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  1. I can't be the only one who saw this OP and assumed Ken Corday had struck again (and possibly re-hired Dena Higley for the 90th time).
  2. Yeah. She's got my vote now. Meanwhile, on Opposite Street:
  3. I forgot about this. I'll have to watch. Please tell me the dialogue has finally ramped beyond "My husband, the mayor of this fair city, and I, his wife of the prominent family etc etc...."
  4. What exactly would be the reason to promote any of the GH names you mention up front to EP? What do any of us know they have done that would suggest they should be the new EP? What is the difference between Barrows or Weir, or Henry and Barrows? "They're already on staff and their names were in the credits" is not a credible answer unless this is a very binary challenge that is simply 'promote anyone from within, just because I can read IMDB.'
  5. Block and move on. Eventually the site will ban them.
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    2. Cat


      CC really had an It Factor that went beyond her looks. I thought she was hilarious and much more subtle than the part of Cordelia might lead you to believe. I'm stunned she didn't get more work beyond Angel (and a walk on in Veronica Mars). I hope it's not because Joss and the producers blackballed her in the industry because she *dared* to fall pregnant during S4 filming.

    3. Vee


      I was mortified when I next saw her playing Jason Statham's girlfriend in The Expendables. Talk about low rent (Statham was at the time).

    4. Cat


      We've all got rent to pay, lol. Gotta give it to Statham. +20 years playing the same enforcer character in the same film the industry keeps greenlighting! 

  6. A damning quote here from the still underrated Tommy Davidson, who doesn't do enough stuff (and I think we went to the same school growing up, albeit many years apart):
  7. How exactly do people on twitter think world famous celebrity Brenda Barrett's son is a Turkish pickpocket? LOL
  8. I thought it at first but I think they're actually two different people. Jonny frankly isn't that smart or versatile. If he was he wouldn't have let us keep him shooting blanks for most of last year.
  9. It is a deliberate attempt to pull focus with outrageous statements on every single topic. It started with Passions and has moved into everything else. That's why the only move is to block them, stop replying and alert @Errol. Don't give them fuel. Same with our other troll who feels newly emboldened after a year of being cock-caged. To be clear, that doesn't absolve SON of disciplining and/or banning them. It needs to be done.
  10. E. Jean Carroll accuses Les Moonves and Trump of rape.
  11. We have to put up with these assholes everyday when you're not around and they spam the board. You might find it fun but it sucks. It's a [!@#$%^&*] headache because Errol almost never wants to ban anyone. Except Jonny. For a whole year. We had to basically occupy the admin post for a week to make that happen at all. So please, given the herculean effort to create any moderation here, at the very least don't motivate them.
  12. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    People deliberately misunderstood a recent French interview as claiming there would be no Season 4 - he doesn't say that, but a translation had him allege he thought the show was over. This was then immediately contradicted by this, where he says at the beginning he hopes to someday explore Cooper more.
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