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  1. Matthew Ashford as Alec Davis Alyshia Osche as Ashley Wentworth Elizabeth Kiefer as Beth Hale Michael Roark as Clint Wentworth Kodi Kitchen as Dana Wentworth Sal Stowers as Deanna Ward Debbi Morgan as Dr. Avery Madison Ron Raines as Frank Southwick Bradley Cole as Harley Wentworth Justin Bruening as Jamieson Southwick Terri Conn as Jocelyn Wentworth Melissa Archer as Kelly Morgan Erika Slezak as Leslie Southwick Kim Zimmer as Margo Wentworth Chrishell Stause as Michelle Wentworth Kim Matula as Natalie Wentworth Lenny Platt as Owen Southwick Kassie DePaiva as Rose Davis Linda Dano as Roxy Finn Kelley Missal as Sadie Hale Lindsay Hartley as Sofia Munro Scott Reeves as Stephen Webster Josh Kelly as Tanner Jacks Lachlan Buchanan as Tyler Thomas Greg Vaughan as Zach Southwick
  2. A New Original Soap Opera is heading your way for you to fall deep in the love with the stories.
  3. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. UNKNOWN ROOM- AFTERNOON Jack is still tied to the chair when the door opens and a young woman walks into the room carrying a tray of food. Girl- I brought you some food. Jack- and how do you expect me to eat it with my hands tied behind my back? Girl- Well I guess I could always feed you. I'm pretty sure my father doesn't want me to untie you. Jack- Zack's your father? Girl- Yeah he is and my names Dara. So how do you know who my father is. Jack- because I'd seen him before this morning. I saw him a couple nights ago at Llanview Park. Dara- Oh... really well um... Did he seem normal to you? Jack- Well he raped me that night, so is that normal for you? And I also think he killed my dad. --- INT. TEA AND VICTOR'S HOUSE- AFTERNOON Olivia- Well why don't you tell us how you really feel? Tea- okay I will. Todd has caused nothing but hurt for my family. Hell he shot his own twin brother and lead all of us to believe he was dead for almost two years. He's hurt my daughter on more than one occasion. So am I sorry that he is dead? No I'm not but I wouldn't be the one to take him away from his kids. And if you want to continue to accuss me of murder you can leave my house now. Blair- Tea now just calm down she's not accusing you or anyone else right now. All that is important is that we find Jack. --- INT. ANGEL TOWN SQUARE- AFTERNOON Ella- wow I can't believe how much you have turned out like dad. Such a player. PJ- Will you hush? Listen as far as everyone knows mom left when we were little and dad died when the apartment exploded which is how I got the scar. Ella- more lies PJ! PJ- well you do what you have too, to stay hidden. Ella- Well your not doing a very good job by hitting on two sisters. PJ- wait what? Ella- Oh please that girl there you guys were totally flirting and her sister Starr is your girlfriend, right? PJ- you are crazy. I was not flirting with Dani. What are you doing here anyways? We can't be seen together. Ella- please like anyone is going to recognize me. Cause they sure as hell haven't recognized you. Shows someone using a camera taking pictures of them. --- --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- AFTERNOON Matthew is slowly pacing around his apartment when their is a knock at the door. He walks over and answers it to see Noah standing there. Matthew- Hey! Come on in. Noah walks in as the door is closed behind him. Noah- So Aubrey said you had something to say to me. Matthew- yeah listen about yesterday. I am really sorry that I said any of that. I know you would never risk anything to hurt Drew or myself. I should of known that and I do know that but I was so pissed off that I had to take my anger out on someone and it just happened to be you. So do you forgive me? Noah- I will on one condition. Matthew- what's that? Noah- You go out with me tonight on a date to the firework display at the country club? Are you in or out? --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- AFTERNOON Karen- Katrina what are you doing here? Katrina- Well I had some business to take care of in town and I thought I'd stop by. Connie- Oh don't tell me that you have brought your nasty work to town. Katrina- my nasty work is what keeps your business afloat. So yes my work is here in town. Along with some other business. Karen- Well um... how do you plan on getting out of here without Aubrey seeing you? Katrina- Kristine has no idea that I am alive and besides remember I had facile reconstruction done. So what's it like living the good life here in Llanview? --- INT. LLANFAIR- AFTERNOON Kelly is sitting on the couch rubbing her pregnant belly as she is reading the paper when Joey walks into the room. Joey- hey sweetheart! Kelly- hey! your home. So how was London? Joey- Nothing's changed. Kelly- Well how's Zane doing with us not being there? Joey- why don't you ask him yourself? Joey turns towards the opened doors and Zane appears in the doorway. Zane- hey mom! Kelly has a tear go down her face as she walks over and hugs Zane. Kelly- Oh it's so good to have you home with me again. --- INT. TEA AND VICTOR'S HOUSE- AFTERNOON Victor is sitting after the kitchen table when his phone goes off. Zack- Hello Victor! If you want to see Jack alive you better have that money I asked for by midnight tonight or Jack is dead. Victor- Don't worry I'll have your money. --- INT. WANDA'S PLACE- AFTERNOON Shows Kameron and Aubrey sitting in a booth as Wanda walks by them and puts up a for sale sign in the window. Aubrey- Wanda! Your selling the place? Wanda- yeah I have no choice business just isn't like it was back in the day when this place had life. Young teenagers coming in for a float or a burger after school and they'd hang out here for hours. Kameron- Well what if we were to help you get this place back up to it's glory days. Wanda- I think it's beyond that. Aubrey- We can't say that until we have tried. I can get a lot of people to help pitch in. So what do you say? Wanda- Oh I guess we could give it a try. --- INT. UNKNOWN OFFICE ROOM- AFTERNOON Zack is sitting behind a chair when his daughter Dara walks into the room. Zack- so did you take care of what I asked you too? Dara- yeah I did and I have something to ask you? The prisoner said that you attacked him the other night in the park. Is it true? Zack- Yes it's true. Believe me I'm waiting to do it again. Dara- Well I'm afraid that's not going to be the case father and I have let him go. Zack- you what? Zack gets up from behind the desk and walks towards Dara with anger in his eyes. Zack- Are you really as stupid as your mother? Zack puts his hands around Dara's neck as Jack sneaks up behind him and uses a rope to choke Zack out. Jack- come on lets go! ---
  4. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. TEA AND VICTOR'S HOUSE-MORNING Tea and Victor are sitting on the couch in their lviing room when they hear a knock on the door. Victor answers the door to see Blair standing there worried. Victor- hey is something wrong? Blair- Did Jack stay here all night? Victor- No why? Blair- he didn't come home last night and I'm afraid of who ever killed Todd might have gotten to him. Tea- Alright come over and have a set and I'll call Bo and have him come over. There's nothing to worry about. --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- MORNING Matthew is still in a lot of pain as he walks into his living room and hears a knock on the door. Matthew- Who is it? Woman- It's be Aubrey! Matthew walks over and opens the door and lets Aubrey in. Aubrey- Man who beat the [[email protected]#$%^&*] out of you? Matthew- No one I ran into a door. Aubrey- yeah okay and anyways is Noah here? Matthew- No he left yesterday after we had a fight. Aubrey- What was the fight about? If you don't mind me asking. Matthew- I accused him of sending my mother the picture of us kissing and he denied it which just made me even more mad at him. Aubrey- Matthew you know Noah would never do anything like to you. Matthew- I know that now but I was just so pissed yesterday and I said something I shouldn't have. Hey listen is there anyway you can get him to come over here so I can say I'm sorry. Aubrey- yeah sure I can see what I can do. Aubrey grabs her bag and heads out the front door. --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Connie- So how long are you going to be pretending that your not only in town for Clint's Money. Karen-Well lets see... as long as it takes. But I know I'm getting very close. Connie- But aren't you afraid that with Joey and Kevin both being back in town that you will have more of compition on your hands. Karen- Not as long as Noah keeps up his end of the bargin. Connie- Ah so not to change the subject or anything but have you said anything to Aubrey about what we talked about a while back. Karen- No I haven't had a chance to yet, about either one. There is a knock at the door. Karen walks over to the door and answers the door to see her old friend Katrina Karr standing there. Karen- Oh my god! --- INT. ANGEL TOWN SQUARE- MORNING Dani is walking through the square when she bumps into PJ Dani- Oh my god I'm so sorry! PJ- Nah don't be It was my fault. Your Dani Starr's sister correct? Dani- yeah and your PJ! Listen sorry about the comment I made the other day about your scar. PJ- Don't worry about it. It's really nothing. Dani- Are you and Starr going to be at the Country Club tonight for the firework display? PJ- Ummm... yeah as far as I know we are. Dani- Okay well it was nice seeing you again. PJ- you too. Dani walks off as PJ stars at her Woman- you really are a player aren't you? PJ turns around to see a woman standing behind him. PJ-Ella! --- INT. TEA AND VICTOR'S HOUSE- MORNING Blair and Tea are sitting on the couch when Bo and Olivia walk through the front door. Bo- So what's this that I understand that Jack is missing? Blair- Well he never came home last and I'm afraid that who ever killed Todd is after Jack now. Olivia- When was the last time you seen him? Blair- yesterday morning and who's she? Bo- Oh this is FBI Agent Olivia Carson and she is investigating Todd's murder. Tea- Oh! Well good luck. If the murderer wanted to be thanked for the crime he would have stayed and showed his face. Olivia- So what you are saying is that you are glad he is dead. Tea- Well after all he has done to me and my family, yes! I am. Olivia- So did you kill him? Tea- No! But I wish I had. --- INT. WANDA'S PLACE- MORNING Kameron- Noah you just have to give your dad time and he will eventually come around and except that you are gay. Noah- well it's been three years and still nothing so I might as well just give up hope that one day he will see me for who I am. Aubrey walks through the front door and over to where Kameron and Noah are sitting. Aubrey- hey guys, listen Noah! Um... Matthew would like for you to come by so he can apologize to you in person. Noah- I really don't think I'll go over there. Aubrey- listen I talked to him and he really is sorry. Noah- oh alright I guess I'll go. Noah gets up and walks out of the diner --- INT. UNKNOWN ROOM- MORNING Shows a man walking down a dark hallway as he opens a door to a room and sees Jack tied to a chair. Jack- please let me go! Please just let me go home. I promise I won't say a thing to anyone. Man- do you not recognize me? I was the one that gave you a wild time the other night in the park. Jack looks up at the person in the face as it shows it's Zack Rosen. ---
  5. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. CRAMER MANSION- NIGHT Viki- Oh alright I'll help you with the funeral arrangements. Blair- thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to me. Alright so I'll see you tomorrow morning then? Viki- yes I'll see you then and Blair! take it easy. Viki walks out of the mansion --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- NIGHT Matthew has just gotten out of the shower when he walks into the living room in just a towel. He picks up his phone when a glove goes over his mouth and he is thrown on his stomach onto his couch. Matthew-What the hell? Man- You're a dirty faggot Two men start being the crap out of Matthew hitting and kicking one of them men hits Matthew in the ribs with a lead pipe. Matthew lies on the floor in pain as the men walk out of the apartment. --- INT. PALACE HOTEL ROOM #301- NIGHT Shows Noah answering the room door to see a man standing in the doorway Noah- It's about time you showed up I never thoguht you would. The man kisses Noah as they both fall onto the bed and start to make love --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- NIGHT Karen is walking around her penthouse talking on her phone. Karen- No don't worry Noah has Matthew right where we need him. He's so close to signing over his part of Buchanan Enteprises. It's not even funny. And once I get Kevin to sign over his part of the company we will own over half of Buchanan Enteprises and Buchanan Media. --- INT. BO'S POLICE OFFICE- NIGHT Olivia is looking at file when her phone goes off. Olivia- hey as of right now all I can find is that Todd is dead which is exactly what we need for right now. I'll call you back when I get more information. ---
  6. INT. POLICE STATION- AFTERNOON Officer Quinn- Yes! Commissioner Buchanan said that you would be arriving here today. Olivia- Good so is there a case file or anything. Officer Quinn- It's in the Commissioner's office. He said help yourself in. It's right around the corner. Olivia- thank you! Olivia grabs her jacket and heads towards Bo's office. --- INT. UNKNOWN LOCATION- AFTERNOON Jack slowly wakes up to see that he is tied to a chair in a dark room all alone. Jack starts to yell for help when the door opens. Man- Oh will you shut up already! God you are so annoying. More than your sister. Jack- What! How would you know that? Who are you? Man- Well I believe that is for me to know and you not to know. Enough with the questions why don't you just save your breath for later. You have a big show to put on. The man walks out of the room and Jack has a puzzled,terrified look on his face. --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- AFTERNOON Noah- Matthew! Please say something. Matthew- I don't know what to say. For some reason I feel like you are lying to me. Noah- After all that time that we spent together in London you can't believe me when I say I would never do anything to hurt you. Well I guess I finally know the truth now. Goodbye Matthew. Matthew- Noah wait... Noah walks out of the apartment slamming the door behind him. Matthew- Damn it! --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- AFTERNOON Karen- what the hell you bitch! Nora- you should have kept your son away from my son. Karen- my son is 23 years old he can see who ever he wants too. And why the hell are you acting like this? So what if your son is gay, get over it. Nora- My son is not gay, your son put it in his head that he is gay. Karen- my son and your son love each other. You might as well get use to the fact that your son is gay. Nothing is going to change about it. Nora- oh it will you just wait and see. My son is not gay. Nora walks out of the penthouse Karen- that boy is in for a rude awakening --- INT. CRAMER MANSION- AFTERNOON Blair- I think you should plan Todd's funeral and everything. Viki- What! Oh no,no... I can't, he's your husband. Blair- but I don't think I can go through with planning his funeral. Believe it or not I actually thought we would grow old together. So please Viki, Will you at least help plan the funeral! --- INT. UNKNOWN ROOM- AFTERNOON Shows Unknown person walking down the hall and up to a door. They slowly open the door and walk over to a person lying on the bed. Person- It's almost time.
  7. Josh Kelly is out as Cutter Wentworth, being replaced by Colin Egglesfield Pat Crowley and Ray MacDonell will be debuting very soon More New and Old faces will be appearing back in Llanview very soon
  8. INT. CRAMER MANSION- MORNING Blair is sitting on the couch when Viki walks into the living room Blair- hey Viki! What brings you by? Viki- Oh just came by to see how you and the kids are hanging in? Blair- we're hanging in there the best that we can. Viki- is there anything that you need me to do anything at all? Blair- uh... yeah there is something that I need you to do for me. Viki- you just name it! --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Karen is sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee when she hears a knock at the door. Karen walks over and answers the door, receiving a slap across the face. Karen- what the hell was that for? Nora- for letting your son turn my son gay! Nora has a pissed off look on her face --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- MORNING Matthew is in his kitchen when he hears a knock at the door, he answers the door to see Noah standing there Matthew- what the hell do you want? Noah- I came by to see how you are handling things now that your parents know that you are gay. Matthew- What's it to you? You never really cared, you just wanted to ruin my life. Noah- what are you talking about? I didn't do anything to hurt you. Matthew- yeah right... then how the hell did someone catch us kissing? They had to have been following you. Noah- no one has been following me. Matthew- and how do you know for sure! Noah- Okay maybe I don't know for sure or not if someone was following me or not but it wasn't my fault that they took the picture and sent it to your mother. Matthew you have to know that I love you and that I'd never do anything to hurt you or Drew. You have to believe me. Tell me you believe me! --- INT. BUCHANAN MANSION- MORNING Bo is sitting on the couch drinking when he has a flash back from the night before. Matthew- So what if I'm gay? Are you going to hate me? Bo flashes back as their is a knock on the door, Bo walks over and answers the door. Bo- David now is not a good time. David- when is it ever a good time and besides I just heard about Matthew being a little fairy queen, and I thought I'd get your reaction on camera. So tell me Pap how does it feel to have a gay son? Bo- I'm really not in the mood for this David. David- come on you can't leave me hanging the viewers want to know the juicy details. Bo- I am perfectly okay with having a gay son. The fact that he can finally be honest about himself makes me even prouder to be his father. --- INT. PARK- MORNING Shows Jack slowly walking through the park as he comes across where Zack had raped him two nights ago. Jack has a tear go down his face as he starts to walk off he bumps into a girl. Jack- Oh I'm so sorry. Girl- no it's my fault I should have been watching where I was going. Hi I'm Ali! Jack- Jack! It's nice to meet you. Ali- you too, have you been crying? Jack- what me crying? No, men don't cry. Ali- Okay if you say so... Well it was nice bumping into you. Jack- you too. Ali walks off as Jack just stands there for a second. Jack gets ready to walk off as he is hit over the head by a metal object, Jack falls to the ground. --- INT. POLICE STATION- MORNING A police officer is sitting behind a desk when a woman walks up beside him Woman- excuse me I'm looking for Officer Quinn Officer Quinn- that would be me! Can I help you with anything? Woman- I'm FBI agent Olivia Carson and I'm here to talk to you about the death of Todd Manning. ---
  9. * Episode 10 will be posted by Sunday Tom Degan is out and has only decided to appear in three episodes, but has been replaced by... Joshua Morrow Jessica Collins will be debuting as Olivia Carson
  10. Joey and Kelly will be sticking around a lot longer than the original plan was William DeVry will not be joining OLTL Judi Evans is only going to be recurring as Julie Siegel
  11. INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Everyone is looking around to see who has been shot, when screams are heard from Blair as Todd is lying on the floor covered in blood. Blair- Todd! Please hold on, please stay with me. Todd- I love you Blair I always have and I always will. Blair- I love you too Todd and we have all the time in the world to spend together. Todd- no we don't Blair. Tell my kids that I love them. Todd dies in Blair's arms as she starts to cry --- INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Shows PJ sitting in a chair as Starr walks over towards him and presses a towel on PJ's arm where he'd been shot Starr- that looks pretty bad we should get you to the hospital. PJ- Starr I'm fine. Go check on your dad! Starr- are you sure? PJ- yes I'm going to be okay. Starr gets up and leaves as PJ pulls out his phone and texts someone --- --- INT. LLANVIEW HOSPITAL- NIGHT Blair, Viki, and Starr are in the waiting area waiting on news about Todd. Dr. Daniel Wolek walks out of one of the exam rooms Blair- Daniel! Please tell me he's okay... Please! Daniel- I'm sorry Blair, he was already gone when he arrived here. There was nothing we could do. Daniel walks off as Blair falls to the ground and starts crying, Starr walks over and hugs her as Viki falls down in the chair in shock --- INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Most of the people at the ballroom have cleared out except for a few Bo- I knew this was going to happen tonight damn it I just knew it. Nora- yeah well I bet you didn't expect this to happen. Nora turns her phone around to show Bo a picture of Matthew and Noah Bo- what the hell is this? --- INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Karen-well today has been very eventful as you would say. So are you ready to turn in for the night? Steve- sure why not? Shows Matthew and Noah talking when Bo and Nora walk up to them Karen- what's going on here? Nora- I'd like to know what this picture is about? Nora shows everyone the picture of Matthew and Noah kissing Matthew- oh god Nora- Matthew are you gay? Noah- I kissed him because I'm in love with him... Nora- why the hell would you do that? You know what that could do to his name in... Why would you do that? Matthew- Because I'm gay and we are seeing each other! ---
  12. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- AFTERNOON Noah and Matthew are lying on the bed after having just had sex Matthew- I thought you said you were busy all day today with your mother to come over. Noah- things changed Matthew- Like what? Noah- my dad being in town Matthew- well isn't that a good thing that he's in town? Noah- well considering he hasn't seen or talked to me in three years, no it's not. Matthew- why did something happen? Noah- He flat out told me that if I was gay then I wasn't his son and he wanted nothing to do with me. Matthew- Oh well that explains why you wouldn't want him in town Noah- well enough talking about it and how about you join me in the shower Noah kisses Matthew and they head towards the shower --- INT. LLANFAIR- AFTERNOON Kevin- what about Karen and I running BM? You do realize that you chose Karen and I to run BM? Clint- yes I do but you need to watch your back with Karen because she is one sneaky bitch. Kevin- so are almost all of the women you've been with. Look dad I know that I can trust Karen. We have been working on this project for a few years now and I know I can trust her. So can't you trust her as well? Clint- I only trust her to the tips of my fingers and that's it. So you need to keep an eye on her. --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- AFTERNOON Connie, Kameron and Aubrey have just arrived at the penthouse and they excited to see Karen and Steve Connie- alright I'd like to make a toast. To all of us finally being back where we should have never of left. Clinging glasses are heard as they all take a sip and then Aubrey puts her glass down and walks over to the couch and sits. Karen- hey sweetheart is everything okay? Aubrey- Oh yeah everything's okay Karen Karen- really! Then how come you have a depressed look on your face? Aubrey- Oh I've just got a lot on my mind. Karen- Like whether or not you are going to go see your father before it's too late. Aubrey- yeah I've already said goodbye to him when I was 16 and I don't know if I can go through saying goodbye again. Karen- but I'm sure he'd want to see you or at least hear your voice one more time. Well that Champagne sure isn't going to drink itself so get on up off that sofa and come have a drink. Karen and Aubrey walk back towards the others --- INT. CRAMER MANSION- AFTERNOON PJ is sitting on the bottom of the steps when he turns to see Starr standing at the top of the stairs in a baby blue dress Starr- so what do you think? PJ- Wow! You look so stunning. Starr- thank you, You don't look half bad yourself. PJ- I try, So are you ready to get this party started. Starr- oh yeah so lets get going. PJ opens the door and allows Starr to exit and follows her closing the door behind him --- INT. BALLROOM- AFTERNOON Blair- wow this place looks great! Tea- yeah it does, I'm gonna get myself a drink, care for one? Blair- yeah thanks. Woman- well don't you look lovely today cousin! Blair turns around to see Kelly standing there Blair- Kelly! Oh my gosh what are you doing here? Kelly- Well Joey and I decided to attend the Gala that his family company is throwing. Speaking of Joey where is he? Joey- turn around sweetheart Kelly turns to see Joey standing there and they kiss --- INT. BALLROOM- AFTERNOON Todd- hello Viki! Viki turns around to see her brother Todd standing there Viki- hello Todd, I didn't think you'd be here. Todd- Just because Clint and I don't get along doesn't mean I wouldn't come here to support you. Viki- well thank you. So I take it as that you and Victor are going to be getting along for today's event. Todd- we'll just have to see how today goes. Viki- Todd! I mean it I don't want any non-sense. --- INT. DARK ROOM- AFTERNOON Shows someone loading up a gun(with a silencer on) with three bullets and walks out of the room --- INT. BALLROOM- AFTERNOON Shows everyone in the ballroom having a good time chit-chatting with others as the lights go out. Everyone is in shock and everything goes quiet as three shots are fired. The lights come back on as everyone notices three people lying on the ground. ---
  13. Tom Degnan who just returned in Episode 7 will be departing back to London very soon Casting Call for Rafe Garretson has been put out
  15. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Shows Karen sitting on the couch drinking coffee when she sees her son Noah walking in from the hallway Karen- well good morning. I take it as your flight got in late last night Noah- oh yeah it did Karen- well did you get enough sleep last night? Noah- yeah I got plenty of sleep. Karen- well I'm surprised considering I heard you talking on the phone until like two this morning. So tell me who is this person that you have so much time to talk too. Noah- just a friend Karen- A friend. Is this friend a guy or a girl Noah- mom! Karen- Well I'd like to know. I'd like to think that you are finally looking to move on after what happened in Toronto. Noah- I have moved on sense then. I was in a happy relationship with a guy while living in London. Karen- remind me again why that ended? Noah- he wasn't ready to come out to his parents. Karen- and what about the person that you were on the phone with last night. Noah- he's thought about it but he's part of a really big named family and his parents are some what well known people here in Llanview The doorbell goes off and Karen gets up to answer the door and when she opens the door she has a shocked look on her face as it is her husband Steve Peirmont --- INT. BALLROOM- MORNING Viki is walking through the room looking over the menu for the gala later this evening when her phone goes off Viki- Joey! Hey sweetheart! I'm good, yeah just getting some last minute things done for the Gala tonight. So your catching your flight in a few correct. Joey- Turn around Viki turns around and she sees Joey standing there, She rushes over and hugs him Joey- Don't squeeze to tight mother or you'll be saying goodbye to me next. Viki- Oh I'm just so happy that you are here. So where's Kelly? --- INT. NATE & DANI'S APARTMENT- MORNING Shows Dani in her pajama's walking into the living room when he stops dead in her tracks and sees that their are roses sitting on the coffee table and Nate is down on one knee Dani- Nate! What are you doing? Nate- Dani I have loved you ever since the first moment that I laid eyes on you. I have always loved you. Yes I may have done some stupid things along the way but we have worked through them and I believe that we are ready to take the next step so... Danielle Manning will you marry me? Dani- Nate please get up. Nate- Is something wrong? Dani- yeah Nate there is something wrong? All of this is wrong. Nate- what me buying you nice roses and proposing to you is wrong? I thought that's what all girl's wanted. Dani- yes we do but I'm too young to get married. Nate- your not too young. Dani- and besides I'm not even sure that I ever want to get married or if I'll be any good at it. Nate- so what you're saying is that you won't marry me? Dani- yes! Nate- okay. Nate grabs his keys and walks out of the apartment Dani- Nate! Nate wait! The door closes --- INT. BALLROOM- MORNING Joey- Uh... Kelly is going to be here later she took a later flight than what I did. Viki- Oh okay but she will be here for the Gala? Joey- yes mother and we have a surprise for you, well actually more than one. Viki- Oh really well what are the surprises Joey- you'll just have to wait and see. But I've got to run. I need to go and pick up a few things before the Gala tonight Joey kisses Viki on the cheek and walks out of the room. Viki's phone goes off and she answers it. Viki- Jessica! Hey where are you I thought you'd be here by now? Oh you can't make it. Well you staying in Hawaii and taking care of Ryder while he is sick is more important than being here for the Gala. Okay I'll talk to you soon. --- INT. CRAMER MANSION- MORNING PJ- I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you live in this big of place Starr- well it's more of a family home. PJ- yeah like i know so much about family. Starr- listen um... about yesterday when my sister Dani asked about that scar I didn't know she was going to do that. PJ- nah don't worry about it. It's okay I should of known people are going to ask where it came from. Starr- Well if you don't mind me asking how did you get that bad of a scar? PJ- me, my parents, my little brother Ollie and my older sister Ella well... we all lived in this small two bedroom apartment and my dad was a drunk. So one day my mom got tired of his drinking and she left. She didn't try and take us kids or anything, all she cared about was herself. Starr- I'm sure she had her reasons. But how did your dad take it? PJ- He got drunk like always and he decided to cook something on the stove. He is so damn drunk to realize that their is a pot of grease sitting on the stove and... it just blows. PJ has a tear go down his face Starr- Oh my god... I am so sorry. Did your siblings make it out? PJ- yeah but now without have that memory of what our poor excuse of a father did to us. --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Karen- Steve! Oh I am so happy to see you. Steve- I have missed you so much. Hey Noah! Noah nods at Steve Steve- This is the first time you've seen your father in three years and all I get is a nod Noah- yeah pretty much, Well I've got some where's I've got to be. Karen- Oh and where's that? Noah- any place but here. Noah grabs his jacket and opens the front door Karen- But you are still going to the Gala tonight? Noah- yeah I'll be there Noah walks out of the apartment and closes the door behind him Steve- what was all that about? Karen- Think real hard Steve and I bet you'll figure it out! --- INT. LLANFAIR- MORNING Shows Clint sitting on the couch when he hears the front door open and he sees Kevin standing there Clint- well isn't this a surprise, I wasn't exspecting you back into town until later tonight Clint and Kevin hug Kevin- Well Joey and I caught an earlier flight Clint- Joey's in town as well? Kevin- yeah he went over to visit mom Clint- good that will give us some time to talk Kevin- about what? Clint- you and Karen running BM! --- INT. BO'S POLICE OFFICE- MORNING Bo is talking on the phone when Nora walks into the office Bo- Yeah i need all the security that I can have on hand for tonight's event. Good get them all there. Bo hangs up the phone and sits down in his chair Nora- Is something going on? Bo- this letter was under my door and it's a letter threatning to attack someone at the Gala tonight Nora- well do you think someone actually will? Bo- I don't know that's why I'm having all this extra security for tonight's event --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- MORNING Shows Noah walking down the hallway as he walks up to the door. Noah knocks on the door and Matthew opens the door and kisses Noah as some snaps a picture. Noah walks into the apartment as they continue to kiss. --- ANNOUNCER: JOIN US AGAIN FOR MORE EXCITING ONE LIFE TO LIVE
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