it doesn't have to be. If he doesn’t continue this wave then none of this matters. If he does, then fine - soon it will be time to prove he can do more than talk and blame others. Either way, nothing to do now but wait and watch.
  16. They're still pretty good, so it's not a hardship for me.
  17. Four behind and finally catching up. Meanwhile:
  18. It was a mistake killing all three of them - Pat, Peggy and Pauline. Granted, Barbara had extenuating circumstances and Wendy had her own health issues but still.

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