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  1. So this is about to be upon us, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about the beginnings of Marvel as we know it today. I watched Iron Man tonight in full for the first time since 2008 - the capstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It really holds up and is both modern, funny and human. What wasn't known then, but is now, is just how much of an incredible gamble it was. Many people know Robert Downey Jr. was uninsurable by '08, and that Marvel had to backstop him themselves. But it was also largely an independent film, taken on by the fledgling Marvel Studios only after every studio had put the property through development hell since the '90s before abandoning it, because no one cared about Iron Man. At that time, Marvel, only a handful of years out of its '90s bankruptcy, had sold most of its marquee character rights (Spider-Man, the X-Men, etc.) to other studios. Captain America and Thor were too earnest or esoteric to try out immediately. Iron Man, a character focus-testing indicated most of the general public thought was an actual robot if they knew him at all, was the only shot. The script was at least half-improvised, a la Robert Altman (a direct influence on Jon Favreau during the making of the film, and it shows). And Marvel had to take out a massive bank loan to finance the film at all. If it flopped or only broke even, the bank would own the entire remaining Marvel property catalog. But it worked. I won't say much about Captain America: The First Avenger because I think it stands for itself. It was also a huge gamble - a very earnest, even cheesy on paper, potentially jingoistic character being launched in a post-GW Bush America. I love Captain America but I never thought it could work onscreen. It did and it's still one of the best films Marvel ever made. I'll leave talking about the others to other people for now. I'll just say what I've said many times - what Marvel has accomplished is beyond my wildest dreams as both a film buff and a longtime comic book geek. If you told me we'd be here now a decade ago I'd call you insane. For better or worse, Marvel has created an entertainment superstructure that rivals the golden age of the Hollywood studio system of the 20th century. As Endgame is already out in parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, please tag all SPOILERS. The reviews are pretty good so far. (Granted, it got a B- from the guy at the A.V. Club who hates everything; a B- from him is an A anywhere else.)
  2. That Victor spoiler is every bad story he's had for at least a decade.
  3. Uh-oh! My mother was there, and this is how white str8 male organizers essentially behaved during the antiwar movement when Bernie came of age. Women shut up, black people were ancillary, the gays were beneath concern - it was always about the passionate, virile white guy with the megaphone who, if you really understood his rap, would sleep with you. That paradigm has not changed much on the far left for fifty years. When it began to in 2008 and a black guy took over the party and didn't listen to them, most of the latest generation of passionate white guys (Matt Taibbi, Greenwald, Scahill, etc.) proceeded to lose their fuckíng minds. Then, they began to do what a lot of their predecessors had done in the 70s and 80s - drift towards the enclaves of the right or right-adjacent or at least sympathetic, spaces where their voices are still heard first and loudest. The history of our ego is cyclical. Now, is Bernie those guys? Not exactly. I believe he means well. I also believe he's ultimately very privileged and self-absorbed. Take away a microphone and funds from him now, after he's had more than he dreamed, and I will wager $100 he will be on Fox in five years.
  4. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Iain Glen is the aged Bruce Wayne/Batman of DC's streaming Titans series.
  5. America: Stop taking your little kids to horror movies while they're in theaters.

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      I pray that one day we find a cure (if not a vaccine) for that [!@#$%^&*] awful disease.

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      Oh no. This is horrible news.

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      I couldn’t read that. It hits too close to home.

  6. On the one hand, no, I can't really take much of Morning Joe. OTOH this is a pretty inspired on-air response to Trump's latest ragetweets:
  7. You're doing too much conflating that Russia shít. Don't. Working in the industry (not soaps), I am the first to allow that many of these people are more than one thing and multi-faceted beyond what little we see. I'm sure many people had wonderful interactions with Goutman, I'm sure he did good things, and his longevity in soaps and otherwise going back to his acting days speaks to him not being a total creep. He may well be a lovely man personally. JFP did some good work as well (and has a lot of people BTS who still love her today - and just as many who can't stand her, and claiming her work was not misogynistic and that she did not go out of her way to punish certain unfavorites is a joke). I know people deified him for what he tried to do for AW, and I think back then and in his early years at ATWT he truly cared. I also think that whatever good Goutman did day to day, it could never countenance the complete shitshow of his latter-years tenure at ATWT. Not only his public comments but the show he put on spoke to his complete disinterest in any voice but his own. A handful of boilerplate magazine quotes given to press don't change that - that's what any EP would say. And no, sorry, I will never give him credit for anything in regards to the Martha Byrne debacle. Correction: They aren't supposed to. But they can and have off-book. Mal Young is one of few recent EPs who officially did so. JFP is another who did it off-book at OLTL for a year and ran the show further into the ground, until ABC forced her to hire Megan McTavish who became her glorified stenographer. There are many other cases. The writers at GH are also presently fully under the yoke of Frank Valentini's whims, which was not the case with Ron Carlivati. These days no one cares. But yes - some EPs can and do control the writing at that level, and have many times.
  8. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Given all of the above, here are my hot take predictions: - The Night King and Viserion/the ice dragon are not even at Winterfell. He has sent his army as a diversion to break their forces and is going to solo-attack King's Landing and bring a new army of the dead from the south. Episode 4 will deal largely with this. - Theon, Missandei, Beric Dondarrian and Lyanna Mormont die at Winterfell, maybe more I'm forgetting; Jorah and Grey Worm were red herrings this week because both their loved ones will be in the crypts, the most vulnerable place. Jorah emphasized that Lyanna is the future of their house while he is the outcast; this is why she will die and he will carry on the Mormont name. Possibly Gendry and Tormund bite it, but I'm not convinced. - Jaime dies killing and/or with Cersei. - Jon kills Daenerys, the power-hungry Mad Queen and the final villain of GOT, and in doing so dies himself. - The Stark kids survive. Bran likely returns to beyond the structure-formerly-known-as-the-Wall to be a greenseer in the wilderness. - Bronn dies saving Tyrion. - No one sits on the Iron Throne, thus breaking the wheel. Tyrion contributes to helping break Westeros into democratic citystates. - Sam, Gilly and Little Sam live out the series.
  9. This is typical Ron, though. He falls for a flashy side character (T-Boz) and dumps another. It was easy to see coming. Sometimes it works, other times, eh.
  10. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    A troubling thought many have pointed out: Many civilians are hiding in the crypts, 'the safest place.' The crypts... full of dead people. A great deal of the supporting cast is going down there: Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, Gilly, Little Sam, Lyanna Mormont (who just blessed Jorah's return) and many more, including the plucky little girl who vowed to defend the crypts for Gilly and Davos. In a word: Uh-oh! If the Night King wants to raise the dead of Winterfell I think he can - including Catelyn, Robb, Rickon and maybe Ned(? not sure if his body came home). Also: I definitely noticed there was no sign of the Night King in the final shot and found it suspicious. Some fans think he went to King's Landing. It's possible, but it's also possible they're just withholding him til next week.
  11. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I think they've foreshadowed Daenerys being the final villain a fair bit over the years - especially when she burned the Tarlys over everyone's objections. For her, law has always come down to obedience or death. I just worry it may be rushed when and if it finally happens. I haven't decided yet. Certainly many aspects of the show in the last few years have been rushed, but this (or even the Jon reveal) I don't know. I'd been expecting Gendry/Arya since S2 all those years ago, but oof, I was not ready for Maisie Williams getting even partially naked. They did it very tastefully (and apparently told her she didn't have to be seen nude at all if she didn't want), but still. I am glad they put them together. The long drinking convo scene was great. I have a feeling Jaime knighting Brienne is as close as we'll ever come to their consummation, and is intended as such. Theon vowing to protect Bran in the godswood got me. As did Sansa and Theon, the Mormonts, Sam giving Jorah his father's sword, etc. I didn't even realize the little scarred girl Davos and Gilly talk to in the food line was meant to evoke Shireen - who taught them both to read.
  12. I've probably talked about it before, but I just love The OA. There is nothing like it. Alice Krige and the late Scott Wilson give especially heart-rending performances in S1 but the main cast is also phenomenal, especially Phyllis Smith and Patrick Gibson.

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I agree Vee. Have you seen S2? I think it's even better than S1. It's such a mind [!@#$%^&*].

    2. Vee


      I am starting it shortly after rewatching S1. It looks even more insane than the first. I know they have an ambitious 5 year plan but it was frankly a miracle the show got renewed the first time. So I'm hoping it pulls out one more season - in the meantime, Netflix is sure to keep facing blowback and pressure re: their now-public attempts to cap most shows at 2-3 seasons.

  13. I can see an argument for impeaching Trump in this instance, which is something I never thought I'd say given the state of the Senate. I think grinding him down with the slow process of investigations is the best continued move - we'll be doing that anyway. Could impeachment be at the end of it? Maybe. Could it work well in this instance politically? Maybe. But honestly, that is all it is going to potentially do. And it has just as much potential to backfire. Unless we have a slam dunk in the Senate, impeachment proceedings will stall eventually. It may energize the base, but the media and the public have been trained to see impeachment as strictly a political tool as opposed to a necessary tool for the public trust, which will take many years to redefine. The media will hound Democrats about daring to impeach without the votes and both sides-it to death. And that will resonate for a lot of dumb people. Yes, I think he should be impeached. I could even get behind it happening now in this limited form. But unless everything is played perfectly in the public eye - which it won't be - it stands a very, very good choice of blowing back on us and hurting us next year with dumb people in the middle. And the media will never support Democrats on impeachment. They just won't. So it's an uphill battle at best. I'd rather just keep grinding him down, which we are doing. This report would never have been released if not for the wins we have now.
  14. I like Warren a lot but IMO she fatally wounded herself as a candidate by playing Trump's game and releasing stupid genealogy results on demand for him, which only embarrassed her further. He will play her with that forever. He turned her into Jeb/Cruz. I think it's too early to declare 2020 to be 2016 Part 2. I will say I'm sure glad it's not 2020 right now.
  15. Wondering if this may bode well for ABC and ODAAT (Justina Machado is taking part):
  16. Nice to see Justina Machado getting a big network showcase with the Norman Lear special while ODAAT is in limbo.

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