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  1. Despite the overwhelming reaction thus far from certain quarters to recent events on GH, I’m still finding myself watching the scenes just for the interactions and seeing how it unfolds. It is somehow still maintaining my interest, and that is saying something.

    Perhaps it’s my neurodiversity at play here, but I guess I’m looking at things from a different angle to everyone else. And that’s something I actively embrace.

    1. Vee


      This is the wrong forum to come to for neurotypical people, to put it mildly. Maybe we just have different opinions.

    2. KMan101


      I can still find things watchable about the show. It's not awful (to me; but I see potential still; it may be to others and that's fine, I can see why they may not enjoy it).


      But a clear direction has lacked for a looong time, and that's putting it mildly. There's effort on one side but you can just tell the show reeks of interference. It's a shame.

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