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  1. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" Eric continues his search for Nicole and Holly. Jennifer questions Jack on what kind of man he wants to be. Paul tells John why he's really back in town. Marlena breaks some unsettling news to Will. Victor gives Maggie new hope about their marriage. And, Kayla delivers news to Julie's family. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://doolonlineseries.blogspot.com/2019/09/ep-2-john-questions-why-paul-is-back.html
  2. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF "THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW" Thorne's Hill newest hot spot, The Painted Dock, opens for business. Judith tries to calm an hysterical Ava. Philip tells Jennifer that he has a wedding present for her. And, Amy and Mimi gets an unexpected gift. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/09/episode-52.html
  3. ON THE NEXT __________________________________________________________ HOPE: (to Doug, Eli, and Lani) I made all the necessary calls. I called Jennifer, Maggie, JJ…, even our brother. Everyone really. They’re all keeping Julie in their thoughts and prayers right now. __________________________________________________________ JOHN: (to Paul) After all the pain and heartache you’ve been through, why are you back in town? What brought you to Salem again? And, how long are you staying? __________________________________________________________ VICTOR: (to Maggie) I’ve made a big decision. One that will impact our relationship like never before. For the better, that is. __________________________________________________________ JENNIFER: (to Jack) Let’s say that the hospital is able to replicate Rolf’s serum. And, let’s say it works and you get your memories back. I just want to know if you’ll try and make sense of your memories. Or, will you give up and stay as this unrecognizable shell of your former self? __________________________________________________________ ERIC: (calling out) Nicole? Is that you? WOMAN: (to Eric) Guess again.
  4. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF DAYS OF OUR LIVES Julie is rushed to University Hospital after she collapses in the park. Jennifer, Eric, and Jack all go to Chicago to track down Nicole, Holly, and Dr. Rolf. Kate challenges Stefan, as he holds her at gunpoint. And, someone close to John and Marlena returns to Salem! READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://doolonlineseries.blogspot.com/2019/09/ep-1-kate-challenges-stefan.html NOTE: This episode leaves off from the televised episode that aired on Friday, August 30th, 2019. To watch that episode, simply click on the link provided: http://days-of-our-lives-full.blogspot.com/2019/08
  5. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Ava takes action against Keith. Stuart catches Quentin up on what he missed during the five years he was out of town. Judith grows suspicious of what Vargas has in store for her. And, Jennifer and Veronica bond. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/07/episode-51.html
  6. "THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW' IS BACK FROM HIATUS! ON TODAY'S EPISODE: Cynthia and Kimberly finally come face-to-face! Vargas reveals a well kept secret to Philip! And, Judith hatches a plan with Stuart to figure out why Quentin is really back in town!
  7. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Michael and Lindsay have a huge disagreement. Jennifer and Philip gear up for their engagement party. Cynthia makes an impactful choice in her romantic life. And, Judith grills Quentin. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/06/ep-49-forgive-forget-move-on.html
  8. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Philip worries about what is ahead for he and Jennifer. Judith hatches a plan to get back at Keith. Carter questions Lindsay about the night they shared. And, Kimberly arrives in Thorne Hill! READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/05/ep-48-everyday-miracle-worker.html
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